Friday, 21 February 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day.
All good with you?
Hope your week is treating you well.

I've had my own little film festival this week,
two trips to the cinema.
Rather rare but suddenly I realised that films I wanted to see
were due to leave the cinema soon.
I then discovered it was half term so we battled through the 
little ones queuing to see Dolittle!

Tuesday, taking Mum to see Emma:

Pure escapism into a time of eloquence and impeccable manners.
Beautiful costumes and super curly ringlets.

Wednesday, taking Dad to see 1917:

Gritty, emotional, thought provoking, breath-taking cinematography 
and definitely not a ringlet in sight!
Certain films are so worthy of seeing on a big screen and this is 
one of them and I resisted popcorn - win win!

Also this week I've been in my cabin working on the Charity Kit for March.
I'm really looking forward to this one as I'm using a set of 
Spellbinders Kit dies.
These are not readily available in the UK so
hopefully bringing you something new. 
The nominated charity for March is British Heart Foundation.
Kits go on sale first Sunday of the month - which is actually 1st March.

Writing - I've finally knuckled down and made a reasonable start.
As mentioned a few weeks back I'm working on a few
ideas including 'cosy crime'.

Overheard in my house whilst drafting/researching a plot:
"how do you think it feels to be hit over the head with a bottle?" 
Good job my boys know what I'm doing.

In light of my film fest and writing I've done very little crochet this week -
I managed to do a few rows of my Hydrangea Blanket -
a kit from Attic 24.
It has reached the size of keeping both Bella and my lap warm.

This 'look' happens each time I turn it over to start a new row,
she really likes being snuggled under it.
According to my Instagram I started crocheting last April,
that's been quite a lot of blankets!

Weekend - hopefully no more storms - Dennis revealed
a leak in my lounge wall which is nothing compared to what
some people are having to endure.
Those in other counties are really having a tough time and truly bad news
for crops.  I noticed on my potato packaging this week that the 
potatoes were misshapen, 'ugly spuds'.

Tesco are thankfully applying these blue stickers to encourage shoppers
to buy - this will assist the farmers who have been hit by floods not just this year 
but previously. To be honest I'm happy with ugly fruit and veg any time,
who needs a perfectly formed Maris Piper? 

My garden is a little battered but paving is still looking a lot cleaner.
Bulbs are sprouting which is lovely, itching to get out there and smarten 
things up ready for Spring. 

Oh yes, just a reminder birdhouses still available for your
feathered friends - they are all looking for new homes right now.
The birdhouse on the side of my cabin has had lots of viewings.
I think they must be negotiating who is taking up residency. 
Please take a peek on Etsy here.

 And I think that wraps up my week.
Take care friends - 
hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great news catch up. A friend wanted to see Dolittle but I think it may have finished here now.


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Love the catch up would love to be able to get out to the cinema but with my mobility it's just not possible.
X said...

Morning Christine.
A lovely chat thank you.
I am looking forward to your book. Bella looks so cute.
Christine I hate gardening I have a huge garden all lawn, I just need to cut the grass.
I am an indoor crafting person.
I hope your wall gets sorted soon.
My heart goes out to all the poor flood victims.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Margie said...

Lovely chat Christine - I'm looking forward to seeing Emma and hoping it'll be better than Little Women. Looking forward to the March charity kit too - might be lucky with that one. Enjoy your weekend x

Littlelamb said...

Lovely to read your chat again. Fridays seem to come around so quickly. Love the blanket Bella is wearing. Not done any knitting or crochet this week. Not good. Hope everyone is safe from the flooding. Enjoy your weekend.

karenlotty said...

Great chat I keep meaning to go and watch 1917 I expect it’s probably coming to an end at our cinema too
Your crochet is gorgeous I have finished a monkey, ibis and quokka this week They just need finishing ie stuffing and sewing up
Now stated an imaginarium creature (all TOFT - Kerry Lord)
You don’t arf have some strange conversations in your house hehe๐Ÿ˜€ There’s a podcast advertised at mo about minder/crimes ...

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A lovely blog post, as usual. Your crochet is certainly being appreciated by Bella, it looks gorgeous !!
So glad you have had two fantastic visits to the cinema with your Mum and your Dad. I haven't been to the cinema for absolutely years, I found that I fell asleep within 5 minutes so it was always a waste of money for me to go, apparently it is a similar thing for lots of people too, so I have to wait until the films come out on DVD.
I can empathise with your wall problem in the bad rain, I have a similar problem in my kitchen, it only happens when it is torrential rain and the wind is blowing it in one direction, and it happened again last weekend.
So glad you are getting lots of research in for your book, looking forward to reading it when it is published.
Let's hope that this weekend's weather is better than last.
Take care.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Great to hear you had a good week and started writing again. I too am itching to get into the garden, but these winds and storms have other ideas. Have a great week xx Hazel

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
a lovely catch up post from you. I haven't seen Emma yet but it sounds good so tomorrow when I go to the village cinema I'll put it on the suggestions list but it may be little while before they can get it. We have Mrs Lowry and Son on tomorrow. I think it nay be a little deep but a good chance to see a current film.
I got out in the garden for a while yesterday and cut down the raspberry canes to give my brother some cuttings and also a rhubarb crown so while I was there dug over and weeded quite a big border then cut down the fuschia at the front as it is beginning to sprout already. Loads of daffs and narcissus out at present and the hyacinths and crocus are beginning to show so it looks quite presentable out there.
Enjoy your week xx

ู†ูˆุฑ ุงู„ุญุฑู…ูŠู† said...
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