Monday 18 April 2011

Spellbinders Die Templates - Storage Idea

So I have a little confession to make, before I was super lucky enough to be on the Spellbinders Paper Arts Design Team I did not in fact own any of their die templates (gasp!!)  I did tell them - it was a weight of my chest believe me!  I am now part of this wonderful team working for an incredible company.
So, being blessed to own many die templates I knew I would have to come up with an idea of storing them effectively, which leads me to this post for my little idea.
When the die templates arrive they are in the plastic packaging, I remove this
(although I keep some of it for other projects, cutting embossing etc).

The die templates are stuck on the back with some sticky tape, after time this obviously loses its stickiness so I remove them from this.  I like to keep the die templates with their original card instructions and picture so I can identify instantly which ones I need.

I then purchased some magnetic tape available here in the UK, eBay or electronic stores.
Apply two strips to the inside of the packaging folder, your dies magnetically cling to this perfectly, no movement at all. 

Ta dah - I love it!
I store my die templates in a basket so I can flick through them.
It may not be everyone's 'cup of tea' but I find it works for me and thought I would like to share.

Have a good Easter week everyone.


Melissa @ M Miranda Creations said...

Thanks for the tip!

Michelle Woerner said...

What up girl! This is fantastic. I will be doing the same thing! Sending you hugs!!

Gloria Stengel said...

Oh, good idea! For now, I have mine in drawers, it's not perfect, but not horrible either. I spent all my free time today putting things in totes and labeling things, etc. What a job!

Judy Hayes said...

That's how I store my Presto Punch templates! It works great to have the image for reference.

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