Thursday 23 August 2012

Alpacas and Asters!

Hello friends,
I defy anyone not to smile at this picture!
Let me introduce you to Skippy and friend...
Kathy, one of my blog followers owns an Alpaca farm - Cherwell Leys Alpacas
I often urge Kathy to send me photos because these animals lift my heart and make me smile.
She mentions that they like having their photos taken!
I have a particular fondness for Skippy (so named because apparently she 'skips' to get her milk). 
Kathy has had to bottle feed this baby and make sure she wears a warm coat when needed.
But I probably shouldn't have favourites because look at these...just beautiful.
So that's me set up for smiling today, how about something crafty....
This card has just appeared in the Spellbinders Idea Gallery - 
great news because it means I can share it with you.  It features various dies but includes the very pretty Aster Flower Topper.
The colours for this card are a little different from my usual palette but it is always good to try something new.
Just to mention the Christmas Tags class on 27th October is now fully booked but I am going to do the same class on Saturday 10th November in case you missed booking the first date. 

It seems the camper van idea was a hit! Hope and Chances on tour!
I happened to mention it to my Elliott and he created this image in Photoshop...
if only it were real, wouldn't that be fantastic!  
It has got me thinking that in the future it may be possible for me to visit some craft clubs and shops around the country...I will keep you posted or indeed, if you have any ideas please let me know.
I'm back tomorrow with the all important ....Friday Die Day!
Take care friends.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, love the aster flower dies and the way you have used them today. Your idea of doing a tour appeals to me and I like what your son has done with the camper van but expect you would need a larger vehicle to transport all your goodies.


Kate said...

The colours on your card are lovely and oh my those alpacas are sooooo cute! Great news about your classes xxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
I can see what you mean about the Alpacas they do make you smile, such lovely cute faces. Your card today is really wonderful, I love that aster die. Now to your picture of camper van. I know it's only a picture but it's a fab idea. Love the computer generated butterfly and writing on the side. Well done Mitchell. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, ha! Lovely post today - the opening photos of the Alpacsas certainly did make me smile (very widely); your card is beautiful (I ove this die and use it a lot) and the camper van? Superb, loving Mitchell's skills and sense of humour, have a good day, Carole Z X

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine your card and the colours i like very much ,

I am going to start experimenting using a different style to my usual later to day and see if i can come up with a card as nice as yours ? .

Love the pic of your camper van ,gives me an idea for when im on my travels , if im in your area and i cant find you i will get some transfers on my van so that you can find me hehehe

Alpacas are beautiful , we are finding more and more Alpaca farms dotted around where we live .

Take Care
Elaine H X

melanie said...

Oh thats a shame tag day full I wished I booked it now as I`m free never mind see you on the first >melanie

norma said...

hi christine.
oh i like this card.
two weeks ago had a tombola stand on southsea common in aide of icklepickles local charity for premature babies we did well and we got £ 4 £ as we work for barclays bank.the event was beach buggin lots of vw cars camper vans etc.on each year if anyone is interested
best wishes

norma said...

hi christine.
oh i like this card.
two weeks ago had a tombola stand on southsea common in aide of icklepickles local charity for premature babies we did well and we got £ 4 £ as we work for barclays bank.the event was beach buggin lots of vw cars camper vans etc.on each year if anyone is interested
best wishes

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I adore alpacas and these piccies are beautiful, alpacas are gorgeous animals and the ones that I have seen, have always be inquisitive. Your card is beautiful, I love the neutral colours you have used, I love everything about this card, simply beautiful. The photoshop piccie with the camper van, done by Elliott, is stunning, and I, for one, would absolutely love it if you could do a 'crafting tour' around the country. Lots of love from Patricia xx

Chloe's Nan said...
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Chloe's Nan said...

What a brilliant start to my day! You have made me smile Christine with these wonderful photos of the alpacas, they look like comical animals! Nice colour palette on the card, I bet the aster die looks lovely cut in felt. Loving the campervan, well done Elliot! Have a great day x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Another great card ,and the Alpacas look lovely you are right they really do make you smile.
If only the van was real I think you would have a lot of happy people. Perhaps one day you could do guest appearances or classes in craft meetings on tour,I am sure a lot of clubs ete would love to book you. x.

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, how sweet the Alpacas are and you are right, they do make you smile. Bless them.
Well done Elliott you have done a great job.
Hope and chances on tour, sounds fab. Will get my thinking cap on...
I love today's card, the colours are so rich.
Have a great day everyone.
Elizabeth x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Hi Christine

I love Alpacas too, a lot of people have them now for their wool, but they always look happy.

I love the colour way of your card. I dont have the aster but have a few other flower dies that I could use

Well done Elliot the camper van is fantastic, would be even better in real life lol.

Sue xxxx

lydia jordan said...

Hi Christine,
How wonderful it would be to have a clever somebody who could do computer generated work for me, what I do is so basic my granddaughters do help me when they can.
Smiley start to the day thank you great photos.
And the card is lovely it's colours I use quite a lot.
Have a great day.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine lovely alpaca pictures and skippy is just so cute. Lovely card really like the colours used. Loving the camper van picture, something to look forward too xx hazel

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine
Beautiful photos of the alpacas, what made me smile this week was that i was outside at dusk to find these 2 small shapes moving, on closer inspection it was 2 pygmy goats - so cute, anyway it took us 3 days to track down the owners so they had a holiday with us, such funny animals and just made me laugh each time i saw them! They were smaller than my cat!
Anyway i love this card, i have the aster dies which are stunning, love the colours and layout you've used.

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, the aster die is beautiful and so is your card. Mitchell has done such a great job on that camper van, I thought it was real - oh, wishing and hoping.......

Last year we spent a week on an alpaca farm up in Northumberland, one of the best holidays I have ever had - they are such beautiful creatures and the little cria are so inquisitive. The ones in your photos are gorgeous, especially Skippy!

Crafty hugs, Anne x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Your card is beautiful as always. Love the colours. Love the Alpaca photos they are so cute! Great camper van photo. This would be amazing if you could pull it off!
Enjoy your day.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Yes, I'm smiling, those Alpacas have a way with them. Our neighbours have Alpacas and they bring them along to the local village fetes, thay never fail to entertain.
The card is different but I like it, the Aster flower is very attractive made up in its entirety.
Well done Elliott, surprising what can be done with a computer and some graphics knowledge, you kids are whizz at it. Crafty best wishes Carolyn x.

Janice said...

Your photos have made me smile.
Another gorgeous card Christine, I love everything about it. The camper van is brill.....something to dream about maybe.

Janice x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, you were right. The pic made me smile..:)..And I love your card. I love the dies and the colours. They blend well together..Enjoy your day...xx

Val in Spain xxx said...

Hi Christine, those Alpacas are so cute, lovely and warm to cuddle up to on a cold winters evening. Talking of which I'm off to England this evening for a weeks holiday with my son and then to Rhodes for a couple of weeks with my friend so won't be back in Spain until 10th September. Take care until then all you crafters.

Craftychris said...

ooh those Alpacas are the cutest things ever, they have such lovely eyes. Your card is gorgeous, I love the colours. Loving the van - its nice to have a dream!! xx

Planetsusie said...

Wow - love the card especially the aster flowers! As for Elliott's mock up of your touring camper van - how bloomin' brilliant. It looks really good.

Oh btw - you were right about the photo of the alpacas - they do make you smile - you just want to give them a cuddle.

Hugs Sue P xxx

barbiepinkfairy said...

Those alpacas are sooooo cute and look unbelievably cuddly!

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, Wow love the card, and the alpaca's.......beautiful. In my dim and distant past, I had a knitting machine and used to make jumpers from alpaca wool.....most amazing results.... Looking forward to die day Lynn xx

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

What fabulous pics, the alpacas look so friendly and cuddly.
Your card is lovely and so is the computer generated logo for a camper van.Maybe Mitchell needs to learn to use the Cricut and then he could cut out his designs in vinyl ready for you to get going. I must admit it looks so retro and you would be the trendiest crafter on the road!!
Fabulous post. Hugs Linda xx

nmty said...

hi christine, aplogies for the late post, one of those weeks i'm afraid. the pictures of the lama's really cheered me up, you're right you can't help but smile at them.

love the idea of crafting roadshows, if you came up as far as the north east, i would definately be there! lv the photo of the camper van too.

now for the card, well yes i do love it, i like the colour combinations, i am a bit of a sucker for cream (as well as lilic)and browns, and the backing paper is a really pretty design.

take care
lv norma

nmty said...

hi christine - sorry i got the animal wrong, how nuts was that! Said it was a bit of week!.

lv norma

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