Friday, 9 August 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday!
How has your week been?

My week has comprised of highs and lows which is 
probably quite normal in everyone's week.

Highs:  Crochet, calligraphy and doors!

Crochet - 
I received my very first commission!
I've been asked to make a mustard throw for a grey guest bedroom.
The pattern has cable sections that actually looks like 
knitting but it is US crochet.

I think I may have bitten off quite a bit here so I'll be 
watching a lot of YouTube videos.
And look at the size of that hook - 10mm - it's big!

In between I've been working on my Mushroom Dune Blanket,
I know this pattern off by heart now so it is handy to 
take anywhere.  If you like crochet then be sure to follow me on Instagram,
I post a lot of crochet there! 

Calligraphy -
As mentioned, I started the Blink Lettering Better Brush Drills,
a freebie course for 7 days.
Really good - the course, not my calligraphy skills! 
Cor it takes some practice. I'm determined to do it but it may take
some time (and practice).

Doors -
Is it possible to get excited about new interior doors?
In my world the answer is yes! 
Especially if you've been waiting 19 years for them, yes 19 years!
When I moved into my little VT (Victorian Terrace)
we temporarily put some second hand doors on the bedrooms and 
bathroom with the intention of putting handles/locks on.
It never happened - typically of these things it got pushed down
the list of things to do.  Finally this week I had new interior 
doors fitted with actual handles - we all just stood and stared for a while! 

Lows: Poorly Mum!
As I'm writing this my mum is still in hospital,
we are keeping fingers and toes crossed that she will be home
at the weekend (especially as it is my Dad's birthday).

She's been on a lot of antibiotics in the hope that she does not need
surgery and it may just be doing the trick.
All the family have been going to and fro the hospital 
except Bella and she misses her.

So what's ahead for the weekend...
Can you believe I'm still sorting the cabin?
I'm probably not being as speedy as I could be, I'm enjoying discovering
forgotten crafty items and having a little play.
Talking of discovering there is plenty of pre-loved dies popping up 
on the website daily, so if you are after some elusive designs at 
bargain prices be sure to take a peek here.
Another week wrapped up and fingers crossed for 
more 'highs' next week - the legal safe ones! 

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend 
and thank you for stopping by.


hazel young said...

Crochets looking lovely. I must get into it again although I'm not very good. The doors look lovely and well deserved after 19 years wait, I love getting excited about general things. My friend and I went to the tip and was excited because the greenhouse and shed were clean and tidy. The little things make a big difference. sorry to hear your mu is still not home sending hugs and prayers for her. Hope you have a good week take care xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Your crochet is beautiful.
There are two things I wish I could change and that is my hand writing, I tell myself it is because my brain is to clever lol, the other one is I wish I could sing,.
I hope your Mum gets home this weekend, I send my very best wishes.
Oh lovely doors too.
Take care Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Sorry to hear your Mum is still poorly, fingers crossed she’s able to leave hospital in time for the Birthday celebrations.

Great to see your crochet, lettering & new doors-they all look great!


margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
Sorry Mum is still not well, fingers crossed for weekend!
Crochet is comimg along nicely so is the Caligraphy!
I need to do Doors too but once I come downstairs I forget about the upstairs till bedtime!
Take care
Happy Birthday to Dad for the Weekend.
Love Marg

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
So sorry to hear mum is still in hospital hope she's able to come home at the weekend.
You have really thrown yourself into making blankets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, firstly wishing your Dad a happy birthday at the weekend and positive wishes for your Mum's recovery (without surgery) and that she is home in time for the special day. Love the crochet cable design, which I thought was a knitted pattern - I'm sure you are up to the challenge and hoping you post a picture on your blog (don't do instagram or FB). It's bizarre and spooky how many of us are doing the same things - we are currently updating our home and have looked at the same doors as the ones you have chosen to have fitted (I think they are really classy)! Unfortunately with plastering and coving work being done this week all of my crafty stash is boxed up so no crafting until the craft room is finished :( . Regarding your calligraphy; did you learn shorthand where you have do perform different depth of strokes? if not I'm sure you'll get there for as with shorthand it's practice, practice, practice. Have a wonderful week ahead. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Sorry to hear that your mum is still in hospital I hope she is well enough to come home soon
Your crochet is amazing and to think that just over 4 months ago you didn’t know how to crochet
The doors look fab
I just know you’ll achieve the lettering

Littlelamb said...

Hi Christine. Sorry to hear your mum is still in hospital. Hope she will be home soon. Love the crochet. Don’t think I could tackle anything like that. Good you have new doors at last. Have a good weekend.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I'm so sorry to read that your Mum is still poorly in hospital, here's hoping that she will be home with your Dad and you all this weekend.
Wow, your doors look exactly like mine, we had ours put on 2 years ago, and I still love them.
Your crochet looks fabulous, I can't believe you were a newbie at crochet, amazing !!
Torrential rain and thunder here today, where is all this rain coming from !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Sorry to hear that your Dear Mum is poorly everything crossed she will get home for the

weekend Love and hugs to you all.

Your crochet is fantastic I am still trying to learn crochet.

Loving the doors they look gorgeous I got excited last year when we had new handles fitted

I know you will achieve the brush lettering you are so talented

Love and hugs Annxxx

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