Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dishwasher, Squares and a Castle!

Hello friends

I hope you are having a good weekend.
I'm not sure the news of my getting a new dishwasher is blog worthy but 
it did take up pretty much the whole of yesterday! 
It was a real challenge to remove the integrated broken one and install
the new one - thank you Mum and Dad for all your help.
I now need to get to grips with all the digital buttons, I am so bad - I never read
the instructions, I just keep pressing things until it works!

For those of you who have visited me at the shop you will know I use this 
same philosophy with the till!

Knitted squares have continued to arrive and here is half a dozen
beautiful blue squares knitted by the very lovely Carole Matthews.
I am a huge fan of Carole's and I am in awe that this lady has managed to find 
time to do some knitting!  Carol is a best selling writer of romantic comedy.  
She also fits into her day baking, walking, Zumba, dancing, book signings, library talks and more.
To keep up with Carole I would recommend you find her on Facebook -
she manages to spend quite a lot of time on there too ;) 
Thank you so much Carole!

And for something crafty today...
A scrapbook layout featuring Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey)
Big focus on label shapes including Grand Labels Four, Gold Labels Four 
and Elegant Labels Four.  Flowers are Jewel Flowers and Flourishes, they look a
little different as I've added Floral Corner One.  Foliage Two is used for the leaves.  
I kept the colours muted and added lace for a vintage look.
Under the label and key is notes about the day I spent there, a nice reminder.

Some news very soon regarding January's Charity Kit.
A reminder that all Charity Kits are available here - and with each kit purchased
you still receive a lucky number for the prize draw each month.
Also if you are browsing, new stamps have been uploaded to the website.
Well, that was quite a lot of chatting for what was going to be a shortish blog post!
I will be back soon.
Take care friends.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layout . Im not good with instructions either but im sure you will get to grips with it. How nice of Carole x

Maggie Phillips said...

Morning Christine,I love the muted colours and layout of Highclere Castle.I'm looking forward to the January charity kit! Take care, love and hugs to you all.
Maggie x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I love your scrapbook page today.
How nice of Carol to find time to knit squares for you,she must be a very busy lady.
I am looking forward to your next kit,wondering what you are doing for us. Take care. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Lovely scrapbook page, love the muted colours.
I know what you mean about instructions I never read them press and hope I've got it right.
Lovely squares from Carol, I enjoy her books, I only read in bed so I like books that are easy on the brain.
Take care.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I too am hopeless with instructions never read them. Your scrapbook page is lovely so grand the layout looks good. all my love Jean Zxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Such a lovely scrapbook page - I, m a big fan of Downton Abbey.
I do the same as you with instructions - just press the buttons until it works.
have a lovely Sunday.
Love Val x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad you got your new dishwasher up and running - possibly! At least you can't boilwash your woolens if you press the wrong buttons :) My family hate it when I get something new, they say I get finger trouble as I try desperatly to remember the directions they have carefully and slowly told me, and then apparently end up pressing every button/switch that I shouldn't :)) I think I strike fear in their hearts when they hear me shout " Oh this blooming (!) thing, what's wrong with it. I did what you told me and now it's not working!!!" Good Luck . How kind of Carol, such a good cause though. Beautiful page as well, I like howyou have added the notes behind the pic. Have a good day. Take care.

marg said...

Good Morning Christine!
I always read the instructions to find the quickest, and fastest programme ...and then never look again!
So nice that Carole has found time to knit for you..I have just had 4 of her books, and just given 5 to my
friend, to introduce her to Carole Matthews books..they will then go on to her daughters, and so on! A real good read!
I hope you have saved up all your dishes Christine for a marathon!
Take care
Love Marg

hazel young said...

Lovely scrapbook page love the muted colour scheme. glad the knitted squares are still rolling in i have yet to send mine. Hope you get to grips with the dish washer. Have a good day xx hazel

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

A lovely scrapbook layout,thinking of going to Highclere Castle ourselves next year .

Some more lovely Squares fom Carol , i have now just started mine .

I find the thing is with instructions the flippin things do not instruct clearly from A to B and often you get the tiny little diagram that is just too small for you to see grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im saying no more
Have a good day
Elaine H X

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, good luck with the dishwasher, Ive just got a new super duper mobile phone and sending a text took me an hour to find out how, even reading the instructions!

Beautiful scrap page and design.
Emma xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, the layout for a scrapbook page is lovely.Envious of a dishwasher.
X Ros

Di said...

Hi Christine! I just found your fabby blog (shame on me for taking so long) and am gonna add myself as a follower as I leave here.

Super scrap booking too.

A cautionary tale about reading appliance 'destructions' - I almost ruined Christmas lunch here by accidentally setting the main oven onto Auto - still wearing the asses ears as penance, sigh.

Just ordered from your lovely shop and I'll be back!

Happy New Year to you and your young men.

Hugs, Di xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Mum's and Dad's come in really useful, don't they, I wish mine were still with me. A new dishwasher, how lovely, I still have the same one I've had for 31 years, his name is 'Graham' haha.
How really great of Carole to find the time to knit squares for you, it is truly lovely.
Your layout featuring Downton is stunning, I adore the muted colours you have used and the lace and flowers are gorgeous.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Laura O said...

great layout ,wow more squares ,well done to all the knitters.Laura O

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I'm the same as you..never read instructions,just press buttons! How fab of Carole to find the time to knit those squares! I note that Carole spells her name the same as me..I wonder if like me she get crabby when people (especially those she has known for years!) leave the 'e' off? LOL - love your layout! Hugs Carole Z XX

Sally said...

Hi Christine, I tend to do the same with instruction books. I take a quick glance and then just press buttons and hope for the best. Anything to do with my, iPad, laptop or iPhone, I ask my son to help, the first thing he says to me is "read the manual" but it is so must easier to ask him!

I must admit I have had first hand experience of you working your xx

Take care Sally xx

Anonymous said...

I love my dishwasher! It was especially well used over the Christmas period. I have to say I am an instruction reader and I keep them handy as well! Nice scrapbook page, I need to get up to date with my earmarked photos so will be needing lots of inspiration. JuluaT x

Janice said...

Hi Christine
I wouldn't be without my dishwasher, so am pleased to hear you've got yourself a new one!
Lovely layout and great to see the squares are still arriving. Also looking forward to your next charity kit.
Hope Elliot's hospital visits go well this week, he's nearly on the home straight now 😉
Janice x

LoraineC said...

I gave my friend the recipe charity kits all made up into a beautiful book and she loved it, so thank you very much and thanks for link to Carole Matthews page I was looking for a good read. Good luck for the last few weeks of radiotherapy and beautiful layout by the way x

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