Monday, 21 January 2019

Venturing into ink and where it can go a little awry!

Hello friends

Cough cough cough!
I'm currently competing with Bella as I sound like a barking dog!
On the upside I'm up and about which is a great improvement.

Needless to say I haven't been to my cabin but before I was struck 
with the lurgy I did do something inky.
I've done a little step by step, it follows the techniques 
Eileen Godwin shared at her workshop.
 I am very new to this hence mistakes.
I splashed out on one of the Dylusions Art Journals, just the small one.
The cardstock inside is super thick.

Starting with a nice yellow Oxide glow to the middle - Squeezed Lemonade.

Then adding blue - Mermaid Lagoon.

Script stamp in three places and using a diamond and dotty stencil.  
Now those little stencils came free 
with a magazine, all Ranger and to be honest when I first saw them I just
put them to one side. It wasn't until I went along to Eileen's workshop
I began to see the potential for these little beauties!

A Hare stamp - I bought this some time ago and had been itching to use it.
Because it isn't a clear stamp and I'm not the world's best stamper can you spot
the mistakes?  Firstly he needed to be a little higher, central to my yellow glow.
Also there is a black inky edge to the left but because of the style of the page 
perhaps it still works?

I then went rummaging in my stamps and found this curly one,
not sure I've ever used it before.

I did purchase this stencil from Inkylicious - I mentioned it recently,
it creates this wonderful rays/beams across your image
(or possibly more hare whiskers in this case!)

My first finished page in my inky journal.
Not perfect but I like it! 

I also have the fox stamp in this sketchy range so I may be trying that next.

Hope to be back in my cabin later today, once the frost clears a little.
I need to start prepping for workshops coming up!

Take care friends, have a great start to the week.
Keep well and warm.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

I'm back with a journal page!

Hello friends

Well I'm back, sorry about the absence.
I even missed Friday Die Day! I will save that to next week now.

I was running around as normal on Monday and then suddenly struck down
by a virus that knocked me for six. Still not great but out of bed
so that's a real bonus! I was well looked after by Bella and the boys
although I think my kitchen may need a very good clean 
when I feel able! 

Today sharing with you a project I made for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
There's a full step by step tutorial on their blog here.

I'm always thinking of new things to do to showcase their brilliant adhesives
and this time decided I would create a memory journal page.

I wanted it to include interactive elements, the envelope,
tag, concertina wallet etc.

The finished page although I think I will add more at some point.

If you have chance to pop across to the Scrapbook Adhesives blog here
to leave a comment I would be very thankful.
Don't forget we stock all Scrapbook Adhesives products on the website
here, their E-Z Runners and Refills are great sellers.

The lovely Sandra (Cotswold Crafter) has left a great review 
of the E-Z Grand on her blog here - thank you Sandra!

Take care friends, keep warm and lurgy free! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Delving into the World of Quilting!

Hello friends

This year I am trying new things, the brush lettering,
inky stuff and also quilting.
Let's just say housework has been permanently put on hold! 

I am totally new to quilting so I was very interested when
Hayley West on Hochanda was launching her quilting panels.
Cut and Quilt Blocks.
I watched the show and the demos and thought - that's not scary,
I think I can do this so I placed an order.

There are three options of designs/colours, I went with the naturals bird design 
featuring feathers, flowers and little birds nests - very nice.

Each panel arrives printed onto cotton along with very clear instructions.
This is the Windmill Block.
You cut out each piece - I did discover here that you obviously need good scissors
and new glasses! (On my to-do list).

Following the instructions you make squares of the triangles.

Every seam is stitched with a 1/4" seam. 
I'm using my trusty very old Elna sewing machine and this is where I slightly 
went wrong, I assumed the first little marker on my metal plate was 1/4"
but it is slightly more so the end result is that my block will be slightly smaller.
Not a problem as long as I am consistent with all my blocks!

At this point you can see that my points are not quite aligned 
and the right seam is a little out but I
happy with a first effort and, at the end of the day,
this is for me and a sort of chart of where I started
(and hope to improve!) 

Attaching the side pieces - now you can see that I'm out as the first piece
should fit but snip snip - all sorted! 

My first finished Windmill Block.

I did make two purchases for my new hobby and they have been invaluable.
A little travel iron (bargain on Amazon, they had a lightening sale that day).
A silicone heat mat for the iron (eBay) and 
the owl folder thingy which is an ironing pad, opens up to be a cutting mat.
That was from Amazon and a little more expensive so thankful for 
my Christmas vouchers.

There are three block designs available at the moment,
More designs on their way so I had better keep up!

So nothing to do with die cutting but a little insight into my
busy little creative world at the moment.
I can feel the pull towards looking at super new sewing machines
but resisting right now.

For all you professional quilters out there I hope this didn't
hurt your eyes too much :) 

Take care friends.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Eileen's Poinsettia and Celebrating

Hello friends

As promised sharing with you the other card I made at 
Eileen's workshop featuring this amazing Poinsettia stencil
from Sweet Poppy.

So, this was the method of dabbing Distress Oxides onto your mat,
spritzing with water and running your piece of card through.
Dry off with a heat gun, repeat.

Now if my memory serves, it was then using regular distress inks 
through the stencil to build up the background before making a bold 
statement with the black poinsettia.

Finishing touches was to go around various elements with a white and 
gold gel pen and adding a stamped sentiment.

I'm learning not to fret when the colours don't come out quite how
I think they should.  Also some colours just turn out very grey when mixed.
My heat gun has never had so much use! 
Can't wait to return to Eileen's workshops to learn more
and I'll be sure to share it with you here.

In other news some celebrating has been taking place.
My mum had some wonderful news from her consultant.
It very much looks like the radiotherapy has worked, 
she will need to be carefully monitored but right now we are most 
definitely happy and relieved.

Lots of thanks to all of you who have been messaging and 
sending love, you are all stars.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

Aww thank you for the lovely comments on my inky 
background bird card. I have another project to share with you 
that I created at Eileen's class, just waiting for a day that isn't too 
dull to take photos! 

I'm on a bit of an inky roll!
This week's Friday Die Day features Boxed In,
one of the dies from the Perfect Match Collection by Debi Adams.

This is a 3 piece die set and the approximate measuresments are:
Box Half: 3.00 x 4.60 in 7.60 x 11.70 cm
Box Flap: 2.25 x 1.75 in 5.70 x 4.40 cm
Opening: 0.50 x 1.00 in 1.30 x 2.50 cm

I started with a piece of A5 card (Papermill) and blended various 
Distress Oxides. I then spritzed with water and patted dry.

To create the box you cut the largest die twice and the flap once.
There is a little semi circular die that you can positon to make 
the opening, I did this after I took this photo!

Fold along those score lines, insert and affix into place the flap
and assemble, it is dead easy and makes absolute sense when folding.

From the leftover inked card I die cut a few 
little flowers and leaves, they didn't disappear for long! 

Tied twine around the box and fixed into place with a little oval die cut sentiment.

Popping the leaves and flowers into place and adding pearls to the centre.

It's a diddy box - finished size is 
2 inch wide x 3.375 inch height x 0.50 inch.
You could use it for a gift card, jewellery,
notes - written or monetary! 

Or great table favours, you could pop a lucky dip card inside.

Fun to make and I'm really enjoying the inking.
Boxed In is available on the website as pre-loved here.
Just a couple of die sets available.

Other news...
Julia Watts is on Hochanda again today with the Spellbinders
one day special featuring the 
We luckily ordered these in from the US early so they
are available to post out now.  
The full collection is here if you fancy a peek.

Take care friends, wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Project Bird!

Hello friends

As promised here is one of the projects I made at
the weekend class with Eileen Godwin.
The focus was backgrounds and layering them with
distress inks, distress oxides, stamps, stencils, paints,
pens and pencils - yes this card has all that! 

their stamps have a distinct look 'splashed' so already lend themselves
to a mixed media look.

How is it made: to start we applied an area of yellow tone distress oxide to 
the centre of the card and then blended in the blue around the outside.
Stamped the script (always in 3 areas, Eileen's very sound advice).
The paint circles are just that - white paint and using a shot glass for the 
largest and pot lids for the smaller sizes.
Switching to another tone of distress ink for the dotty stencil and then
stamped the Hummingbird.  The stencil that looks like sun rays 
went on afterwards and I really liked how that drew your eye -
on the lookout for a similar stencil now.

I came home and matted it onto 6 x 6 card mats and didn't feel the urge
for little flowers at all! That's a breakthrough! 

I'm looking forward to attending regular classes with Eileen,
she's very talented and I'm learning lots.

Take care friends, hope you are keeping warm.
9 years ago today it was heavy snow, my boys built a snowman
in the garden and it didn't melt for ages.

Back soon.

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