Friday, 4 March 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday - can you believe we are in March?
Nobody sent the weather gods this memo, it has been a very damp
week here in Kent.  My home had decided it is a colander, new leaks
have appeared - we step over bowls and towels when the heavens open
and that is with a new roof! 
Never mind - worse things are happening...

But, I shall swiftly move on to more comforting items -

The Cath Kidston colour inspired blanket is finished -
(I'm thinking I need to abbreviate the name).

Quite a narrow border as again, determined not to buy 
more yarn for this blanket - it was supposed to be leftovers.
I'm very happy with it, it certainly adds a pop of colour 
on these dull days.

I am still working on little squares for a battenburg blanket
and just started a striped project, 
I'm still undecided and may 
frog it back and revert to squares.


Murder in Provence
Adapted from the books by M.L. Longworth, the show follows Antoine Verlaque, 
a Judge, played by Roger Allam as he and his partner investigate the murders
in beautiful scenery. 

Oh I really want to like this but confess I will a little disappointed.
Mr Allam is a super actor and plays the part well but the plots
feel very daytime TV. It is also aimed 100% at the middle aged - I don't mind that!
It is still worth watching for the eloquence (Patricia Hodge also stars)
and glorious scenery bathed in sunshine.

Squirrel news

Cyril has been sprightly on his toes this week,
so much so I've only snapped one (bad) photo of Cyril's bum!
He has been scrabbling about on my bathroom roof,
clearly no fear of heights.

Oh and this hazy one - again not posing for the camera.
(Christmas tree growing well though).

The rest of my week has been work, physio and hospital appointments.
All gearing up for my surgery soon and I'm thinking of how
to make home a little easier for when I come out of hospital.
Or, I can just keep the boys on their toes! 

This weekend I am hoping to go the cinema to see the new
adaptation of Death on the Nile, Elliott and I are big Agatha Christie fans
and we really enjoyed Kenneth Branagh's Poirot before.
The cast is incredible including Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

I think that wraps up my news - woefully unexciting right now!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend and hopefully
some sunshine where you are.

Take care friends.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Hope you get your roof fixed soon.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the chat.
We are in a very sad world at the moment.
Take care and good luck with your hip.

Anonymous said...

Just when the lower half of the house is coming together something else decides to spoil the party and whilst it's not as catastrophic as the issues in Ukraine, it's the other damage to plaster ceilings etc that will need sorting as well as the roof! Having bowls everywhere and damp when you've just had surgery is not ideal, so here's hoping for better weather. It sounds like you are getting sorted for the forthcoming operation which I'm sure everyone who reads the blog wishes you a speedy recovery from. WakeyL

hazel young said...

Sorry to hear about your leaking house, hugs. In love with your blanket it is gorgeous. Have a good week stay safe and take care xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hello Christine just love your new blanket's colours very pretty. The autumn colours one I bought from you is being used well the last few nights while watching the TV. It's been very grey and dreary today despite having sunshine yesterday but I'm sorry you are experiencing leaks. I trust it is not Cyril chewing things he shouldn't!!
Enjoy the cinema and have a good weekend xx

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