Friday, 13 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Whoosh and it is Friday again.
This just isn't any normal Friday it is ...Friday the 13th
and festive jumper today.
I'll be turning up to work today in this!

I hope you have had a good week so far and how are your festive
plans going?
Talking of festive (there's a fair bit of that featured in this blog post,
in fact it has hijacked this blog post!)
Here's a nice little array of alcohol! 
This is the beginnings of a project that I'll be sharing with you.
Some table favours in the making.
(Coco Cola for Elliott as he doesn't drink - clearly he doesn't take after his mother!)

And I'm super impressed with my city job reception area this year.
Last year they went all brights and candy themed,
this year looks very frosty and classy and I would dearly love one of those 
reindeer except I may look a little conspicuous travelling on the coach with it.

Our reception area has been used for various filming projects and if
you've been following my blog for some time you may recall me being 
very excited about it being used for Sherlock.

It is very modern and industrial looking.

I have to take the escalator and then the lift to the 12th floor before I reach my desk!

Nothing like the cabin is it!
And this week whilst I was in my cabin a little visitor insisted that she join me.
She gets quite persistent with her door scratching, there's no ignoring her.

Other creative news:
Dad and his birdhouses.  He has been braving the cold and working very
hard to make some more.  This one is hot off the lathe.

If you are on Instagram he has an account there that shows many pictures of the 

And if you would like to purchase a birdhouse please take a look at 
his Etsy shop - details are here.
They make super gifts and just in time for Christmas.

Garland news...
Do you feel like this garland has been going on forever? I do! 
It is nearly finished, I'm just waiting on some holly and gold berries.
They are walking slowly from China!

I had enough cord and other items to decorate the fireplace with a smaller 
garland so it does all coordinate, boys are very relieved about that!

And just when I thought I was near to finishing I espied this in Argos in their sale.
My first thought was I'm going to cut some things off! 
So this is another little project and I'll let you know how it goes.

And finally festive craft.
Last weekend I had a fantastic time at the Craft Box workshop
in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.
St Ives is a beautiful little town and feels very quaint and looks stunning
at this time of year.
The workshop was to make a festive house,
here's a few of the step by step photos.
Created with Snip Art wood, very similar to balsa wood.

We then texture stencilled the roof.

Painted dark brown.

Went a bit mad with snow and glitter.
The house is a muted blue colour.

At this point the chocolates came out and I lost all track of taking photos!
I've got a couple of little additions to make at home and then I'll be sure
to photograph properly and share next week.

My weekend was rounded off with a wonderful meal and a tiny gin and tonic or two!

The website closure is imminent now so with that in mind 
it is time to clear more stock.
The offer this weekend is 30% off Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
Starts today and finishes midnight Sunday,
please enter the code SCRAPBOOK30
All items can be found here but quickety quick as stock is limited.

So that rounds up my week.
Thank you so much for the wonderful response to the 
charity kits returning.  I've been planning....

Take care friends, thank you so much for reading my natterings
and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and fasten your festive seat belts
because I'm full throttle Christmas mode for this week's chatter!

Garland progress:  

It's up! But unfinished.
I've still got berries and holly to add and possibly more pine cones
but happy with the progress. It is a far cry from the piece of string 
it started out as.  I'm also making a smaller garland for the fireplace 
with leftovers so that should be featured next week.

If I had to be truthful and added up what I've spent I definitely
could have purchased a nice garland but it isn't the same.
I've loved making it and shopping around for all the items.
So, with the garland up it was time to put up the tree. 
Here it is in all its pinkness! 
(Confession - since taking this pic I've added another 24 baubles - pink!)

Do you espy something somewhat unusual on the top of our tree?
I would dearly love a star, a fairy, an angel but NO, we have a ...
moose!  Family tradition and the boys insisted and actually - 
don't tell them - I'm really quite fond of him.
(In fact he's called the 'Loose Moose' 
because of his wayward legs - RUDE!)

Bella was absolutely no help whilst all this festive decorating 
was going on....

And a little purchase from B and Q for outside the bay window.

I've been in a bubble of Netflix and Hallmark Christmas movies this 
week, there is loads of them and after a while they sort of blend 
into one and even the actors all look the same! 
They are chewing gum for the brain but permissable at this time of year.

Let me steer away from Christmas and catch up with some 
other bits and bobs.

I've had my organised head on and made a storage basket
at home for cables and chargers.
I threw a mini tantrum this week at not being able to find 
things so I took time out and came up with this idea.
It's not perfect but already making things easier.
(Just need to remember where I've put the basket!) 

Crochet - The Tranquil Waters Blanket is finished.
I struggled initially with the bobble border but sat down 
with time and got the hang of it.
I'm glad I did as it really finishes it nicely.
This blanket is now in my cabin which has already proved
useful with the arctic conditions this week.

For details of this blanket check out my Yarn tab.

The future...
Last week I mentioned that I had been thinking about 2020 and
I can confirm one decision and that is...
Charity Kits will return.

The kits first started in June 2013 and the first item was this little tag book.

The response was overwhelming and I remember
enlisting the help of my entire family to frantically die cut!
Elliott posting them.

The full blog post is here along with this photo of us all looking much younger.

I received a lot of messages when the kits stopped so I'm hoping 
they will be warmly welcomed back.
I will have more time to create each month and I'm looking
forward to coming up with some new ideas.

Like before, kits will be announced on the first Sunday of each month
starting next year, so please mark your diaries - Sunday 5 January 2020.
I will be reverting back to how it was at the very beginning - 
PayPal purchases through my blog.
More details to follow.

This pretty much wraps up this Friday's natterings.
This weekend I'm in St Ives Cambridgeshire on a craft workshop
with Craft Box, messy mixed media!
It is going to have a Christmas theme, I'll be sure to share.

Today, please look out for the weekly website offer
announced via email and on Facebook.
Offers are valid all weekend.

Take care friends, have a wonderful weekend and thank you
for stopping by.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

How are you? Webbed feet yet? 
There's been so much rain here and I think everywhere else has had bucketfuls too.

I've got bits and bobs to share with you this week.
At first I didn't think that I had had a very productive week
but actually I dabbled in quite a few things.

First off, the garland.  Amazing what some fake ivy can achieve,
and not even great fake ivy! 
Purchased on eBay and of course it looked way better in the picture.
It arrived all scrunched in an envelope but flattened out 
it began to look more promising.
I wrapped it around the cord tucking it under the decorations.
(Of course it occurred to me at this point that it would be so much 
easier if the ivy had gone on first!  But I'm impatient and 
I've been adding things when they arrive). 

It has definitely added fullness, I've still got more items to add, pine cones
and more ribbon.  At this rate we may need something more sturdy 
than drawing pins to hold it up!

Also this week...
in an attempt to make my birthday a 4 day event (!) 
Elliott took me out for lunch.
This rather fancy drink is his, he doesn't drink alcohol so orders
fruit based drinks and they often come served cocktail-like.
I think his face says it all.

We then did a little bit of shopping and this was a frivolous purchase
because it made me laugh.
A dog pretending to be a reindeer?
Possibly an Anteater? 
Whatever - he/she still makes me laugh each time I look at it.

And now for that dog...
meet Gummy Bear (formerly known as Bella!)
She has done amazing since having 24 teeth out.
You could have knocked me over when the vet informed me that 
instead of the anticipated 5 he actually removed 24!
Dogs have 42 teeth so she's had over half her quota removed.
I queried whether I had fed her the wrong foods, lack of cleaning etc
but apparently it is very common in terrier breeds.
She is recovering really well and enjoying even more fuss.
It has changed the shape of her face and this is a common look now!

Out and about...
how about this for a lovely Autumnal view?


This is where Elliott works, a business park in Dartford!
They have made it truly beautiful with a lake and restaurants.
I cannot help but think this is conducive to working, 
looking out on a view like this (or possibly distracting in my case).

It is also a perfect spot to walk toothless dogs.
It has been nice to drop Elliott at work and take a stroll round the lake.  
There's swans, ducks and moor hens always on the lookout for food
so workers take their lives into their own hands eating al fresco.

Crochet update.
I've started the border on the Tranquil Waters Blanket.
The next step is white bobbles but I'm having a bit of a bobble meltdown!
I was achieving them one evening and next day I did a few more
and they looked completely different.
So I've put it to one side and going to focus properly this weekend.

And now to share a beautiful early Christmas gift that I've received.
It is a Modern Japanese Rice Pouch, perfectly made by Kathy.
Kathy is the owner of an Alpaca farm (Cherwell Leys) and each year has kindly
sent a gift for myself, Bella and the cats - incredibly kind and generous
and I couldn't wait to open it.

Each side is quilted/appliqued in a different design.
After my little foray into quilting earlier this year,
I can truly appreciate how much work has gone into this.

I am so thrilled with this gift, thank you so much again Kathy.
To see more of Kathy's amazing work, follow her on Instagram here.
I'm using it for crochet projects, including Bella's scarves -
she has a few in the making with leftover yarn.  

Today is actually Black Friday (you wouldn't actually know
it as Black Friday seems to have extended into a week or two everywhere!)
I will have a website offer going out via email for subscribers
and sharing on Facebook. 
Please look out for that as guaranteed it will be a nice offer.

UPDATE: the offer is 50% off Amazing Paper Grace dies and
Glimmer plates!
Please use code BECCA50 at checkout and expires midnight Sunday.
You can take a peek at the items here. Very limited stock.

We are really getting to the end of stock now, 
the cabin stock room is looking quite bare.  

As for my plans 2020, I've been making notes/thinking hard and
I've made some little decisions so I'll be announcing those soon.

So that wraps up this week's chatter.
Hoping this weekend to put the Christmas tree up,
that'll be the rose gold/pink themed one that 
the boys are still not happy about. 
Not sure I'll get any human help...

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
hope you are doing something fun/creative/relaxing.

Take care friends and I look forward to you joining me next week.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday.
I'm discombobulated this week as I've taken yesterday
and today off from my city job so I'm constantly checking
to see what day it is! 
My time off was to celebrate my birthday.
In true tradition it was freezing cold, never barbecue weather!
I spent the day at Waddeston Manor with my friends 
and it was lovely and very Christmassy.

We go each year and do a little tour of the house.
Each room has a different tree and my favourite was sheep themed!
I've already induced horror into the boys with having a pink-ish tree planned
for this year, I dare not mention sheep for next!


We also indulged in afternoon tea and a glass of Prosecco,
photo taken before the Prosecco - oh dear! 

It is a beautiful place to visit, a Christmas market too with quite a lot of free
samples of cider, gin, liqueurs - well it would be rude not to try!
So I feel quite festive now, perfect time to work on my garland.
This week I went back to Poundland and bought these present decorations.
The leaves and mini pinecones are perfect and 
I've kept the red berries to add to my original garland.

And here's the risk of ordering stuff online.
Wired holly leaves it said...look how tiny they are!!
I'm still going to use them - waste not...

A few more bits added including baubles, bells and ribbon.
I promise it is going to look way better when finished.
I've ordered some ivy and larger holly leaves which will help fill it out.

In other news it wasn't the nicest of weeks for Bella.
She went along for her dental work and instead of just 5 teeth removed
it's pretty much her whole top jaw.
She's on medication and back at the vets for a check up tomorrow,
pleased to say she is looking brighter now and is eating fine - soft food though!

I hope you are all having a good week and you are keeping warm.
I recalled the 'November' poem recently by Thomas Hood.
For those of you who may not have come across it, sharing it below, 
it is fairly accurate. 

No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day -
No sky - no earthly view -
No distance looking blue -
No road - no street - no 't'other side the way' -
No end to any Row -
No indications where the Crescents go -
No top to any steeple -
No recognition of familiar people -
No courtesies for showing 'em -
No knowing 'em -
No travelling at all - no locomotion,
No inkling of the way - no notion -
'No go' - by land or ocean -
No mail - no post -
No news from any foreign coast -
No Park - no Ring - no afternoon gentility -
No company - no nobility -
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, -

Crochet ...

I've been working on the Tranquil Waters Blanket.
This is a kit from Knitting Network and it is panels of colour
with a very pretty border.

I've put all the details up on the Yarn tab.

Today I will be posting another website offer,
stock is reducing, down to just a few shelves in my cabin.
Please look out for that if you want to grab some bargains,
I post on Facebook and also send out an email for website subscribers.

I think that's it for this week, I don't know where the days 
are going, everything feels on fast forward.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by,
next week more garland! 

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