Tuesday 4 December 2018

Just landed and the power of 3!

Hello friends

How was your weekend?
I did manage to put the Christmas tree up although it took
quite a bit of time.  A week or so ago Mum and I went along
to our local garden centre for a tree decorating workshop,
we picked up some tips - the most interesting one for me was
grouping your decorations in threes, not just randomly 
placing your baubles! 

I liked this idea until I started to do it, 
it honestly took me twice as long to decorate my tree.
I may return to random bauble placement next year!

In other news, we took delivery of the new
Spellbinders Clear Stamp Collection yesterday.
I've got a sneaky feeling we are the only stockist right now :)
There's 12 designs and this one sung to me straight way.

They work beautifully with the Squid Inks too!
Here's a few more designs.


You can see them all in the stamp category on the website here.

Today I'm in the cabin working on a shadow box tutorial,
I had this planned for last week but it got away from me.

Take care friends.


hazel young said...

That makes sense with the decorations, a bit like planting plants. Loving the new stamps they have been added to my wish list. Have a great day xx Hazel

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Morning All.
Thank you a very pretty tree.
I have two little helpers with mine so it is haphazard.
Beautiful stamps too.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Your Christmas tree looks lovely & so do the new stamps


Chris said...

Hi Christine
The stamps look fabulous, I had to order some of the Sentiment Stamps. Can’t wait for them to arrive.
Your tree looks great too, with the strategically placed baubles.
Have a good day
Chris xx

margaret driscoll said...

Good Morning Christine
Like the idea of THREES but it seems such an effort think I'll stick to random with my Baubles! lol
The stamps set looks like Altenew sets will go over and have a look!
Take care
Love Marg

Jean Eve said...

Morning Christine, the tree looks lovely but then so do the new stamps. Will have a peek later. Cheers Jean xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Love the look of the stamps,

Jean Dyke said...

Morning Christine, I’ll have a proper look at the new stamps later. The flower bouquet could also be an ice cream cone :). I’m sure you’ll have thought of that too
I’m looking forward to your shadow box tutorial, my attempts leave a lot to be desired, I am a bit OCD when it comes to corners though. Jean x,,

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine not sure about threes think I prefer the randomness of decorating a tree though whether mine sees the light of day is another matter. Will be the first Christmas in 7 years in my own home and the first time since I moved here 4 years ago but with so much going on with bureaucracy and red tape seeing to my mum I may not get around to it!! That's sounds so sad but it's not all bad. Will have a proper look at the stamps later. Have a good day. Best wishes Jackie x

Littlelamb said...

Yes in threes makes sense. I always like things in odd numbers. Love the new stamps especially the flower ones. As has been said would make a good ice cream cone. I will put these on my wish list.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I'm not too sure about hanging 3 baubles together, I'm a bit old-fashioned and prefer random placing of the baubles and ornaments haha, although your piccie looks beautiful.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Brenda said...

Hello Christine, Love your tree, I like the idea of hanging everything in threes.
The new stamps look lovely. Love Brenda xx

karenlotty said...

Tree looks beautiful I like the stamps too I have never heard of Squid inks What are they? I noticed Julia Eatts had used them on the card she’s showing on her blog today

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