Friday 19 June 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Here we are again, thank you for stopping by.
Kicking off this week's chatter with my latest project 
on my crochet journey.


It's squares. 
When I first discovered crochet just over a year ago I admit to: 
(a) not liking squares very much and (b) finding them very tricky.
The wonderful Lucy at Attic 24 has now converted me.
This is the beginnings of the Hamony Blanket - 126 squares in total,
good job I'm liking them now!

So I began, completed two lots of squares for the pattern but I kept making mistakes
and realised I had to find a system where I do the rounds continuously on all of them.
I came  up with this.  Doing round 1 for all of them, round 2 and so on.
It is satisfying but I think I may need bigger plastic envelopes.

It might not look perfect but it is working and I have this little one
overseeing things.
Don't be fooled by that face, she's evil - brings in mice nearly every night!
(We still love her really).

And many thanks to Hazel who sent me details of this yorkie crochet pattern.
It is now on my list to do. The pattern can be found here.


Going a bit healthy this week. 
Overnight Oats.
I recently discovered these and it has made me view breakfast very differently.
It's filling and stops me grabbing a biscuit around 11am.
A great way to use up fruit - fresh, dried or frozen.
I buy the supermarket's cheapest porridge oats so works out economical too.
Adding honey or yoghurt makes this even more delicious.
This was yesterday's topped with frozen raspberries and grated apple.

50g rolled porridge oats,
¼ tsp cinnamon (optional)
Pinch of salt
100ml milk (or water)

The night before pop the oats into a jar (any jar with a sealed lid).
Mix in the cinnamon, salt and milk.
(The salt balances the flavour for when you add toppings).
Place in fridge.
In the morning loosen with a little more milk if needed.
Eat cold but if you prefer warm, pop in microwave
for 30-60 seconds.
Add your favourite toppings: berries, bananas,
tinned/frozen fruit, honey, natural yoghurt, dried fruit –
whatever you have to hand.
Eat and feel righteous!

Click here for the Overnight Oats printable.
This recipe has also been added to the Recipes page/tab 
at the top of the blog here.


Everything is growing thanks to lots of rain this week.
I adore Hostas, this beauty is over 20 years old. It was in the garden
when I bought the house and I transferred it to a pot a few years ago.

I'm not the only one that likes Hostas - pesky snails!
I've got a few snail traps - filled with beer and salt as I prefer not to use chemicals
but nothing truly seems to stop them. 
I've read about copper tape around plant pots to ward them off - 
anyone tried the tape?


I'm pleased to report I managed to watch all episodes of
Elementary before Amazon Prime switched it to purchase only,
I'm certain you were all worried about that :) 
It's actually an admission that I sat on my bum crocheting for hours!

I also managed to watch a few more things this week:

The Salisbury Poisonings on BBC iPlayer

I remember seeing this unfold on the news in 2018 but viewing it 
dramatised truly impacts upon you the severity of the situation.

Also a bit of a 'bonnet viewing':
Cranford on BritBox.

It was lovely to revisit this series based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novels.
A stellar cast and I had forgotten how funny it is (along with some very sad scenes too).

Bits and bobs:

I follow 1bike1world on social media, a man and his cat cycling the world.
The pandemic has thwarted his plans somewhat, he was grounded in Hungary for months.
I'm happy to report that he is back on his bike and 
Dean and Nala now have a website - you can visit it here.

And if you are surfing the net I definitely recommend A Chick Called Albert,
all YouTube videos can be found here.
Alwyn Wils from the Netherlands and his expertise at rescuing animals 
and bird hatching adventures. It started with Albert, 
a quail that hatched from an egg bought in the supermarket.

This weekend with it being Father's Day we are planning a socially distanced
picnic in Mum and Dad's garden.
Still a bit tricky with Mum shielding but we couldn't let Father's Day
go by without celebrating.
With each of us on our designated chairs and blankets it should work out well.
As long as it doesn't rain that is.

And how could I forget...this blog post was brought to you under
typing supervision of Bella!

Wishing you a lovely weekend whatever you may be up to,
take good care.
Much love.


hazel young said...

Loving the crochet squares you will soon need a bigger house for all the blankets. Definitively need bigger bags. Loving the pet poses. Thanks for the recipe. I love hosta's too. I tried the copper tape years ago it does work but I generally don't bother anymore. Crushed egg shells is supposed to work as well. You can get organic slug pellets. The Salisbury Poisonings I have recorded but not managed to watch yet. Have a great day on Sunday, hope the weather is kind. Enjoy your week xx Hazel

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine loving the Terrier. Looked at the pattern and 'when' I learn to crochet this is on my list (lol). Have you seen the laid back cat on her site? it's so cute! I sometimes think I have too many things on my to do list as it seems to be growing not diminishing. Have a wonderful Sunday with the family. WakeyL

Carolyn Chilton said...

The weeks just seem to be flying by , seems like I shall be shielding for some time after this morning news , over 70 and diabetic . I did pop out on Wednesday to do a little shop in Aldi , it was Very quiet and oh I did enjoy it . Stay safe xxx

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for the chatty newsletter today. Friday seems to come around so quickly. Love all the crochet. Have pain the right side of my neck which is running up the back of my head so very uncomfortable so no crocheting at moment. I made your banana cake this week and it is delicious. The sort of recipe I like. The way I was always taught so always like those sort of recipes. Hope the weather is good for you on Sunday. We have had rain everyday this week and thunderstorms on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. Think weather supposed to improve next week. I should have been on a Warner’s holiday this week but with the weather we have had it’s a good job itwas cancelled.
Take care everyone.

karenlotty said...

Great chat I like the idea of working your granny squares this way which I haven’t tried in years Do you crochet the ends in as you go? Rather than sew them all in at the end
Your oats recipe sounds nice I cannot stand porridge but maybe eating it like this would be nicer
I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Salisbury Poisonings Very compelling At first OH and I thought it was too soon to show this after it actually happened But it really brought it home being able to remember events I think it was quite poignant with what’s occurring now
I hope you enjoy your Fathers Day picnic
Bella as always is so cute

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Yes, we have tried copper tape around garden pots, but the snails just went right over it, I scrunched up egg shells as they are not supposed to slither over them, but that didn't deter them either, and the beer baths didn't help either, so sorry I can't help you with that problem.
My you have been a busy crochet bee !! your squares look beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.
It amazed me when I saw your recipe, mainly because years and years ago, I used to make breakfast with oats that had been soaked overnight, it is supposed to aid digestion, I got my recipe out of a book called Raw Energy. I haven't made it in years because I can't eat much dairy (due to chronic catarrh) and our recipe had yoghurt in it which didn't help at all sadly.
I'm so loving your yorkie crochet, it is so cute.
I hope you have a great visit with your Mum and Dad, I will pray that it doesn't rain.
Enjoy your weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Morning Christine.
So sorry I am a day late again, where does the week go?.
This time it is a valid reason, I am now in a bubble with my Granddaughter and great grand children, I had my little Sophie for a sleep over I live on my own, my house was too tidy and quiet for too long.
Christine crocheting a square is all I can do, yours are so pretty.
Thank you for the chat, have a lovely weekend and enjoy the picnic.
Take care and stay safe Kitty.

Kathryn Fantom said...

Hi I tried copper tape and it didn’t work. I have heard Vaseline round the top of the pot is supposed to work. I haven’t tried it but it might be worth a try. Always enjoy your blog.
Best wishes

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