Sunday, 5 August 2012

TV, Love and News!

Hello friends,
Back home and unpacking from TV today.
Thank you to those who watched, recorded, emailed etc - yet again the time whizzed by quickly so unfortunately not many emails were read out.  Also demos were abandoned due to sell outs which is good but I so wanted to show more techniques.  I promise to do some step by step techniques on my blog very soon, especially featuring the vellum - I'm in love with vellum! 
I am back on TV on 15 August.

For those that were able to tune in you may have heard my special news, 
I had just heard that Spellbinders are happy for my little studio to be a Spellbinders Academy!! 
This is beyond thrilling for me...I am just in the throws of equipping the studio with Grand Caliburs , dies and more.  I am preparing and typing up class lists - 
you will all be the first to know once I've finalised arrangements. 

I was also going to share another TV project with you today but it was dark by the time I got home so no photography opportunities.
Instead I am sharing this little design - some time back I mentioned a competition to design a handbag decorative panel for Helen Rochfort.  This was my entry, unsuccessful unfortunately but I still like the design!
Finally, (goodness I've been chatty!) today's Photo A Day subject is 'Logo'
I have chosen.....

....the company that changed my life!

Have a brilliant Sunday - my lovely mum is cooking dinner today, I am hoping to take Bella for a long walk and perhaps do a little bit of gardening.
Take care friends.


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, will be watching your programmes today sometime as I recorded them yesterday. Love this project making good use of dies. Congrats on the wonderful news that your studio will be a Spellbinders Academy, WOW wish I lived closer to be able to attend a workshop. Good luck in your endeavours you deserve it all.


Rosie said...

I would love to attend a workshop at your Spellbinders Academy (it does sound posh!) if I get the chance. Well done, you.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine! I got home in time for your first show yesterday.. wow! Congratulations on the Spellbinders Academy..fantastic news! The shows were fab, love your demos, you always bring something different to the Spellbinders shows..lI really like your bag design, I never got around to entering! Carole Z X

nattyboots said...

Great shows yesterday Christine ,im afraid my viewing didnt go to plan as i couldnt find the sweeties at my local ,the good thing is it didnt spoil my appetite for my dinner .

Congrats on your salons name Spellbinders Academy sounds just perfect .

Think your bag design is bright and cheerful i just love it .

Enjoy your walk and of course your dinner.

Take Care
Elaine H X

Christine Harrop said...

Congratulations! Great news. I always get a tad cross when they abandon demos after a sell-out because sometimes the programme finishes early because there is nothing to do. People will still be buying the products, either when they are back in stock or elswhere, so why can't the demo still go ahaead? Sorry, my moan is over now! HAve a good day. Christine x

Chloe's Nan said...

Great shows Christine!, loved the demos! Am looking forward to seeing more on your next tv appearance. Enjoy your day x

nmty said...

Hi christine, still to watch the tv shows, but looking forward to them. (still can't get the TV away from my hubby) Congratulations on your fabulous news, i am so pleased for you.

love this design, spiral flowers are one of my favs too.

enjoy your sunday, and your lunch with your family.

lv norma

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine what wonderful news, I didnt see the programmes but have recorded them for later.

Wish I lived nearer to your studio cos my name would be on the list for a class

Sue xxxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Only managed part of your first show yesterday so disappointed.
Wonderful news, Spellbinders Academy very grand. You are going from strength to strength well done. Bet you are excited.
Have a good day.

Bea said...

caught the demo on creating the coloured flowers with cosmic shimmer - fab tip about the little spray box.

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, congratulations on the academy!, recorded the programmes yesterday and watched when I got up at 6.15 this morning. Love the demo's, I ordered quite a few of the dies before the shows (in between the olympics) can't wait for them to arrive, going to dig out my felt and have a play, have a good Sunday Lynn xx

lydia jordan said...

Forgot to say I loved your design today.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations on the news that you now have a Spellbinders Academy in your studio. I recorded your shows yesterday and was intending to watch but my hubbie took me for a drive to St Annes for a lovely walk down the seafront and an ice cream, it was beautiful. Just caught the end of your 6pm show and was loving the vellum flowers. I love what you did for the bag challenge, the colour combination is beautiful and I love everything about it, you would have won in my eyes. Have a lovely day today. Lots of love from Patricia xx

purplepengi said...

Hi Christine
I enjoyed watching your show yesterday and couldn't believe it when the hour was up it only seemed like 10 minutes!

val in spain xxx said...

hi. saw you on c+c yesterday and you gave out your blog address so here i am. really enjoyed the shows. you are soooo talented. congrats on the acadamy.

sheila said...

Hi Christine, I've been a follower of you and your designs on C&C for sometime and make a point of watching when you re on, but somehow everytime your blog was mentioned somehow I missed it, that was until yesterday and I've had a wonderful time exploring your site and look forward to following your blog regulaly. I'm especially intrigued by your Spellbinders Acadamy, will this be for local crafters or will there be opportunities for courses that will last more than one day so travelling and paying for accomodation will be worthwhile?

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, loved your shows yesterday which I managed as well as watching the Olympics! Many congratulations on the Spellbinders Academy go ahead, wonderful news. Looking forward to your shows on the 15th already. Crafty hugs, Anne x

PS - love your panel entry too

hazel said...

Morning Christine watched both of your shows yesterday and heard your fab news about spellbinders academy, think ill have to start saving to come on a few workshops. Love your design for the handbag competition. Hope you have a good weekend xx hazel

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
congratulations on such lovely programs yesterday, and also congratulations on Spellbinders allowing you to call your work shop Spellbinders Academy. My viewing also didn't go to plan no Banana Cake, but I had a cup of tea. Still hooray made the cake in the evening and had a piece. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sue B said...

Morning Christine, was a shame you didn't get to demo more yesterday but never mind, we all know what you are capable of. Love todays card quite a modern feel but really like the colours. Enjoy a "someone else cooking lunch" which are the best in my opinion & enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Sue B

LisaK said...

Shame that a few demos were cancelled as I love your ideas. You were fab anyway Christine :)
Well done on the Spellbinders Academy! Very posh hehe. Looking forward to hearing all about the classes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Great shows, I agree with Christine Harrop (hope I've spelt that right) why oh why dont C & C let the demo's continue, its so dissapointing esp. when you have gone to all that trouble preping and to be on the show ( and we tune in to see you demo) Never mind, at least you got on air - today, C & C have been off air since 10am.
Many congratulations with the Spellbinder's Academy - you must be thrilled to pieces! Enjoy your Mum's lunch and the rest of the weekend. Best wishes, Carolyn. x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Your shows were brilliant yesterday,but they went to quick,so looking forward to more on the 15 th.
Today's panel should have won,it is lovely. x.

Disco Queen said...

A Spellbinders Academy. That is amazing. congratulation.

Cornish Emma said...

Hi Christine, found your blog after you mentioned it y/day on C+C. I loved your demo's y/day especially the vellum flower. Congratulations on your new baby the spellbinders acadamy!!
I love this card with the hearts, a really splash of colour.

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

I watched your shows this morning! Loved all of the techniques, ideas and demos. You are such a talented inspiring lady!
Amazing news about being able to call the studio Spellbinders Academy! You must be over the moon! Enjoy your day!

Sarah x

Susie Bentz said...

Congrats on the Spellbinders stamp of approval. I haven't seen the show yet. Looking forward to the inspiration!

melanie said...

Recorded show as was busy getting final bits done for my grandaughter christening today will watch soon ,congratulations on the Spellbinders Academy >melanie

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
Wow, wow, wow (yes I just used that word I don't like to write...LOL!!) You seem to be giving us more and more wonderful news........ sweetie you will explode through the stratosphere at this rate; how fabulous! Spellbinders Academy!!! what a well deserved accolade. I hope you are bathing in the excitement.
I loved your design for the handbag, sorry it didn't win though.
Take care Linda xx

Sarah said...

Loved your shows...the demos were fab! The vellum flower was beautiful...more dies to add to the wish list!!
Spellbinders Academy...congrats!!

Planetsusie said...

Hi to Christine at the Spellbinders Academy - how brilliant for you. I think I was 'glowing' with pride for you!!! Well Done to you!

Think the design you did for the bag is beautiful - what a shame is wasn't successful.

As for your shows - can I please have a little mumble like my blog friend Christine H - I just wish the presenters (some are worse than others) would give all the waffle a rest - I know we need to be told about the products but sometimes as we all know - LESS IS MORE! Sorry - I don't normally go off on one but.....

Hugs Sue P xxxx

Craftychris said...

Congrats on the Spellbinders Academy! That is so cool! Love your panel - I am surprised it didn't win! xx

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