Saturday, 20 December 2014

Candy Cane Table Favours

Saturday, 20 December 2014
Hello friends

Scheduling this blog post as Elliott and I will be in London.
My festive project for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L went live yesterday over
These are so simple to make and look great on your table.
Full step by step instructions can be seen on their blog but you can 
probably see they feature Labels Four.
 The central decoration is made with 3D Foam Stars with a touch of silver and gold glitter.
Please pop over there and take a nose at the tutorial, they are quick to make which is
what we all probably need right now! 
Once we are home from London it is blitzing through the lists of jobs,
one of them is wrapping gifts, I had a plan to wrap each one as I bought it...
well that didn't work!  Speedy wrapping is in order.

Take care friends.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Die Day

Friday, 19 December 2014
Hello friends

It's Friday Die Day and it has to be something Christmassy today!
I'm featuring Snowflake Bliss.

I've used this die on quite a few projects but today something a little different.
There are 4 snowflake dies to this set and they measure:

1: 1 1/8”
2: 1 5/8”
3: 2 3/8”
4: 3¾”
This is how they look cut/embossed.
I've chosen dies #1 and #3 (smallest die is always #1)
to create three layered snowflakes and added a gem to the middle.
It was then time to start wrapping Christmas parcels.
I've chosen regular brown parcel paper.
Threaded the three snowflakes onto red/white twine, wrapped around with a bow at the back.
It doesn't take long and it really makes a brown paper package tied with string look
lovely and festive!
Some close up pictures.

So, if you haven't done all your Christmas wrapping (like me!) how about it?
They look pretty good under the tree (if you don't have kittens chewing everything!)
Snowflake Bliss is available to purchase here.

Behind the scenes at the Woodland Cabin there is a real flurry of activity,
my new role of Spellbinders UK Ambassador is really taking off and plans for
2015 are well underway. 

I will be touring the country with demos and teaching classes
from Aberdeen to Essex! 
I truly hope to be visiting a town near you. 

First off, in January I'm in Bury St Edmunds - Keep On Crafting.
All the details are here - if any of you live nearby please pop along for a class,
be lovely to meet you.

Lastly, if you are a newsletter subscriber - check your inbox, there's another sale!

Take care friends and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Thursday, 18 December 2014
Hello friends

A festive tag today featuring Bird Stand and just with the addition of a red brad
for his nose it is instantly Rudolph!
The papers are Basic Grey and Classic Ovals LG makes a nice background.
A tiny bit of lace and hessian/twine keeps it natural.

Yesterday I talked about the CAPTCHA button that has appeared,
I know I'm not the only one having issues with this as it's on lots of other blogs too.
Even if you are signed in with a Blogger/Google account the button will appear
but just ignore it, type your comment and press publish.
Argghhh - technology isn't always good!

But now to something that is good....
I'm at my City job today but a day off tomorrow, Elliott and I are having a day out!
Ronald McDonald House in conjunction with a very nice London hotel have
offered Elliott and I a night's stay so we've decided to do a bit of shopping,
perhaps visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and generally feel festive.
Poor Mitchell has to work and look after Bella (of course!) but we promise
to make it up to him and bring him home nice goodies.

I'm glad to say I've prepared FDD so that will still be here.

Take care friends and I look forward to sharing some photos,
we will not be ice skating, I'm completely useless at that!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kraft and Flowery

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Hello friends

A layout of mine has just been featured in this month's Scrapbook Magazine 
and here it is.  It features my niece Rachel, bless her - she has so many 
layouts done of her because she's the only girl and I love flowery layouts!
Also helps that she's beautiful and photogenic.

I chose to keep the layout entirely kraft papers - these are Canvas Corp.
A tag found its way into the layout and Classic Edges One makes a nice scallop 
edge to the top of the photo frame.
 I picked out the white of Rachel's dress with the flowers - 
Just Because Celebra'tions Stamp and Die Set and the leaves are Foliage.
Using pearls for the flower centres provides a pretty touch too.

I really enjoy creating layouts, it's where I started on my crafting journey and I always
feel comfortable returning to what I feel confident with.

So, after talking to the geeks and trawling through a lot of info on the internet
I've finally worked out why there is CAPTCHA on my blog - this is when you leave
a comment and it asks you to type a series of numbers like this...

If you have a Google/Blogger account and you are signed in you need not do this,
just comment and press 'publish'.
If you do not have a Google/Blogger account it is really simple to make one.
There is lots of clear information here and truly hope it helps,
I know how annoying it can be with all this geeky robot stuff!

Take care friends, how is the Christmas shopping going?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tuesday Tip/Technique

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Hello friends

Today is Tuesday Tip/Technique and this week I'm featuring 
selective embossing with Spellbinders® M-Bossabilities .

First off if you have a Wilkinsons near you see if you can grab a packet of these tags.
They are really good quality thick card and just begging to be altered!
 I've used one of them with Enchanted M-Bossabilities  folder.
 I placed just half of the heart tag inside the folder, the other part sticking out the bottom 
of the folder.  I didn't even remove the twine..speedy!
 The sandwich is base plate, your folder with medium inside and Raspberry Spacer Plate.
The end result is lovely. 
You could decorate the blank area or it is a good place to write your message.
 Use the same selective embossing technique with envelopes.
I've inserted just the flap inside the folder.
The finished envelope - how about doing this with your Christmas card envelopes?
It really dresses them up. 
 And again with an envelope, I've inserted it into the folder diagonally for a different finish.
This is Flora.
Three ideas for selective embossing. 
M-Bossabilities are available on the website here and there are quite a few
in Pre-Loved too.

Take care friends, I'm back tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Surprise Gifts and Winner!

Sunday, 14 December 2014
Hello friends

We received a lovely surprise yesterday....
gifts from Kathy - she is the lovely lady who owns the Alpaca farm and has been 
a blog follower and friend of mine for quite a few years now.
She had beautifully wrapped everything with such pretty tags
and she knows me well...Layered Poinsettia!

First up Bella opened her gift...

 Bless her - once it was opened she waited until I said she could eat them!
 And then the cats had a turn, this is Lilly - one of the kittens.
 It wasn't long until her big brother came along too.
Saving treats for the grown up cats too - yes we are overrun with pets!

And then my turn..I probably should have waited until Christmas but I was too excited.
From Alpaca wool Kathy has made the most beautiful wrap/shawl.
I love it.
Thank you so much Kathy, I know how busy you are working on the farm and
I feel so special that you put aside time and made this for me.
Be sure to check out Kathy's website here.

Now to the raffle for the Christmas stocking.
As promised Bella was set to work, investigating the bowl of tickets.
 A swift decision - hence the blurred image!
 It was then a little battle to get her to relinquish the ticket!
 And here it is, just slightly chewed!  Also being investigated by Lilly!
Congratulations to number 139.
Check your tickets please and drop me an email

I've heard from some of you that to leave a comment my blog is asking for word verification,
'prove you're not a robot' stuff - no idea why this appearing, I have it switched off!
Going to get the geeks (the boys) to investigate further, so sorry about that.

I hope you are all keeping warm, truly feels like winter with the thick frosts we are having.

Take care friends.

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