Friday 12 June 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to Friday Chat Day.
If you are a regular visitor you'll know what you are in for,
if you are new here - thank you for visiting,
Each Friday it is a weekly little round up natter about cooking, 
craft, crochet, telly and a dog called Bella.


A new recipe - Banana Bread
Discovered and tried purely because I couldn't bear to put two 
overripe bananas in the bin!

140g soft butter/margarine, 140g caster sugar
140g self-raising flour, 1tsp baking powder,
2 eggs, beaten, 2 very ripe bananas – mashed

Preheat oven to 180C, 350F or Gas Mark 4. 
Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin.
Place butter/margarine and sugar in bowl,
cream together until light and fluffy.
Slowly add beaten eggs with a little of the flour.
Fold in the rest of the flour, baking powder and mashed bananas.
 Spoon the mixture into the tin, spread evenly. Bake for 30-35 minutes until skewer comes out clean.
Cool in tin for ten minutes and then place on wire rack.
Eat and enjoy!

If you like bananas you'll definitely like this,
the flavour comes through well.
I think a couple of slices with custard would make a 
rather scrummy pudding too.

Click here for the Banana Bread printable.
This recipe has also been added to the Recipes page/tab 
at the top of the blog here.


A busy week of hooking!
The two Seaside Stashbusting Blankets at one point were neck and neck.

I have now finished the blue one.  Here it is before it was 
packaged and sent to my friend up in Bristol.
She opted for the fluffy border which represents the sea foam.

Bella doesn't understand why I take the photos! 

And for those who asked about how I crochet differently,
here's a few pictures.

Instead of having the yarn in my left hand, the traditional
way of crocheting, I keep it in my right and wrap over the hook,
a lot more like knitting.

Wrapping it over.

Pulling it through, keeping my left thumb on the stitches.

I was concerned at first that my tension would not be right,
patterns would come out differently but so far so good.
Bit cross with myself as I gave up numerous times trying to learn to
crochet the traditional way - imagine how many blankets I could have 
accumulated for my fort if I started years ago! 

So, if you have struggled with crochet perhaps this may work for you?
Let me know.
(Admission: still haven't made the crocheted flowers into a garland!)


I've been rushing through as many episodes as possible of Elementary.
A modern take on Sherlock Holmes.
Amazon Prime sent a notification that it will no longer be 
inclusive of their package (you can purchase it ...of course!)
So not to be defeated, I'm attempting 25 episodes in 2 days -
that's a lot of crochet! 

And because I had to have a little break from all that 
deduction and murder I opted to watch ....

Killing Eve - a little more murder!

All episodes available on BBCiPlayer.
It's more of a spy thriller with some murder thrown in.
It also has moments of absolute comedy.
Not sure I've seen anything else like it on telly, very compelling.


Just a little roundup of kits that are still available.
This month's charity kit supporting the hedgehogs,
just one kit left and available here.

And when rummaging in my cabin discovered there is still
two of the Mini Card Kits available - please click here

And big thanks to those who support me on Ko-fi,
(not a coffee but vital items for the kits).
I've been able to order the next batch of envelopes and bags for the July charity kits.
I update the gallery over on my Ko-fi page so it is a good place to 
keep track of kits if you wish to. 

Right, I think that wraps up this week again,
time is flying but also feels very Groundhog Day.
I do hope you are all keeping well and getting through this.
I am still limiting how much news I watch,
it is the best solution to avoid throwing a brick through the telly!

Take care friends, much love.


hazel young said...

OOooo I love a good banana bread, it is also nice with some chopped walnuts thrown in. Yummy. Not made the chocolate recipe yet put been playing around with the lemon cake recipe, lemon and walnuts, lemon and cranberries both also yummy. Blankets look fabulous love the fluffy edge your friend chose. Bella's photo expression creased me up lol, she is adorable. Loved watching Killing Eve. The last series hasnt been as good imo. Lol I know what you mean about the news alot of doom and gloom and Pinocchio stories. Have a great week, I look forward to Friday chats. Hope your mum, dad and boys are all doing well. Take care happy crocheting xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you another great chatty blog.
Bella is not impressed with you taking her blanket away, she is so cute.
You look very comfortable with the way you hold your work.
Roll on tomorrow when I can hold my great grand children again, my house
has been to tidy and quiet for so long.
I hope you will be able to give your Mum a big cuddle.
Take care and stay safe Kitty.

mim said...

Hi Christine, I make that banana recipe too but I sometimes add chocolate chips--yes I know but mine are calorie free-- and if not, pecans on top with a sprinkle of demerara sugar. Hope you are all well.

Margaret xxxx

Littlelamb said...

Hi Christine. Thank you for the chat. Really look forward to it. Friday seems to come around very quickly. You crochet exactly the same way as me and for years I didn5 do any as thought I was doing it wrong. Back into it now. Thank you also for Banana bread recipe. Was going to make a banana loaf today anyway so will try this recipe. It sounds good. Like the idea with custard. I have Ginger cake with custard. No Bella does not look happy with you taking the blanket away. I am hoping to see my granddaughter tomorrow. Can’t see others as too far away. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine the cake recipe looks like one to try. I read recently I think it was the Saga Not going out club thst you can freeze bananas. Not something I've tried but may be a useful tip. I do so love your blankets they've turned out well and if you crochet in a non traditional way but still get good results then that's all that matters. I hope the news this week is welcome for some. I'm on my own but don't have any family near me but no doubt before too long families of two will be able to visit and hugs all round. Have a nice weekend love from Jackie xx

Kath said...

I must try your way of crocheting as I can't master the 'traditional' way. I've read books, watched YouTube videos and attended a beginner's workshop. I think I've knit for so long I can't get used to holding my yarn in my left hand - your way may work for me!

My June charity card kit has arrived today - it's lovely, thank you!

Kath x

Kim Hupke said...

Good morning Christine!
I’m sure the boys loved the special treat of banana bread and it’s now only a memory!! Maybe a few crumbs left for you and Bella?
Your crochet projects are always so beautiful ❤️ I tried to learn, but it was anything but relaxing for me! Lol
I always enjoy your Friday post, it’s a great way to start my weekend! Big hugs from Iowa!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I made your banana loaf this afternoon. It is still warm but looks and smells amazing. Added some chopped walnuts. My daughter has asked me to make one for her tomorrow. I love your blanket. Beautiful colours. Love Bella's expression. Well it is cooler and breezy here where I live in Scotland. Take care, Sheila x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Your blankets are so beautiful, and I watched intently at your piccies of how you hold your yarn etc for your crochet, I wonder if that way will help me, I might give it a try.
Bella is certainly enjoying your blankets and the look on her face is amazing haha.
Thank you for the Banana Bread recipe, I will definitely be trying this, it sounds gorgeous.
We went to our local Asda for our once a week supermarket shop this afternoon, we both wear a mask when in the supermarket, I was absolutely dumbstruck when there was no-one on the door restricting access to the store, and when we got inside, apart from a few others wearing masks, you would not have believed that we were in the throes of a deadly pandemic, everyone was acting exactly as they were before this virus started and the store was packed with people, I was absolutely disgusted and vowed not to go in there again, it was awful.
Enjoy your weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat and that’s exactly how I crochet
Your blankets are gorgeous I must try something like a blanket for a change
I’m going to try your banana bread My recipe has loads of other fruit in it - glacé cherries sultanas which makes it quite rich whereas your recipe looks a lighter one
Bella looks adorable
Sorry but not a fan of Killing Eve!
I’m enjoying Sewing Bee! 🤣

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