Friday, 3 August 2012

It's Friday and it's.....Sticky Time!

Hello friends,
No - your eyes are not deceiving you!  It is Friday and I know...where is Die-Day??!
I am hoping that you will forgive me for not doing a Friday Die-Day this week -
I've been a tad busy with TV preparations but I can promise you that if you tune in to Create and Craft tomorrow I will have some interesting techniques and special things to share with you.

But - now you are here (you see I've hijacked you!) I can share a project I've made for
As I'm featuring the Square Petal Top Box on Create and Craft tomorrow
I thought I would create a very pink one with felt flowers.
All the details are on their blog, step by step photos too.  As usual, I need to ask you a little favour - if you have a moment to pop over to their blog and leave a comment I am very grateful.
Other news - I've added a chair to the Crafty Studio! 
I had this idea that I could relax and sit there in between lots of crafting....mmm it's an idea anyway!
 I added a cushion with an important message.
Lastly today, it is Day 3 of a Photo A Day and the subject is 'coin'
A little unimaginative I'm afraid!
Have a great Friday dear friends and I hope you can tune in tomorrow -
I will post the show times first thing.


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, love your little chair, hope you don't have too much time to sit and window watch as I expect you will be busy with workshops. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow and seeing the boxes and more.


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Pretty box. Hope I can watch tomorrow as I have my granddaughter staying with us.
Studio looks good yes is the sentiment on your cushion is very true.
Have a good day.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Love the box, I will be tuning in to see all your lovely goodies tomorrow. I think your chair looks just right there and the cushion is perfect, you will be able to contemplate all your next crafting creations ha ha. Lots of love from Patricia xx

Chloe's Nan said...

Lovely little box Christine, I have been toying with the idea of purchasing this blossom die for a while now and having seen how the flowers look with felt I think it is now a must have! Gorgeous cushion and a very comfy looking chair, have a great weekend x

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, I agree 100% with the sentiment on the cushion. The studio looks fab and love all the "pink" accessories. The box is so pretty too. Will be tuning in tomorrow to your shows.
Elizabeth x

nattyboots said...

Morning Christine , your little box looks beautiful with the flowers as an added touch .

I hope you do find time to sit in your lovely chair even if its only five mins after your lunch .

As for to days photo ? their is a saying
To coin a phrase........
so not so unimaginative as you may think.

Take Care
Elaine H x

Oksana said...

Beautiful little project, love the flowers! Your studio is looking really homely, that cushion is lovely, is it handmade?x

kelly said...

Christine the box is beautiful and the flowers look amazing.
I want a craft studio like yours too!How bright,fresh and those racks of paper!WOW!!!!!!.Love the new chair and how true the message on your cushion is!
Cant wait for your shows tomorrow,have a great day,Kelly.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. The box and flowers look perfect so pretty in pink
The chair looks great I hope you find some time to sit in it.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on create and craft. x.

hazel said...

Lovely box Christine can't wait to see what your show tomorrow. loving the cushion especially the verse. xx hazel

barbiepinkfairy said...

I am loving the boxes a definite "must" as for your studio wow! My daughter wants to move bedrooms and I am going to turn her current room in to my "haven" with all my crafty stuff, 80s music, TV, Laptop and kindle! Don't thimk I'll bother emerging!!

Di x said...

Hi Christine
Good luck tomoz. Will tune in as I fine your demo's really informative and inspirational. Can't wait to try your new ideas and products.
Kind regards Diane

Di x said...

Hi Christine
Good luck tomoz. Will tune in as I fine your demo's really informative and inspirational. Can't wait to try your new ideas and products.
Kind regards Diane

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
your box looks very pretty. Good luck with your program tomorrow. I will try to tune in. I just hope I don't forget. Looking forward to learning more technics. Your work shop is looking wonderful too. Will you find time to sit in your chair and enjoy your cushion. LOL. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sue B said...

Morning Christine, I just love that studio, looks so bright & welcoming & especially with the view of mugs on a tray lol. Have already set recorder for tomorrow & looking forward to seeing what creations you have come up with. Have some good shows.
Sue B

Planetsusie said...

Love your photo for today Christine - made me smile. After all it is what it is!!

I am so falling for those flowers - I must get myself some felt and have a go. They look so beautiful.

The little chair looks comfy and I love the cushion - so right for your studio!!!!!!

Hugs Sue P xxxx

PS Soooooo looking forward to watching you on C&C tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hristine, Lovely box and I like the felt flowers too. Made some up myself only yesterday I used fabric glue, must get some of those EZ dots I guess they make sticking the flowers together a much easier job.Very much like the cushion in the chair, is it hand made? Your studio looks so inviting, hurry up and get those work shop dates sorted! Sorry Christine, I know your a busy busy lady. Looking forward to tomorrows shows, best wishes Carolyn x

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, the box with the flowers is stunning, really looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Your Studio is looking wonderful, love that beautiful chair and the words on the cushion are so true. The photo may be uninspiring but it is a coin so you have fulfilled your obligation. Going over to the other site now. Good luck for tomorrow, Crafty hugs, Anne xx

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
Well you used a die for Friday, die-day.... one for the flowers and one for the box, so I think we can forgive you today...LOL!
Lovely little BOX but the flowers really turn it into a special GIFT.
Your cushion on the newly placed chair is stunning. It the sort of handmade item that just has to be cherished and, if your lucky, become an heirloom piece. I adore work like this and it is perfect for your splendid room of creativity. I am so thrilled for you as it seems to me that a lot of dreams have gone into this splendid room and its purpose too. May it bring you lots of joy and fulfillment. (A bit of useless info now... Did you know that to 'fulfill' oneself is to arrive at full development of one's capabilities. So you go for it and succeed in every way!!)
I am really looking forward to the shows tomorrow, I haven't watched much C&C for weeks. I'm not into the premade card toppers etc that they have had a lot of lately, so I can't wait to see you at work again.
Big hugs Linda

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I love the box but love the chair very inviting. It's so nice to see your studio coming on so well. Have a great day..:)..xx

Cazann49 said...

Have left a comment on web. Comes up as Carole Wheeler...xx

Carole Z said...

Hi the project and I have this die!!! Loving your chair too, looking forward to the shows tomorrow, Carole Z X

Craftybee60 said...

Evening christine your studio looks great luv the chair, looking forward to seein you on c & c tomorrow
Take care x

Craftychris said...

Loving the box and those felt flowers are gorgeous and its all so pink! Fab. Your studio gets even better every day! I am looking forward to your shows tomorrow xx

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