Friday, 30 October 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to Friday Chat Day.

It was touch and go with getting a blog post written up this week, this was my computer two days ago...

Apparently the motherboard had fried [sob].
I thought I was being sensible when I suggested buying a replacement 
motherboard but oh no, according to my computer savy sons my PC was "ancient",
"It still has VGA cables Mum".  That was me told.
I was also told to be thankful the hardrive was intact -"
you haven't lost any photos, documents, crochet patterns(!)" - PHEW! 

It was a rush to order a new computer 
(thank you Amazon for a bargain refurb one delivered the next day).
It then took Mitchell hours to install applications and transfer onto the new computer 
my important items (although I swear he said "crap")!!! 
Tragically what did not transfer were all my email folders and contents that I had 
diligently set up for years.  All my past workshops, demos, trade shows,
all my correspondence with you lovely blog followers and more.
I feel rather traumatised about that.
I also cannot believe how much time this week was consumed by a metal box of 
wizardry, it put me so behind with everything so a rather a shortened blog post
this week and no recipe, I had plans to make a Christmas cake - sorry.
But...I have a new computer up and running - I am thankful.  


The weather has been awful this week hasn't it - rain and gusty winds.
The clocks going back - always hard initially, I bet we ALL said 
'oh look how dark it is already'.
So with the clocks and torrential rain I did not venture into my garden but 
I did snap this photo, it is poor quality but he is!
The naughty squirrel that is enjoying replanting my bulbs in next door's garden.
Now affectionately known as Squirrel Biggs.
Cute...very naughty...but cute! 


It is finished - the Cupcake Harmony Blanket.
Did I mention I was selling this one? 
I am going to but I confess I'm struggling to part with it,
I adore the colours, they really do look edible.
I see frosting, sprinkles, ice cream, chocolate.

Bella has given it her seal of approval.

It is now listed on my Yarn tab page here with lots more photos.  
It took 15 balls of yarn, just under a month to make and in total there was 
1,210 ends to sew in.
Guess what?  I'm really good at sewing in ends now.

I am now starting another blanket, squares again with a vintage colourway.


Last Sunday Elliott came home for a roast dinner and to cuddle the cats.
(Yes that was his priorities).
You can see Darcy is overbrimming with excitement at seeing him,
cats are truly superior beings.

Once all felines were duly hugged and dinner done, we sat down to watch
some telly.  


Elliott introduced me to Taskmaster.
It used to be on Dave, won a BAFTA and now acquired by Channel 4.

Hosted by comedians Greg Davies and Alex Horne, they challenge
famous contestants to complete a series of weird and wonderful tasks.
Just seeing Johnny Vegas trying to paddle an inflatable boat on wheels 
with oars was silly but funny.
I don't think I've laughed so much in ages, it is a tonic of a show,
I definitely recommend.

And if you happen to have Britbox - 

This polished up my Wars of the Roses history.
House of York versus House of Lancaster.
Based on three of Philippa Gregory's novels, the series is from the viewpoint
of Elizabeth Woodville (she's a white rose - House Lancaster)
and her marraige to Edward IV - (he's a red rose - House York).
Great series although I did have to overlook the fact 
that she had about a dozen a children and did not age at all. 

And just in case you fancy this, Britbox is £5.99 a month - first month is free. 
I have no affiliation but perhaps I should tell them...haha!
I certainly get my money's worth each month, so many shows I'm keen to watch,
I still haven't got to the end of Midsomer Murders.

And finally, this Sunday is Charity Kit Day.
I've gone Autumnal this month, here's a sneak peek.

This month's charity is Action for Stammering Children.

A cause very close to my heart as Elliott had a stammer growing up.
After intense speech therapy he was cured but others are not so fortunate.
Please stop by on Sunday for all this month's kit details,
it goes live at 7am with notifications on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh yes, I have just one Advent Frame left with the lovely gold and ivory
Anna Griffin design papers.

Pop to the bottom of this blog post here for more details.

And that is this week wrapped up,
A rather pared down blog post - apologies, I hope to be back to all 
my usual babble next week.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend.
I have crochet planned and stepping away from a computer.

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the chat.
Bella has got it right stay in with a very pretty cosy blanket.
It takes me a week to get over the clock changes.
I hope you Mum is still feeling better.
So sorry about your computer.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Love the cheeky squirrel photo. I can see why you don't want to part with your blanket it is gorgeous, I love the colours. Glad the boys sorted your new computer and you are up and running again. Have a great week, take care stay safe xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great roundup of news. You were lucky to save so much from your old computer. The blanket looks great-I’d want to keep it too!


Di said...

I love your Friday posts Christine! My alarm will be set for 7 am on Sunday for sure. Love your squirrel, cheeky chappie. You say you lost files in the meltdown. Has Mitchell tried using Recuva? It's free and very safe software that will dig through file access tables etc. and recover files which you think have been deleted. Could be worth trying.


Di xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
Oh my what a trauma with your computer. We are all so reliant on them nowadays. I don't know if it actually backs up email files but I have an external hard drive that backs up once a week in case things go kaput. No doubt the boys will know about these things. I got this after the Last time mine did silly things. On the other hand I had to say to myself, well, when was the last time I looked at such and such a file and generally it was years ago so it was perhaps good to get rid of clutter!!
I have to say your crochet blanket is beautiful, such a lot of work but the end result makes it all worthwhile.
My garden looks a mess with all the wind and rain bringing down the leaves from next door's trees and shrubs. I keep thinking it will be the last time I rake them up then another lot appear so if it dries up a bit over the weekend that's what I will be doing.
Have a great weekend, Jackie xx

karenlotty said...

How did we survive before computers! You are lucky to have Mitchell to help restore a lot of stuff
Your blanket looks amazing I did wonder how many ends you’d have to sew in! I hope to remember to log in on Sunday for a charity kit
Our front and back garden has just been finished So I am looking forward to getting new planters and actually have some plants too! Covid is putting me off shopping though
Take care x

Littlelamb said...

So glad you could post today. I really would have missed your blog today. Woke up with Vertigo this morning so haven’t been feeling so good today so was pleased to see your post. The squirrel seems to be enjoying himself. Haven’t seen any in my garden but we live near a lake and lots of squirrels there as there are a lot of oak trees so plenty of acorns. Glad your computer is up,and running. It’s good to have sons who know what they are doing with computers isn’t it. Very useful. Love the blanket and I certainly wouldnt want to get rid of it. Hope you have a good weekend. Take care and stay safe.

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