Saturday, 27 April 2019

Diamond Anniversary

Hello friends

A very special celebration happened this week,
my parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. 
My parents married young, my Mum was just 16 and my Dad 18.
Both from South London and married in Camberwell.
They moved to Kent in the 1960's. 

Their wedding day didn't entirely run smoothly, on the morning of the wedding
it transpired that not all the banns had been read so they would need
special permission before the wedding could go ahead.
A very panicked groom rushed round to see his bride who had just had 
her hair done and explained she would have to jump on the back of his 
motorbike to seek permission from the Bishop.
It was pouring with rain and so much for not seeing the bride before the wedding!

Permission was granted, the wedding went ahead (still torrential rain)
and by looking at them you wouldn't know that the Bride's hair wasn't
perfectly coiffured and the Groom and had to drag in the tin
bath from the garden to speedily get ready!

So 60 years - a massive achievement and deserving of their 
telegram from the Queen.

I chose to put together a special hamper for their day
full of the things that they really like.
Yes even the prunes!

Mitchell assisted in heating the cellophane.

Everything was overseen by Bella, of course.

 And the card I made, all Becca's dies including those beautiful
Filigree Numbers.

Then and now...
In their 60 years married they've had two daughters, I'm the youngest,
four grandchildren and many many pets!
Their love of animals has never waned and in fact on their honeymoon
(on a motorbike and sidecar which only got as far as Maidstone!)
they decided to buy a pet rabbit and took it back to their little flat 
in London, along with a sack of potatoes that took up the sidecar 
because they were a bargain!  

They've both worked hard, struggled many times,
and with Mum's ill health they are challenged but you'll never meet
a kinder, closer couple.  If you are ever our way you'll spot them
out and about, still holding hands.

I am extremely proud of them and feel absolutely blessed.


margaret driscoll said...


Anne O said...

Hi Christine - what a beautiful blog today. Many congratulations to your mum and dad. And what a great wedding day story! Have a lovely weekend continuing your celebrations. Best wishes, Anne O xx

Tina Ashton said...

What a beautiful read! Such a lovely love story and wishing them both many congratulations on such a massive milestone. Xxx

Jane Willis said...

Congratulations to them on a very, very special day

Chris said...

That’s beautiful Christine, a big congratulations to them.
Chris xx

Ann said...

Hi Christine

What an amazing Blog today

A wonderful achievement for your Dear Mum and Dad 60 years that is just fabulous Bless them

I loved reading their story you must be so proud of the beautiful people that are your

Dear Mum and Dad Many many Congratulations to them both may they enjoy many more years

Walking side by side holding hands and treasuring their wonderful memories.

Fabulous present so much thought going into that and I loved the pics of Mitchell and of

course the "Supervisor" Belle and your card is so lovely.

Have a lovely weekend hope your weather is better than ours up here

Luv n hugs to all Annxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, What a beautiful 'insight' into your Mum and Dad's life together, and so fantastic to celebrate 60 years together. Lovely piccies and no wonder you are so proud of your parents.
Bella looked to be taking a real 'interest' in the proceedings haha, can I ask what heating the cellophane does ??
It has been a massive 'washout' here the whole day, I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you so much for sharing your Mum and Dads story.
I only had my husband for fifty two years, he died two years ago, I still miss him everyday.
Christine you must be so proud.
Take care and have a lovely time. Kitty.

hazel young said...

Fabulous write up of your parent's wedding day. Love the photos, card and hamper. They have done so well from a wobbly start. Here's to the next milestone. xx Hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Lovely post today, I celebrate my Diamond in 2021 too is it normal to get a letterfrom the Queen?


karenlotty said...

Oh CHRISTINE How fabulous and thank you for sharing Many congratulations to the pair of them
Their story made me smile but also brought a tear to my eyes
(Your card is pretty amazing too)

Christine said...

What a wonderful post! Big (((hugs))) to both of your parents. Still a beautiful bride.
Love your card by the way. lol

Christine said...

What a wonderful post! Big (((hugs))) to both of your parents. Still a beautiful bride.
Love your card by the way. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this special wonderful occasion with us. True love does conquer all. WakeyL

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple! A wonderful example for people everywhere now days who think being married 2 years is a milestone. Hooray for your parents and my best wishes for your mother's health

Teresa Doyle said...

What a great love story and milestone to achieve. Your card and gift is very special and I am sure they loved it!
Congratulations to your wonderful parents!

Littlelamb said...

Love card and photos. Thank you Christine. Loved the present. Very useful especially it was all the things they like. Much better to make your own.

Brenda said...

Hello Christine, Thank you for sharing your Mum and Dads journey with us, lovely photos, I’m sure your hamper was a most welcome gift, full of all their favourite goodies. (Lots of mine too) xx

Betty McAlister said...

Many congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their 60th Diamond anniversary. It was lovely to read their story Christine so thank you very much. Your card to celebrate this very special occasion was beautiful too xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
I shed a couple of tears when I read your story , what a lovely couple they still make .

I was 17 and John was 22 when we wed and we still hold hands when we are out .

Loved the Photos too and your card is beautiful .

Take care
Elaine H X

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