Friday, 4 October 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and welcome to my natterings.
Hope you are all having a good week so far,
we have lurched into Autumn head first, I swear the trees 
just look at the calendar and instantly shake all their leaves off!
Overnight I'm walking through masses of them with the temptation to 
kick them in the air (still a kid at heart) and I love the gorgeous colours.'s a little of what has been happening in my world.

Firstly my cabin is undergoing some changes.
I've decided it is going to be my 'Hobby Haven', I quite like the sound of that.  
To that end, I kidnapped the boys and asked for their help in setting up little areas
for different hobbies.  My hope is to have a place for writing, sewing and papercraft.
Crochet is a home hobby in front of Netflix, just in case you were wondering :)  

So far, I've got a new desk, computer and chair - it's all rather white!

This is Elliott making sure all things techy are working.
(Note: he did not touch that duster to his left!)

And Mitchell putting together a more comfortable chair for me.
I've sat on that wicker one with cushions for years!

Also turns out I've had the same laptop for 8 years and
in computer terms that is apparently very OLD and the boys are horrified! 
My opinion was that it still works but I have to admit this new setup
feels very swish so I am happy.

I cannot quite convert the cabin to Hobby Haven completely 
as I need to sell off all the stock from the website.
I am doing that with lots of offers so please stay tuned, it all has to go!
I tend to release a new offer every Friday with occasional small offers in the week.
Right now I have overstocked on Grand Cabinet so that die is available 
for just £12 at the moment.  Becca also uses this die as a box, very pretty.

This week's new discoveries:

I stumbled across a lovely Instagram account called 
Made by Leah, this is her website here.
There is something so very charming about her designs and 
I especially like the Pink Gin drawing.
I've decided to have this framed and placed above my desk.
(For the times when it isn't suitable to drink Gin I can just imagine!)
I also thought the robin enamel mug was very cute.

Crochet update:

Slow progress on my poncho this week so I will cheat and 
show you what I am hoping it will look like.
This is the pattern - Uptown Poncho.
I've gone for a silver grey but you never know if it is a success,
I may choose to make another one in Aran and can wear it in approx. 2025! 

And because like all crafters we think ahead to our next project whilst
we still have half a dozen on the go - I've decided to make a crochet
and I'm thinking a nice red/Merlot colour would suit her for Christmas.

And talking of the lady she is looking very forlorn.

Unfortunately she got stung by a wasp this week.
It was a mad dash to the vets where she was checked out and 
I was told by the very lovely vet that rather than a costly injection,
 Piriton would work perfectly.
And it has, although we've only given her one as it definitely made 
her very sleepy.  But...what I didn't know is ...if you tell the Pharmacist 
it is for your dog they cannot sell it to you!  I even had a note from the vet
but he was adamant.  So I'm afraid I lied when I visited the next chemist.
(I do not condone lying unless your dog is at risk and then it is allowable!) 

This weekend, 100% cabin sorting.
I did shoot a little video to share but realised I had said the words 
'sorting/sorted/to be sorted' eight times in the first 30 seconds! 
I will perhaps have another go or failing that, a silent video.

I am finding it very cathartic sorting (see, I've said it again!)
the cabin and I came across this quote which I love and 
I will leave it with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you can join me again next Friday.

Take care friends.


hazel young said...

I love the autumn leaves, I have been collecting them on dry days to preserve. Nice to see the boys helping you out with the restructuring of the cabin, a comfy chair will be great. I love Leah's' stuff great choices. I have finally been practising my crochet, glad to hear yours is coming along nicely. Bella will look great in the dog coat, hope she feels better soon. Love the quote will have to give that to my friend, she is definitely a boxed up person have a great week xx hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Well what a funny country we have here in my little town we still have a lot of very green leaves.
From my window there is only one golden tree.
Wow you are going to be busy, it all looks so nice.
I hope Bella will soon be back to normal.
My daughter has a new addition to her family, a lovely little pug puppy. he has brought lots of fun to the family.
Take care and have fun love the quote. Kitty.

margaret driscoll said...

Good Morning Christine!
Hope Bella gets well soon!
I love the Autumn and the colours makes me want to snuggle up ( if I had an open fire).
Nice to be sorting out your stuff does this mean no more crafting ?
Take care
Love Marg

Littlelamb said...

Hope Bella is soon better. Autumn seems to be coming very early this year. Some years I have noticed we still have green leaves late November but not this year. The pattern for the poncho looks nice and the coat you will be making for Bella. I haven’t managed any crochet this week. Must do better next week. Enjoy your weekend.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A lovely post, although quite disconcerting about Bella, you need to make sure you always have Piriton in the house - just in case it happens again. I hate wasps and I found one on my kitchen bin yesterday and then today saw one fly into my lounge lamp shade, I'm getting paranoid now as to where they came from as haven't had the doors open recently.
The poncho looks beautiful, hopefully you will get yours finished soon. The crochet jacket for Bella looks cosy.
I quite like Autumn, but I have a 'thing' about leaves, where I live everyone's leaves blow into my gardens front and back and we are surrounded on all sides with other people's trees, and it does get annoying having to rake them up and brush them up especially when they are wet, all the time I'm thinking of things that I 'want' to be doing instead.
Your boys are so good getting your cabin refurbished and sorting everything out, you are lucky, but you know that already haha.
Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to Port Sunlight tomorrow for the stamping show.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

Lovely to hear your updates I think Autumn is beautiful for all of the different colours etc I just don’t like the cold and dark it brings with it
It sounds very exciting re-arranging your Hobby Haven Later on I will be looking at your website
I hope BELLA has fully recovered and she will look super cute in her jumper
I really like your poncho pattern too It looks very trendy with the buttons down the side and it won’t date either
I will take a look at Leah’s site too

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