Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Hello friends,
A few things today - firstly another card featured in this month's edition of 
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
I created my own spiral flowers and used Foliage, love stencilling those leaves.
These are the Pink Paislee - Prairie Hill papers, very much autumnal colours and very nice.
Secondly, remember the Home' Kit
Lynn has been super speedy and finished hers.  She kindly sent a picture across and I asked if I could feature it.  As you can see Lynn has made some clever tweaks including pastel chalk to the edges of the letters.  I think it's lovely and so interesting to see Lynn's take on the design. 
There are a couple of kits still available - just email if you are interested. 

Next up...look what I found!!!
Not quite in a bag but instead giant ones!
 I decided they should go in a special jar and told the boys "hands off!"
 But I don't think it is the boys I need to worry about!! 
No chance Bella - no chocolate for dogs!
And - before I go, today's Photo A Day subject is 'One'
I decided to go with Chapter One.
I'm enjoying this photo thing already, oh dear another addiction!
Take care friends.


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine. Your card is great, love makung the lovers. The plaque is a dream. Glad you found "jazzies" but what a size, keep you going for a while.


melanie said...

Love the card ,pic of Bella looks good .Melanie

nattyboots said...

WOW a very busy blog today Christine you are always so busy.
Your card is beautiful such nice colours and the flowers really give it that special touch

Now lets get serious , CHOCOLATE glad you found what you were looking for { on a bigger scale as well } ,i think looking at Bella nearly dribbling you were wise to put it in a safe jar
but looking at her little face i do feel sorry for her .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Carole Z said...

Love your card Christine and Lynne's plaque...glad you found the chocolate! I did the photo yesterday but tweeted and face booked it, must get it together by tomorrow and add it to my blog too! Though for today, I had the same idea as you! Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Your card is something special I really like it.
The home plaque looks lovely, and the photo of Bella is great. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Great card the papers are lovely, and Lynn's plaque.
Glad you found your sweets. Bella looks so cute.
Have a good day.

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
lovely card. Lyne's plaque is fab too. Mmm I too like Bella would be watching that jar, and get very tempted.
Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, Lynn has certainly made a lovely job of her plaque (have not started mine - Olympics got in the way). Your card is a beauty and one of my favs even without a butterfly!. Those sweets - oh my goodness, they are huge, no wonder Bella is interested.....hope you enjoy them. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Planetsusie said...

Such a pretty card Christine - really up my street.

So glad you found a form of the chocolate with hundreds and thousands on top. Bella looks toooo interested, bet some doggy chocs would taste better though!

I love the pictures of the HOME kit. Really really good.

Hugs Sue P xx

Lynn said...

HI Christine, had a bit of a surprise seeing my plaque.... it's good to hear that your followers like it too ! Those Jazzie's are HUGE, they wouldn't have got to the jar in our house !

Lynn xx

Sue B said...

Am loving the card Christine & the colours are beautiful. Nice pictures too. They are my favourite sweets of all time, takes me back to my childhood.
Sue B

Anonymous said...

Ooh Christine, those Jazzies are sooo scrummy looking. White chocolate too. How cauld you be such a tease.
Love the card, fresh and bright.
Best wishes, Carolyn x.

Craftychris said...

I love the card and the choccies - yum yum - white chocolate is my absolute favourite! No wonder Bella is looking on in wonder! Lynn's take on the Home Kit is fabulous, its nice to see another take on it. xx

hazel said...

Lovely card Christine. Really like the colours used. OMD those choclates are amazing, just make sure you eat them all before thry melt in the heat :) xx hazel

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Love your card! I love Autumn and Autumn colours. Love chocolate buttons with the sprinkles on the top. Will have to see if I can see those in Asda next week. Bella would love those aswell given half the chance!

Sarah x

nmty said...

hi Christine,i love the cards you have made for this months mag, the papers are lovely. this one tremendous, i love it.

NOW Chocolate - my thoughts, life is far too short to deprive yourself of chocolate, ENJOY!!!!!

lv norma

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
I have seen your card and it's lovely. The papers that were free in the mag this month are really lovely and I look forward to making something nice with them too.
OOOOOHHHHHH I love Jazzies (that's what we all call those white choc drops with hundreds & thousands). I must get someone to look for these in Asda for me, they are my downfall I am sorry to say. When I get to the cinema, this is one of the sweets I have to put in my pick n mix!!
As to your ONE picture, what a Chapter 'ONE' to choose. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are two of my all time favourite characters. However, even though the batty Mrs Bennett of 'Pride and Prejudice' is a nag and a neurotic swooner, you cannot help but love her can you!!
Fabulous, fun post Christine.
Lovely plaque Lynn.
Big hugs Linda x

LisaK said... out, watch out, there's a Bella about! LOL. Bless her soo cute.

I do love that HOME plaque you know...extremely pretty :o)

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