Monday 7 November 2011

Monday Morning Photos...

And...we're off!  The start of a new week and I'm hitting the ground running.
I have one of those diaries with plenty of space to write appointments, reminders etc but I've run out of room!
I do get a great deal of satisfaction from ticking things off my 'to do' lists though so perhaps it's worth being busy!?
I've taken some quick shots for my MMP - new winter flower baskets for the garden (thank you Mum) x
 A new purchase - (had to as the old one gave up the ghost). 
We've been without an oven for a week so this is a very welcome sight!
And of course, a Bella pic!  Not the best photo, slightly out of focus but then she moves fast.
Here she is chewing one of her very noise squeaky toys, 
it appears the louder they are the more she likes them!
Have a great week everyone and come back soon.

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