Friday 6 September 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day, sharing my nattering 
and photos from the week gone by.
First, a picture of Bella.
Kitty asked after her last week so this will be a 'Bella sandwich' post -
picture at the top and bottom!
My Summer cleaning has continued and she is supposed to be helping here 
by sorting her toy box.  She was no help at all, she wanted to keep everything! 

On the crochet front - I finished my one colour Dune Blanket.
The pattern is Lucy's from Attic 24.
This is Stylecraft yarn in  mushroom and quite possibly my favourite 
colour of all time.  No parting with this project, it is on my sofa.

I'm just starting another Lucy project, this time her Hydrangea pattern.
A follow up from last week's Big and Mustard Throw project
that was on its way to a new home.  I was asked to add pom poms, 
I wasn't sure at first but then I really liked them.
Thank goodness for a pom pom maker otherwise I would still be sitting
wrapping yarn around cereal packet circles!

My paper craft craft contribution!
I've been really slow on papercraft but I did make Elliott's birthday card
(I forgot to share it last week).
I bought this printed image from Etsy - (Eleanor Jean Design)
and simply matted it onto black card, affixed to a white card base
with Crafty Foam Tape. Very simple and speedy.

Lettering - this week the Better Brush Letters started.
This is a lettering course by Blink Lettering and is 
so clear and easy to follow. Not intimidating at all and feels 
manageable by practising a letter each day.
If you would like to join in and learn brush lettering I cannot recommend Milly 
at Blink Lettering highly enough.
I've been doing my daily practice and enjoying it. I like that I can take it 
with me which has been handy as out and about with appointments and things.

Other news: the good...the bad and the ugly! 

Let's address the bad and ugly first....

This horror was at my local bottle bank.  Whilst I tiptoed over this fly tipping
to deposit my empties (just a couple of wine bottles!)
 I witnessed a young girl walk by me and dump a bag of rubbish.
To my own astonishment I challenged her (if you've met me you'll 
know I'm the least confrontational person ever!)
She said her mum had told her to dump rubbish there.
I wasn't sure who to be more angry with, the mother or 
the daughter, but nonetheless I stuck to my guns and insisted she 
take her rubbish away with her.  
I sat in my car afterwards quite shaken and with 
an overwhelming feeling of despondency at what people are capable of.

The good...
that evening my doorbell rang and I opened the door
to my neighbours who live over the back of my house.
They had notified us some weeks ago that they were having a
wedding and being an Indian wedding the celebrations take place over
quite a few days.  I had put a handmade card through their door and thanked
them for being considerate and in return they brought round
some Indian snacks.  Potato samosas, spinach bhaji and more.
All absolutely delicious and so kind of them.

My spirits soared - occasionally it feels like the bad 
people outweigh the good but then something like this happens.
Thankful for kindness.

In closing this week's nattering - a photo of 
Bella at the park. I sometimes forget she is 8 years old 
and probably shouldn't be out walking for 2 hours!
I was enjoying the walk so much I didn't notice the time.
She slept for a long time afterwards.

Before I wish you all a lovely weekend - 
LittleLamb - so sorry to hear about your fainting last week,
hope you are recovered.
Jackie - hope the house clearing is progressing, I'm sure it must 
be very hard work.

Website news...yes, you've guessed it - more pre-loved added.

Take care friends - have a great week too
and I hope you can join me next Friday.

10 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for my Bella fix, of course she cannot part with anything she lives with a crafter.
Your crochet looks so pretty, I am more of a knitter, I have knitted so many blankets for the charity shops, using up all oddments from knitting for the children, there is a lot of memorys in them. Christine you were so brave in this day and age to challenge that girl, good for you.
I hope your Mum is still doing well.
Elliotts card was brilliant too, thank you for sharing.
Take care and have fun Kitty.x

Chris said...

Hi Christine
How brave to confront this young girl, because you never know what sort of reaction you may get, but sometimes it just needs to be done. I too don’t like confrontation but have had my moments when telling young lads in the park behind our house, to stop shouting and swearing as we have young children in the garden. I did ask them very politely and to my surprise they apologised to me. It does make you feel a bit shaky though but also quite liberating too. Wow, the Indian snacks look delicious.
I love seeing your crocheting projects, I especially like the mushroom one too.
Have a lovely weekend
Chris xx
PS - I hope you let Bella keep all her toys, she probably loves them all xx

hazel young said...

Lovely photos of Bella. Your blankets are amazing, love the mushroom colour. Elliotts card is fabulous, my eldest son would love that. I must have a go at brush lettering, your practices look good. I never understand fly-tippers and for a mother to tell her daughter to do it is absolutely disgraceful. Good for you for calling her out. Have a good week xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Bella’s toy box looks well loved & I'm not surprised she didn’t want to part with anything!
Elliott’s Card look great-perfect!

Well done you for challenging the person who was about to dump stuff-wonder if your local council would consider cctv to catch fly tippers?

Hope your Mums health is continuing to improve.


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine.
I really enjoy you Friday chat.
The blanket is gorgeous. On the rubbish front it makes you wonder what their homes are like and good fro you.
A few years back during the summer my whole family were in Mote Park having a picnic, chap parked near us let out his 2 lads who both pooped along side us, my sister shouted at him to clear it but he just walked off, I had my dogs then so I got out my shovel and a bag and hung it in his passenger wing mirror, and yes he took it home with him. I would loved to have seen his face when he opened the bag. Still makes me smile when I think of it.
Have a good weekend.

karenlotty said...

Lovely chatting Your crochet is gorgeous I really must take a look at the patterns and have a go myself
Love the card for Elliott and your brush lettering too
Of course Bella is adorable I’d love to give her a cuddle

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
Sad that someone thinks it ok to flytip the rest of us use our bins!
Love the Crochet I follow this blog aswell!
Glad Mum is well!
Nice to read what you are up to on a Friday!
Take care
Love Marg

Littlelamb said...

First of all Christine thank you for asking about me. I feel a lot better this week thank you. Agree with you about people dumping rubbish. The problem we have is leaving rubbish out for the bin men. Has to be out by 6.30 so a lot of people put it out the night before. We have to use the council rubbish plastic bags and by the next morning the foxes have been at them and an awful mess. My neighbour kindly puts mine out as he is always up early. Love your crochet. I have been doing mine this week. Has felt cold in the evenings so putting it on my lap keeps me warm. Love Elliott’s Birthday card. Have a good weekend.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A great Friday 'natter', with great news and fabulous piccies.
Bella looks gorgeous as always, no wonder she slept loads after her 2 hour walkies, it's a wonder she had any legs left hahaha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, well I'm very proud of you for saying something about the rubbish. Its a bit scary nowadays not knowing how folk will react but hopefully this girl will realise that Mother doesn't always know best. Your crochet work is so good though pom poms did sound a bit strange! and Elliott's card is just great.
Just back from another few days clearing up with my brother at mums. Fortunately Morrisons is opposite the local Hospice charity shop so we borrowed a large trolley and filled that up plus some extra large bags and wheeled it all over. We also found out that they are happy to accept electrical items so my next visit should see the last of the items to them plus all the electrical stuff. Will just be the skip to arrange and fill up with the last items in the house plus all the stuff in the sheds. As I go on holiday at the end of September I think that will be my last visit home so the end of a big chapter in my life.
If you get out with Bella this weekend enjoy your walks. I left at 8 this morning and got home by 10.30 just before a big downpour. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow as I'm having a drive up to Thetford to the Sincerely Yours show. Not a big list of exhibitors but enough for a nice drive out on a Sunday morning. Bye for now, best wishes Jackie xx

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