Monday, 17 June 2019

Dad's Day and a recipe!

Hello friends

How was your weekend?
I had a wonderful day at Sir Stampalot in Peterborough,
the workshop went well.
Whilst creating we got onto the subject of cooking
and I happened to mention that I was doing a
Suet Onion Roll to accompanying a roast dinner on Father's Day.
I was asked for the recipe so here it is,
a step by step photo recipe.

I know this is an old recipe, it is nice to add bacon too
and it certainly bulks out a dinner.

You are going to need:
Self raising flour
Atora Suet
Onions (1 large or 2 small)

Chop the onions and soften.
You can do this in a frying pan, I add a little water
and pop them in the microwave for about 2 minutes.
Leave to cool.

I use a slow cooker to cook mine but you can also steam on the hob.
I switch on to pre-heat, place a small dish in the bottom.
My suet roll will sit on this.

Into a bowl place 4oz of SR flour.
No sifting needed for this in fact I never sift - takes too long! 

Next add 2oz of suet.

Mix in about 1/8 pint of water, equivalent to 5 tablespoons.
Add a pinch of salt.

You should now have a ball of dough and softened onions.

Roll out the suet dough onto a floured surface.
If you have one of these non stick mats they are brilliant.
Add the cooled onions, spread across.

Roll like a swiss roll.

Make sure the end is at the bottom, I do not worry about sealing it.
Place onto a lightly oiled piece of foil.

Next, position on top of a raised dish in slow cooker.
Add water for the steaming, just ensure it doesn't touch the suet roll.

Pop the lid on and forget about it.
Mine went in at 9am and came out at 6pm, setting high.
I don't even look at it or top up the water, I really do forget about it! 

Unwrap, not the most colourful but the taste makes up for it.

 Slice and serve with a roast dinner, perfect with gravy.

It certainly added to our Father's Day meal and talking of Fathers...
here's my wonderful Dad opening his presents with the help of Bella.
Yes that is a pork pie - a special gift from the pup herself,
she knows what her Grandad likes!

Not craft related today but always like to share a recipe or two.

Take care friends and have a wonderful start to the week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

I love the sound of your onion roll recipe, so will give it a go. I’m glad you enjoyed Peterborough, and am looking forward to seeing photos of what you made.x

Margie said...

Oooh sounds lovely Christine. My Mum makes the version with chopped fried bacon, onion and mushroom then bakes it in the oven. A meal in itself but both ways would work for me! x

Sir Stampalot said...

thanks for sharing that Christine. much appreciate it. sounds yummy and will definitely give this a go. Appreciate the step by step - it really helps to see it laid out like that. I'll let you know how mine turns out. Now decisions decisions, do I add bacon - hmmmm??!!! .......

Jackie Durrant said...

Atora suet haven't seen that in ages. I can almost taste your onion roll as I write this!! Thanks for the recipe. xx

Lynda's craft's said...

Hi Christine I haven't made a suet pudding for ages. My mum used to do steak & kidney pudding when my brother & I was living at home. Sadly she's past away a long time
Ago now but I loved her puddings.
Love Lynda xx cuddles for Bella xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I've made suet dumplings, suet crust and jam roly poly, but I've never heard of suet onion roll, it sounds lovely, I will be giving this a go, thank you for the recipe.
I'm so glad you all had a fabulous Father's Day meal.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Never heard of that recipe but sounds yummy, will give it a try. Glad your dad had a lovely day. xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Wow your recipe is a blast from the past,
it brings back so many memories.
Your Dad looks as though he will help him to eat his pie.
Thank you for sharing, take care and have fun Kitty.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
As Kitty says your recipe is a blast from the past , my Mom always made a Rolly Poly with jam on a Monday ( wash day ) for a filling pud after the left over tea from Sunday such happy memories of rushing home from School for this pud .

I will certainly buy some suet and give your recipe a go along with Mums too .

Thanks Christine
Elaine H X

karenlotty said...

Love the recipe As a child we had this cooked as a suet pudding with chopped bacon added He had a nickname for it which escapes me at mo
Fab photo of your dad and Bella

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