Friday, 18 October 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

It is time for another Friday Chat Day, let's see what random
ramblings I can bring you this week! 

It has been a very quiet week in the Emberson household,
possibly the change in the weather but I haven't felt like venturing too far.
I relented and put the heating on and that definitely felt cosy.

This week the focus has been on yarn, getting organised and 
making headway with some of my WIPs.

Another mustard throw is near to finishing.
I made one a couple of months ago, (my very first commission)
and it seemed popular so I've decided to make another. 
It's a knitting project as opposed to crochet and I'm using 
ginormous needles on a loop which was tricky initially, 
nearly poking various eyes out, but fine now.
I will be placing this throw up for sale once finished, hopefully this year!

Mustard is definitely the 'in' colour, I'm seeing it everywhere.
Pixel cat is not convinced by this season's colour though! 


So... I found out that you don't need to buy yarn, you just place bags of it 
together and it breeds all by itself!
Within a very short period I realised I needed to get the yarn stash
under control.  I have a Dad-made unit at the top of my landing, 
(it used to house a great deal of craft items when I crafted at home).
I thought it could be re-purposed and went online to look for baskets that would fit snugly.
Two days later I emerged (slight exaggeration) and was 
delighted to find these rattan ones from a company called Wovenhill.
They do the job perfectly and now I can see at a glance
how much yarn I need to use up! 


And here's a little gem that is crochet and nothing to do 
with attempting to deplete my yarn stash.
My Dad was out cycling and found this keepsake.  How sweet.
I've been reading a lot about these RAKs (random acts of kindness) 
and I knew that people were painting pebbles etc, but had yet to see one,
it certainly warms the heart.

This week's viewing whilst knitting/crocheting...
Outlander - available on Amazon Prime.

OK, so I gave this series a shot last year and lost interest but I 
decided to try it again and I'm now nearing the end.
My humble review:  I do love a bit of time travel but it does get a 
little farcical at times.  The heroine, Clare at one point, is supposed 
to age 20 years, the only indication is a few grey hairs that disappear by
the end of the episode.  I shouted at the screen "give that girl some wrinkles".
Bella agreed.
That said, it is entertaining with a rather handsome Scotsman 
and my English/Scottish history has certainly improved.

I definitely need viewing recommendations, I'm enjoying 
World on Fire on BBC1 - that is definitely gritty and realistic! 

As some of you may know I live in a tiny Victorian Terrace (the VT)
so my garden is pocket sized. 
It is rare to see wildlife unless you count the numerous cats (3 are mine),
so I was both shocked and excited to discover a squirrel sitting boldly 
on my fence this week.
I grabbed my phone and attempted a little video.

It hasn't been back although the following morning I espied a robin.
At this rate I'll be locking my cats in and ringing David Attenborough! 

I must mention Mum - thank you for the comments asking after her.
Glad to report she is doing much better.  
She still has a few obstacles to overcome 
but the hospital appointments are not quite so frequent.
As you can imagine, she's keen to 
get back to normal with her housework and gardening.

I think that wraps up this week's natterings.
Time is ticking by so fast and the website is in its final months
so definitely keep a lookout for the continuing bargains.

Take care friends - wishing you all a lovely weekend
and feel free to stop by next Friday.


hazel young said...

It does sound like a calmer week you have had. Good to hear you have your ysrn stash under control. Glad to hear your mum is still on the mend, looking forward to seeing your completed blanket. In my garden, I usually get some birds as I am close to the woods and a park, but this year I have had a newt, peregrine falcon and a duck which all spent several hours there. Have a great week xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great to hear all your news. Love the yarn storage & the RAK that your Dad found. Will you leave something yourself for someone to find?
Glad to hear your Mum is improving.


margaret driscoll said...

Good Morning Christine
Glad you are doing well( and is your Mum), I have Squirrels all the time they pinch the nuts in my feeders, next door have a Walnut tree and I have small trees everywhere that the Squirrels plant. I hope the boys are well ?
Not put Heating on yet but its getting nippy in the everning,
Take care oh I saw Marion Emberson on Hochanda yesterday.
Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
I’ve recently watched The Disappearance on iPlayer. It’s in french but does have subtitles, great to watch if you are knitting something straightforward and don’t need to concentrate on a pattern. I’m thinking poppies would be lovely to leave as a RAK.
Best wishes

karenlotty said...

I love your ramblings and yes it’s funny how yarn just seems to multiply!
I haven’t knitted in ages but do prefer to do straight knitting on a circular needle
I’m enjoying World on Fire too My aunt was married a Polish man So he must have come across to U.K. as a child It’s quite eye opening for me
Of course I’m a huge Strictly fan too
Take care

Littlelamb said...

My yarn always seems to multiply but I have made headway with my crochet blanket this week. No idea how big it will turn out as keep buying more yarn. Glad to hear your mum is making an improvement. Enjoy your weekend.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, So glad your Mum is doing much better, let's hope it continues and she can get back to her housework and gardening too.
Your yarn stash is nearly as bad as my 'fabric stash', if I like it I have to have it, then it sits there until I can get time to quilt it haha, and don't even get me started on my craft room, when I walk in there I am frightened to see how much 'stuff' I have, I really need to get half of it onto ebay haha. There are so many projects that I want to do and so little time to get down to doing them haha.
Pixel has beautiful markings and a gorgeous face. You mentioned the squirrel, we have lots of them here, and they keep digging up my lawn to put their nuts in, then they dig it up again to get them out again. As if that wasn't bad enough, a couple of years ago squirrels got into my next door neighbour's attic and caused over £3,000 of damage gnawing through their electrics and anything else they could gnaw, I used to have bird feeders at that time and loved watching all the different birds, but when that happened I had to stop feeding the birds because it was a 'draw' for the squirrels too.
I am also enjoying World on Fire, and I have watched all episodes of Outlander apart from the latest series, which I have recorded, I love all the dramas that have been on tv lately and I think there is a new one starting this week on Channel 4 with Sarah Lancashire in it.
Take care all of you, enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Hello Christine.
Thank you for the Friday chat.
So glad to read your Mum is getting better.
You have a lovely wool stack, I used to be a knitter, never progressed from a granny square in crochet.
I love all documentary's especially animal ones. At the moment I am reading the Seven sisters series by Lucinder Riley brilliant books.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyJo said...

Lovely reading your Friday Chat Christine. I've been watching the Outlander series - loved season 1 but not as keen on the more recent. However, watching the handsome hunk (Jamie, of course) is always worth doing :)

I have read all the books Diana Gabaldon has written - she's currently working on number 9 of the series, they are a wonderful read and I admit to re-reading the whole series over again in preparation for whenever a new one is about to be released.

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