Friday, 26 November 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Hope you are all well, I have a photo heavy blog post for you!

My time away at the Kent coast was bliss.
I didn't think I was a coastal person but spending time by the sea
seems to be a real tonic.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  
Two days, we were actually sitting outside for lunch,
just in a cardigan - in November!
Returned home and the nippy weather arrived,
definitely chilly on the coach commute this week.

Let me share with you some of my photos.


My first trip to Deal in many years, gorgeous blue skies awaited us.

They have spent millions on renovating the pier, such a shame the finished result looks very bland.
They chose to tarmac it - a pier should have planks surely?  
Didn't seem right to walk along and not see the sea through the cracks beneath us.

At the end of the pier is a rather swanky cafe with a less appealing queuing area.

The town is lovely with a mix of regular and charming shops.
Spot the cat in this photo - happily sauntering along.

For lunch (avoiding the cafe) we ate a bag of chips whilst looking out to sea - posh eh!
It invoked childhood memories for me, many times
with my family eating chips by the coast.
Those seagulls became very loud when they realised I had some leftover chips. 


Following day with the weather still being unusually warm we visited
Ramsgate.  An empty beach.

Wetherspoons have bought and renovated the Royal Victoria Pavilion and
oh my, they have done a fabulous job.

My sister remarked that the inside is very much like a cruise ship
and she is so right - such wide open spaces.

We ate outside on the veranda and this was our lunchtime view - stunning.
Dogs are allowed on the beach now so we had entertainment too.

St Margaret's Bay

On our last day we went down to St Margaret's Bay - 'down'
is the word as it is twisty winding road to get there. 
The weather broke that day and it was most definitely cooler, 
it signified the end of our gorgeous little holiday.
To keep us cheerful we went to Pines - a museum cafe near the bay which 
serves huge cakes - that helped I can assure you.

Back home and my sister has already booked to go again next month,
this time taking her dog.
Although I cannot visit for the full trip (work!) I am hoping to drive down 
for a day and stay the night just to recharge the batteries a little.


Whilst away I finished my coastal coloured Harmony Blanket and I love it a lot.
Especially when I chose to take it to the harbour in Ramsgate and
the beach huts in St Margaret's Bay, seeing it against the boats 
made me love it even more.
Despite me planning to list this one in my Folksy shop 
I feel a certain affinity with this blanket and unlikely to let it go.

It is Lucy from Attic 24's design - Harmony Blanket and the pattern
lends itself to so many colourways.
Problem is...I want to make them all!


Returning from the coast I had somehow forgotten how muddled
the house is.  I am still waiting for the conservatory to be finalised -
it needs to be plastered and the electrician to put in the spotlights.
This means we still have everything piled up in the lounge which
doubles as an obstacle course for us and a climbing activity for the cats!
Normally I would be thinking of Christmas decorations soon but
that is definitely postponed.
It was rather exciting to have the Howdens designer visit 
and I'm awaiting her ideas for the kitchen and conservatory.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend and I had a special treat
from my sister - I'm going to save the details to share with you next week.
I was very spoilt by my friends and family - so lovely.


Angela Black - ITV Hub

Angela Black seems to be living her best life.  
However, Angela's picture-perfect life is hiding a terrible truth: 
she is suffering daily abuse from her controlling husband and cannot escape him. 

Late to the party with this one as many of you have probably seen it.
We binged watched all episodes in one day and it did have us
gripped but... anyone else still asking questions at the end?
I definitely felt there was some loose ends.
Have to admire Joanne Froggatt's acting - I have seen her play so many
distressed women - someone please give her a happy role soon! 

Charity Kit:

This month's charity kit was a speedy sell out - thank you.
Michele grabbed two and sent through photos of her designs below
which look very lovely.

Tomorrow I will be in the cabin working on December's kit,
I have left it a little later than I would like - 
I seem to be chasing my tail since my office days have increased,
but this weekend should see most of it organised.

Well that my friends has been my week (or two).
Wishing you a lovely weekend - wrap up warm as apparently
snow is forecast in certain areas.

Take care.

6 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Lovely photos thank you glad you had a good time.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news, lots of lovely photos. Thank you for sharing my card photos.


Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine you were certainly lucky with the weather so I'm glad you had a nice holiday. Your blanket against the beach huts would grace any swanky magazine!! I'm going down to Lyminge in a couple of weeks so it looks like a trip to Deal one day is on the list. Enjoy your chaos over the weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your lovely break and the blanket against the beach huts. It's amazing how the seaside can uplift the spirit. A belated happy birthday. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Beautiful beautiful photos I must admit it’s a coastline I haven’t visited and judging by your photos I really should
Your blanket looks amazing I need a bigger project to do but crochet blankets and cushions are not for me
Have a good week Take care xxx

hazel young said...

Lovely photos and I agree about the pier, but I guess its because the tarmac will last longer. Wow the Wetherspoons looks fabulous. Love the blanket and you definitely need to go there to photograph any blankets that come up for sale. It's a need lol any excuse will to go. Happy belated birthday, I'm sure you had a fabulous day. Angela Black I have recorded to watch. Lovely cards from Michelle. I hope you have a great week stay safe xx

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