Thursday, 24 April 2014

Busy Busy and Dragons!

Thursday, 24 April 2014
Hello friends
I'm so sorry if I teased you too much yesterday, especially as many 
of you thought it was the Tool n'One!  
I have ordered quite a large quantity of those but perhaps not a pallet full!
Besides, I promise I wouldn't tease about that - 
the minute they arrive I will shout it aloud and get them whisked off to you all.

I really have been flying around, very very busy.
(Boys have had to put up with ready meal dinners and chocolate - Bad Mother!)
I cannot wait to reveal to you all what is in the huge parcel.  
I'm just awaiting the go-ahead....!

Today I would like to mention Jennie's Floral Fusion Workshops -
it's not until July but I think these could sell out quickly.
This is for any of you that would like to dive into a meltpot - not literally!
You will have the opportunity to make a printers tray much like this one...
Isn't it brilliant, so colourful and so many techniques.
If you fancy a bit of Floral Fusion pop along to the website - 
these classes are listed here.

Yesterday marked St Georges Day and Gravesend took part in some celebrating.
School children made dragons and marched around the town.
Thankfully the sun was shining!

I will be back tomorrow for Friday Die Day, 
I did set aside a bit of time to do that this week - very important! 
Take care friends.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

BIG News....

Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Hello friends
I have some big news for you...but I cannot share just quite yet!!
I'm such a tease!
It is something to do with this BIG delivery....
I promise that by the end of the week you will know all and 
in between I am rushing around like a mad thing!
The shop opening hours are a little erratic this week - I apologise but it is 
because this delivery is being unwrapped....

NB: I should mention that it isn't the Tool n'One but that will be arriving very soon.

Right...I have to get back to it - so exciting!

Take care friends.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Tuesday, 22 April 2014
Hello friends

Back to normal today and cracking on (still thinking about eggs!) with lots of things.
First off I placed together the squares for the next Charity blanket.
This one is now a third of the way complete - lots of work has been going
on behind the scenes with these squares.
Don't forget I'm having a Knit and Natter Charity Event on Saturday 3 May.
All the details are here - it is going to be a free event, drop into the shop for
knitting and lots of natter!
Cake too!  Please do not worry if you cannot knit, you can just call in to say hello -
everyone welcome.

I had a little 'helper' with organising the squares yesterday...
she's a little minx so we have to be careful with the knitting as she runs off with the squares!
Today is the announcement of the Decorated Heart winner!
Thank you for all the comments.  
Bella was put to work... honestly she lives a charmed life, wood walking, 
eating and cuddles, about time she did something!

This is her picking and chewing a winner...!
 This is definitely the one... 
And now the winner revealed!
Congratulations Sandra (aka Cotswold Crafter).
Please drop me an email:

Have a great day everyone, more of yesterday's sunshine please!
Take care.

Monday, 21 April 2014

I like this Monday!

Monday, 21 April 2014
Hello friends
Do we feel out of sync with days?  A Bank Holiday always does that to me!

How did your Easter Sunday go?
The boys did me proud when it came to chocolate!
I think I'm going to have to regulate my Buttons intake a little!

Now to share a further decorated egg, this one was from last year.
I used Foliage cut from felt and Classic Scalloped Ovals.
I kept with the traditional Cadbury purple :)
Gillian has created a beautiful birdhouse - great idea with the chocolate bunny!
Thank you for sending the photo, please always feel free to send photos along to me,
(as long as you don't mind me sharing them with Blogger-land and Facebook).
I love to see all your 'makes'.

Other news, after quite a lot of requests - I've managed to source some pretty beaded ribbon:
It measures 8mm wide and inset with clear rhinestones.
Sold in 1 metre lengths and available here.

Today I am at the shop creating, I've got quite a lot of assignments to get through -
it's tough this craft work you know...! ;) Good job I love it!
Take care friends and enjoy your day.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Decorated Egg

Sunday, 20 April 2014
Hello friends
As 'teased' yesterday here is the full project that I created for
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®.
It is a repackaged Easter egg
It makes a regular Easter egg just that little bit more personalised
and the bunting is created so simply with 3D Foam Pennants.
The very delightful Create A Daisy also makes an appearance. 
With just a peg at the top for closure it also allows speedy opening!
Please hop over to the Crafty Power Blog for all the step by step instructions.

I took my own trip to the woods ...this is Bella about to take off after a squirrel!
It got fact they all get away thankfully.
The Bluebells are wonderful and the fragrance is quite overwhelming.

Mitchell chose to decorate the Easter Tree, as you can see it is a pretty wire stand with 
hanging decorated wooden eggs. 
So pleased I captured this photo, not many young men would still want to do this!

Today I am cooking dinner for my family, we've chosen to have a traditional roast
followed by...Christmas pudding!
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday.
Take care friends.

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