Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Happy Hello and a Special Occasion!

Hello friends,
Today is special - very special!  My eldest son, Mitchell, is 18!
I don't know how that can be ...I really don't feel old enough to have an 18 year old son!
We are venturing on a shopping trip this morning.  Tonight all the family are coming over for a meal which involves a chocolate fountain and champagne.  His choice but I certainly did not argue!
I'm a lucky mum....

But back to craft.....
Yesterday I featured the Wavy Rectangles and Dress Form dies from Spellbinders, 
they were launched early in the UK and featured on Create and Craft last month but they will be available soon elsewhere..hound your stockists! :)
Today's card is featured in the latest edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine, I was asked to do a commission that recycles maps.  I loved this, I like being challenged and recycling is always good.
I purchased some old maps on eBay and, as you can see, cut a tag, 
created flowers (Rose Creations) and punched butterflies. I think it works!
I'm back tomorrow with another map card..be lovely if you can join me.
I may also have some birthday photos to share if I can tear myself away from the chocolate fountain....!


lockedinmycraftroom said...

Hi Christine, I love this card. I would never have thought of using maps to make a flower. I hope you all have a fabulous day.

Elizabeth said...

Good morning Christine - Congratulations to your son on his 18th birthday, you certainly are a lucky Mum. I hope you all have a wonderful day and family celebrations. Uhmmm champagne and chocolates, sounds yummy.
Re the card...yes I certainly do think it works. Love the idea of recycling too.
Enjoy your day

Julia Watts said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! Love the map flower. Julia xxx

Hellma said...

Happy 18th Birthday Mitchell, enjoy your day. Love your card Christine, i think it works well.

Kim said...

Morning Christine,
Happy18th Birthday Mitchell, have a great day. Love the card Christine, I have used pages from an old book before to make flowers,but not maps, I like it. There must be a surplus of maps out there, now that so many people have sat navs. Have a lovely evening celebrating with your family.

All the best
Kim x

hazel said...

Lovely card christine, love the use of the maps they look so pretty. Hope you and your family have a great day xx hazel

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine and a very Happy 18th Birthday Mitchell.

Great card - I have used maps for mens cards before but would never have thought of making flowers from a map. Now where is that old map book?
Have a wonderful time tonight
Sue xxx

Lucycat said...

This card really does work it looks great.

Happy Birthday Mitchell. x.

Astrid Maclean said...

Great card, hope you have a wonderful party tonight!

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine. This is the ideal 'male' card for my country loving friends; love the
tags. Must try this one as I have loads of old maps.
Happy birthday to your son, have a great family party. Anne

melanie said...

Happy Birthday to Mitchell ,enjoy the chocolate fountain they are fantastic ,I had one for my Daughters wedding . your card is great by the way.Melanie

Redanne said...

Love your use of maps, particularly the butterfly. I am sure your Son feels lucky to have a Mum like you too! A chocolate fountain - yum, hope you all enjoy it. Regards, Anne Rx

Craftychris said...

Happy Birthday to your Son, I hope you all have a fab day and evening. What a fab idea for a card! Would be cool for so many occasions and brilliant for male cards too xx

Carole Z said...

Love the card Sue and the way you have used the map to make the flower - Happy Birthday MItchell...enjoy your day and the champagne and chocolate!
Carole Z x

Ita said...

hi christina you are a clever lady love the map theme ,have a great party with youe son time does fly

Lindyloo said...

Hi Christine and A very Special Birthday greeting to your son on his 18th.
Wow does that seem a long time ago- It's my 50th this year...Boy where does the time go!
I love todays card and the use of old maps. I have an old atlas from my car that I use for making mens cards. It makes into lovely rosettes and paper pleating and not just for men, they look fab on girlie cards too!
Hope your son and all the family have a fab time. Hugs Linda

Chloe's Nan said...

Lovely card Christine, best wishes to Mitchell on his 18th! They certainly don't stay babies for long do they?!! Hope you all have a wonderful time.
Gail xx

Missmizog said...

Hi Christine
Happy 18th to your son, bet his card was amazing.
Love this card, the map make such a beautiful flower. Yet more inspiration.

occasionali said...

Your right, it works. So simple yet so pretty.

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