Friday, 28 February 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

I think I may get an extreme rambling award for this week's Friday Chat Day!
Let the chatter begin...

Firstly, have you got snow?
We were threatened with some, it was certainly chilly at my coach commuter stop
yesterday but all we got was 'snowy rain' –
yes that is how my Amazon Echo described it, I'm pretty certain snowy rain is sleet?
I'm fortunate in that where I wait for my commuter coach it is fairly sheltered,
and the coach itself has started off a mile or so away so it is like a little oven once I board.
I then attempt to distract myself by listening to music or an audio book
(truthfully people watching).
I try not to acknowledge that we are doing only 5mph along the A2 and
approaching the Blackwall Tunnel.
You would think I would be used to the commute having worked in London
and commuted for 30+ years. is the view from the coach stop, my weekly photo for Instagram.

Grombre – have you heard of it?  
Just in case you don't know (like I didn't until recently) -  
it is women dedicated to celebrating the 
natural phenomenon of grey/silver/white hair.  
In other words – ditching the dye and going grey.  

I've been colouring my hair for quite some time and find it an absolute chore 
but am I brave enough to stop?   
My family say no, it will 'age me' but I see so many women 
with beautiful grey hair.  
And there's also that period of time when you are growing out the colour – 
how do you deal with that?  
Putting it out there for a discussion so please comment, 
I'm rather intrigued by this. 

In other news...
this week brought about a spring clean in Elliott's bedroom 
I actually called it a fumigation. 
Honestly boys/men are not the cleanest and tidiest in their rooms! 
For quite a few years I've tried to step back and not enter their rooms, 
just hand them clean bedding on a regular basis but 
when I realised he couldn't see out of his window, action had to be taken.  
My mother instincts kicked in along with a bottle of Elbow Grease and a can of Pledge!

With the fumigation complete I realised we would need to do a trip to Ikea…
on a Sunday!!  
[Sharp intake of breath please].   
I swore to never go on a Sunday but storage units were needed to finish 
off his room and, with him working all week, we had little choice.  
I've never got through that tunnel, around Ikea and over the bridge back home so quickly, 
I was determined – I really don't like crowds!  
Thankfully Mitchell is a dab hand at putting together flat packs so by 
Sunday night his room was complete and sparkly clean.  
He was very pleased but drew the line when I suggested a 
few wax melts and a nice lavender reed diffuser – oh well, I can but try!  

Crochet – 
This week I was kindly tagged on Facebook by a few charities 
that organise hand knitted/crocheted items for baby units within hospitals.   
(If you are interested, please check out Warm Baby Project on Facebook).
Well this was music to my ears.
When I first foraged into the world of crochet I rushed out and bought yarn…
lots of yarn…
yarn type...I am now questioning why!  
Just like starting out in papercraft, you get caught up in the 
initial wave of enthusiasm and feel an absolute need to buy 
peel offs, wooden stamps and stickers that you find in a drawer ten years later.  
I digress.  
Enthused with this opportunity to use up yarn and donate, 
I'm now making many plain double crochet incubator blankets.  
Oh this is such good telly crochet!

 [Yarn pictured is Poundland Rainbow DK - 3 for 2].

Also this week I've been in my cabin putting the finishing touches to the March Charity Kit. 
Excited about this one as it uses a Spellbinders Kit of the Month die,
not readily available in the UK so a chance for you all to try something new.
Please look out on Sunday for the blog post.  I'll also pop it on Facebook. 
Each month I've been making more kits as the demand has increased, 
so delighted by this. 
For March the chosen charity is British Heart Foundation.  

And finally it wouldn't be a chatty blog post if I didn't mention the pooch.
Bella after a day at Nanny and Grandad's house.

Take care friends, have a super weekend, keep warm and
please stop by on Sunday.

11 comments: said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you another chatty blog. We had a little snowy rain, it is very windy here.
I went grey gracefully, I wish it would go pure white like my grans did,
but no it is salt and pepper.
Your crocheting is so pretty.
It looks as though Bella had a hard day being spoiled at Gran and Granddads.
Looking forward to the charity kit.
I must say My three boys were much tidier than my daughter, lol.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Lots of lovely chatty talk today.
I let my hair go last year, not only was I fed up with colouring it, but anything I used made it look pink. It is now a natural silvery white, and I have had so many nice comments about it. Even my hairdresser comments every time I have a trim. I do have short hair though and I know yours is long.

Have a great weekend.
Chris xx

jdunkley said...

Good morning Christine and everyone. I just wish I could let my hair go grey. The front is pure white naturally but the back is light brown and shows no sign of losing its colour. I am envious of your ability to crochet, I can knit but never learned to crochet although I did make a shawl in the 70's. I've no idea how I managed it though. Have a great weekend everybody ��

CraftyCoffey said...

Great to hear all your news-we’ve have hail, sleet & very heavy rain plus gale force winds but no snow!
I’m not ready to go grey yet so have a few blond highlights put in my hair to disguise the grey.


hazel young said...

No snow as yet although we have had some this year. I haven't dyed my hair for two years and I am embracing my grey. I have long hair so do put it up a lot. it is so nice not to have to dye it. I didn't realise it had it's own name. Lol, about the boys rooms I know exactly what you mean. Omd you were brave I don't like crowds, so know how you feel. I don't leave the house at weekends as I can't do crowds etc. Glad Elliott's room is now all spick and span, even if he won't entertain the wax melts. Love poundland yarn and blanket as well as Bella's cute photo. Have a great week xx Hazel

Christine said...

When I retired I went along to the hairdressers and had my colour removed, took a couple of trips but I was eventually 'au naturelle'. One day I looked in the mirror and a little old white haired lady looked back at me...I don't know who she was but she looked old....I went back to the hairdressers and went PINK. I had my hair cut in a modern spiky style and feel so much nearer my age (37)...
My eldest is growing old gracefully.. .salt and's beautiful, really beautiful. I think the choice is yours and with today's freedom of choice you can fit the colour to match your personality.

Littlelamb said...

A little snow yesterday but that was that. Cold wet and miserable today. Not a going out day. Have had white hair for a long time now and haven’t coloured it after having chemo and having to start again. Been knitting this week as trying to get a shawl finished. It will then be back to the crochet. Love your blanket and Bella looks very content. Enjoy your weekend especially no visits to Ikea.

Anonymous said...

Good Chat Friday Christine, Bella has obviously had a very active and enjoyable day and is now chilling. I can only get my hubby to go to Ikea if I bribe him with the promise of an ice cream as we leave. I love their white paper napkins - I know it's considered old fashioned but I use them all the time not just at the table and the quality if fantastic at a very reasonable price. I used to have my hair highlighted every month but as it's short the roots seemed to show up constantly so I made a decision to stop and it now looks as though my light brown is highlighted with grey and as it's not in blocks it seems to work. Keep warm and safe. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Great chat We had a sprinkling of snowy rain and is now just a lot of rain
You crochet is amazing
I must take a look at that FB page
Grey? I know I should go natural but haven’t got the nerve at mo I do have highlights My mum’s hair wasn’t a “pretty” grey and that’s what worries me!
I hope I am successful on getting the charity kit as I keep missing out and this charity is so important to me and my family
Apart from donating to BHF events etc we have a Gift of Hope page in memory of our son xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine another busy week and a medal for courage sorting Elliott's room!! I got fed up with colouring my hair and was concerned that I would look washed out and drained if I let it go grey completely but as life got in the way and I didn't get around to doing it in a very short space of time it had changed to grey all over. Luckily it is a nice silvery grey and seems to suit me. So all I can say is perhaps give it a go. After all you can always go back to colouring if you change your mind!! I love the wool you are showing so I may have to go shopping sometime. It's very wet again today as it seems to be every day but have a good weekend xx

JeanD said...

Hi Christine, I was about to look at your Charity Kit for this month and realised I hadn’t read your blog! Unheard of for me. It was one of my favourite topics, giving up dyeing hair. I was in my late 20’s when I developed a ‘Mallen Streak’. Not at all popular at the time! In my early 40’s my hairdresser said he could dye just that bit, and he very kindly did it for me using left over dye and didn’t charge me any extra for it. Then, 20 years ago, in my early 50’s, I was so fed up with dyeing it (my whole head by that time) that I decided to stop. It took quite a long time to grow out and it didn’t look brilliant but I persevered and am now so glad I did. My hair is naturally curly, very fine and shoulder length. It is a mix of white and grey with some brunette and I hope most of the brunette will eventually disappear. I do get some nice comments about it. So, my advice Christine is to bite the bullet and do it. I found it liberating, but realise it’s not everyone’s thing. I’m going to check out the link for crocheting baby blankets, that’s a lovely idea. A beautiful day again, I expect it’s very cold again but haven’t ventured outside yet. Jean xx

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