Thursday 27 December 2018

Emerging from the other side!

Hello friends

How was it? Did it go by in a blur?
I actually think the days of Christmas go faster than any
other time, it certainly feels that way.
My Christmas was lovely but involved a lot of cooking
so I'm vowing to make that a little different next year.
On the upside lots of leftovers so easy dinners for quite a while.
Here's a few pics of our festivities.

Christmas morning, cold, frosty and a chance to walk Bella.
The Hope and Chances' woodland cabin is in that little cluster
right hand side of this picture.  
Bit nippy in there when I checked on everything!

Bella in her festive jumper.

Back home the tree and mantle all set.

Turkey in the oven under the watchful eye of Pixel!

Dinner is served, just the three of us on Christmas Day, 
I ate my dinner in my PJ's - it was blissful!
Our eldest cat Imogen (19 this year) is in the distance,
she got an extra big bowl of turkey.

And Elliott and I checking out selfies in our Christmas jumpers,
We were playing with my Christmas gift - a Sprocket - 
a little printer that bluetooth's to your phone.
More details with another blog post soon.

Now to get back on crafty track a little bit,
announcing the Wednesday giveaway winner
a bundle of two brand Jane Davenport die sets!

Mertail and ...

Happy Little Unicorn

Thank you for all the comments and the winner is...

Patricia Youdell

Congratulations Patricia please email:
with your details and we will post your prize out to you.

I'm back in my city job today which is very quiet and a 
chance for me to type this blog post - ssshhhh!  

Take care friends, I'm back soon.


Melonie Pickering said...

Now that looks to me like you had a very laid back Christmas.....I had planned to do a lot of frozen veg for me and hubby (it was just the 2 of us as usual) but in the end I did it all it ready on Sunday...and we only had a small cook from frozen turkey joint so as that cooked the veg was being steamed and roasties roasted...and it was all very nice indeed...I do sometimes wonder though just how come I end up spending hours in the kitchen when there is only 2 of us to feed!
Hope you all have a great New Year.... xxx

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
Glad it was a nice Christmas. and to see that little chap now has a beard!!! makes me realise how quickly time goes by!
Just me and my 2 sons for dinner, ( Carey and Taylah live in Oz, with a swimming pool!)
We didn't have frost here, but now its thick Fog!
Hope Mum is coping with everything that life has thrown at her!
Take care
Love Marg

Arianna Barbara said...

Hi Christine! I'm happy you spent a very Merry Christmas!!! <3
Congrats to Patricia!!!
I wish everyone Happy New Year!!!

nattyboots said...

Shhh your secret is safe with me Christine .

With it being the first Christmas without Andrew we didn't want to celebrate as we normally would , I did shed quite a few tears but I managed to make a nice dinner for just the two of us , then my other two sons and families came later for some supper .

Well done to your lucky winner.
Elaine H X

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Lovely pictures, sorry you’ve had to go into work today. We had a change from cooking this year and went to our local Indian Restaurant, we had a really lovely time although we were all a bit sceptical as to whether we would enjoy it. I think we maybe booking again for next year.
Congratulations to Patrica, they are really lovely dies.
I do hope your Mum is Okay and wish her a speedy recovery.
Take care
Chris xx

Jean Eve said...

Congrats Pat, enjoy! Lovely pics Christine, looks like you had a nice time.There was just myself, sister & friend for Christmas, so no hard work involved apart from my sister with the flu coughing all night. So been like a zombie today lol.Hope your mum is ok & that the new year brings better health. Cheers to all Jean xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Congratulations to Patricia, you lucky girlie !! At first glance I thought it was me hahaha.
Lovely piccies of your Christmas, I can't get over how much Elliott is looking like Mitchell !!
I hope your day at your London job went well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Congrats to Patricia enjoy your prize. Love seeing your Christmas photos. Hope the city isn't too busy for you and the day goes quickly xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Sorry but I am like the cows tail always behind, this is a day late.
Congratulations to Patricia have fun.
Thank you for posting the photos are lovely.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Pat said...

Morning Christine
Yes I am a lucky girl, thank you for drawing my name out. I can't wait to have a play with my grandchildren.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas photos, hope your Mum's health is improving.

Happy New year to you, your family and everyone else. Pat xxx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great photos, looks like everyone had fun.

Congrats to the winner.


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I was lucky didn't lift a finger it was all done for us at my daughter's BLISS.
well done to Patricia.

Margie said...

congratulations to patricia - have fun playing. your christmas sounds and looks great christine - just the three of us here too and hubby did amazingly well with the dinner as i've still got the cast on my arm for two more weeks! then we are going for a little break to a posh hotel to celebrate properly. can't wait. love, margie x

Littlelamb said...

Congratulations to Patricia. Enjoy with your Grandchildren. Glad you all had a lovely Christmas. Very quiet here. Seeing Gt grandchildren tomorrow and more family on New Years Day. That will be good. Look forward to finding out about the Sprocket. Sounds interesting.

Teresa Doyle said...

Congratulations Patricia, enjoy your prize!
It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas Christine. We did as well although it was a little busier than yours. (Our SIL invited us to come for a sleepover on Christmas Eve so we could be there to watch our little grandsons open their gifts on Christmas morning. What fun that was!) Then we went to our sons/DIL's for Christmas dinner. It was all very nice but tiring.
I hope your Mum is feeling better and you all have a healthy, happy New Year.

lucretia said...

Love your cat supervising the turkey to make sure it didn't burn. He did a great job. Looks as if you had a great time. Happy New Year. x

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