Saturday, 23 December 2017

Festive, frazzled and a little piece of home...

Hello friends

Are we feeling festive or frazzled?
How are your Christmassy plans going?

Today's post is a festive idea using maps.
I designed these cards for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and also
recreated them to send to my special friends in Iowa and Chicago.

There's a full tutorial on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog here.

So simple to do, I found the map online and printed it.

I realise your cards are probably all made, written and sent by now
but perhaps an idea for next year!

Christmas here...

I finished up my city job last night although I am working in London
between Christmas and New Year, I actually don't mind going in as
the city is so quiet and the commute takes half the time. 

Elliott and I did a big food shop late one night and we managed to avoid
lots of crowds.  We've probably forgotten some items
but I've decided that's fine, we really have enough to last us a week
not just a couple of days!

We are still working right up to Christmas with Hope and Chances,
truthfully it's hard not to, we don't like to leave anything unfinished!
Keep an eye on the Pre-Loved, that's a job on the list for today.

I am going to be signing off from blog posts for a few days,
I'm going to be spending an inordinate amount of time in my kitchen!
This is an opportunity to say ...

Take care friends, keep warm and safe at this special time of year.


Laura O said...

Thanks Christine for the lovely Christmas wishes .have a great time your self and your family too. Looking forward to all your lovely craft posts next year. Love the simplicity of this card. Laura O Springfield

hazel young said...

Merry Christmas Christine and family. I hope you have a fabulously fun time with family and friends, enjoying the good food and wine xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I can't find your other Blog post today !!
This card is really gorgeous, I love everything about it.
Have a lovely Christmas and I hope that 2018 is kind to you and yours.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Teresa Doyle said...

Your cards are so pretty Christine, a lovely job on them both.
I am happy that you are taking a break over Christmas as there is nothing more important than spending quality time with your family! ENJOY! said...

Hi All
Thank you Christine have a very happy Christmas.
Take care Kitty.
Thank you for all the brilliant blogs.

Anne O said...

Hi Christine,
I absolutely LOVE this idea. I now need to rush out to my craft room and give it a go, otherwise I will have forgotten by the time comes for me to start next year's cards... I love that it's clearly a map from some time ago with the older style of typography.
Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your inspirational ideas during the year. Anne ) x

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