Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Die Day - It's Back!

Hello friends,
We are back in the normal routine of Friday Die Day!

Before I feature this week's die, I just wanted to mention a little bit about the classes.
I have received some questions which hopefully I can answer here but, as always,
please get in touch if you need any further information.

Q: Can I just attend one of the days of the weekend workshop?
A: Absolutely!  In fact, you can attend - one morning, one afternoon, one day!  Whatever suits you.
It may be that you just want to make one or two of the festive projects - again - no problem.
I can arrange projects/prices/times to suit you.

Q: I would need to save up for a weekend class - can I pay by instalments?
A: Again, no problem.  I appreciate how difficult budgeting can be sometimes.  If you wish to spread the cost of classes, arrangements can certainly be made.

Q: I'm having problem viewing the class PDF documents.
A: Drop me an email and I will send the details straight to your inbox.

So, back to Die-Day - this week I am featuring Rose Creations because I really want to
show you the full steps of making a vellum flower.
You receive 9 die templates with this set, 6 flowers, 3 leaves.
I've chosen to cut/emboss with the vellum, this a particularly pretty vellum with an ivy leaf pattern. 
I haven't used the largest die template but cut two of each of the others.
Layer them all up with a brad in the middle, conveniently there is already a hole for your brad. 
Move the petals around so they do not lay on top of each other.
 Begin by pinching the middle petals tight together.  Be quite brutal!
 Continue doing this with each layer of petals (do not worry, if you are like me -
there is hours of tweaking ahead if you wish!)
 Spray with Cosmic Shimmer Mist, this flower has had one spritz.  Allow to dry and add layers of mist until you are happy with the colour and depth.  
Scrunch your flower between layers until you are content with how it looks.
 These flowers have had three layers of mist, I'm happy with the shine and intensity of colour.
 Remember to experiment with mists - spray lace as well as paper and vellum.
Now, if you managed to catch me on Create and Craft you will see I used a rather 'posh box' for my misting.
This is called a 'Color Catcher' and I've scoured the web to find the cheapest place in case you want to buy one.  I found them here for £3.99 but between finding them and posting this link they are out of stock!  Hopefully they will get them back in soon.  Until then, I recommend a trip to your supermarket for a normal cardboard box - don't use your kitchen worktop like I did once!!

So today's Photo A Day subject is 'Ring'
A while back on a trip to the Cotswolds I discovered Virtue Rings, silver stackable rings.
I'm not a big jewellery person but I really like these rings.
So far I only have two but I think I may 'need' more.
This is the first one I purchased...

I think my blog posts are getting longer and longer!
Thanks for hanging in there...!
Take care,


barbiepinkfairy said...

Good morning Christine and fellow bloggers! I love this die set and think it will be my next purchase - tend to buy one a month plus one new distress ink and drawing inks etc etc the list goes on! My cosmic shimmer mists have arrived so I played with those too yesterday. I have been doing felt spiral flowers and bitty blossoms gorgeous! My brother just moved to Orpington - not too far from you I don't think so when I visit I hope I can combine a class. How good would that be?

debs said...

Morning Christine, I've not got these dies but now ive seen how to put them together I'm now going to look online to see where i can find them I've always struggled with my roses but never again. Congratulations about your new craft studio. You and Sue are shutch a insperation to me as i've only been using a die cutting and now i'm hooked.
Take Care

Debs artliff

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, love the roses, have not tried vellum yet but on my list. Thanks for the links they are so useful.


melanie said...

Don`t have that die may have to get it fantastic flower have never done misting but will try .Melanie

Desiree said...

Hi Christine,
I love the way you have transformed the vellum and lace with the mists. Will definitely have to try this out. Write as much as you like on the blog - we won't complain!!

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I absolutely love the vellum you have used with the ivy leaf pattern, it is beautiful. I will have to have the rose creations die as I love how you have created these roses and leaves, they are stunning when you have just cut them, but when you have scrunched and misted them, they are absolutely beautiful, thank you for the tutorial. The box looks good but as you say, we can always improvise. Have a good weekend, I am off to St Annes today on a Linedancing Weekend, it is only an hour away from me, I am looking forward to it but apprehensive at the same time, because even though I like going to linedance classes, I have never been on a weekend workshops and social dancing before. Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine,Another great demo you have shown to us ,its so useful seeing these dies turn into the finished product .
Will be having a dabble with vellum later and im going to get some mist this weekend ,oh i must not forget i will need a cardboard box.

Your ring is lovely .
rings are my guilty pleasure Christine , so i agree with you ,you must get another one

Take Care
Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
My all time favourite die, I use them constantly. I used it last year at Christmas with white vellum and was very pleased with the result but I like the way you have double them up and scrunched them then misted them this I must try.
Thanks for the new technique.

Craftychris said...

This die is now on my wish list, its fabulous! The flower you have created is amazing - thank you for the tutorial. The ring is gorgeous too xx

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
These dies are amazing - they look ober stunning in vellum will be giving this ago.
Amanda x

hazel said...

morning Christine, loving the dies and that rose looks stunning. think i will have to try using vellum a lot more. Loving the ring beautiful xx hazel

Val in Spain xxx said...

Good Morning Christine. Love these roses. The difference between the plain vellum and when they are coloured is fantastic. Yet another project on my "to do" list.

Bea said...

I love the colour technique on the flower Christine - and the ring is really pretty.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Your roses look great,must try them.
Your ring is lovely,just right for your blog today.

Thank you so much for letting us visit you for different length of time as sometimes I will only be able to make one day,I will be in touch. x.

HiggiSue said...

Great explanation Christine. sometimes that's all qe need to fill us with confidence to give it a go.
Hugs Sue H x

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, when I saw the roses on TV I wanted them then and now I have seen your tutorial I just want them even more. I use a non-Spellbinder die to make mine but these look so much better, right down to the hole in the centre. They are now on my wishlist too. Your flowers are gorgeous, love that patterned vellum. Love the rin too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Cornish Emma said...

Good Morning Christine - yippee the sun is shining in Cornwall today.
Thank you for the close up of your vellum rose, which i saw on C+C, great to see it step by step. I have a stack of vellum sat there forever, its now time to use it!!
Many thanks

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I love Friday Die Days and the tutorial on this rose die is excellent!..As you've said before, seeing the dies made up helps us to see how fab they are..:)..These are another to add to a long list of SB dies. Thanks for the great tutorial..Have a great day..:)

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, Thank you for showing us how to make the vellum flowers from scratch. I was wondering how it was done as when I make my dictionary page flowers I spray them with water (as per Sue's demonstrations) before pulling up into the centre. I wasn't sure how the vellum would respond to the water.
The color box looks so useful & so reasonably priced - will be getting one as soon as they come back into stock.

Planetsusie said...

Morning Christine - I have these dies but have yet to use them - now you have set me off and I MUST use them today!!!! I love the effect with the vellum and I'm another crafter with loads of the stuff sitting there doing nothing. I'm now set for making roses - yippee.

Your ring is gorgeous by the way - you definitely need more.

Hugs Sue P xxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
I am lucky enough to have those dies. I have not used them on vellum though, but I have used them on an old book pages and then spritzed them with crafters companion spray and sparkle. Then I just edged the petals with a gold sakura pen. They came out really nice. I must invest in some cosmic misters one day though. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Rose Creation dies they are sooo versatile. I have had my set for some time and they are permanently out on my craft table. You can use just two of the petal sizes to make apple blossom, dog roses etc.
Your vellum rose is exquisite and the tag, well you know what we think about your tags.Must get some cosmic shimmer spray and have a play.
Thank you for sharing. Best wishes, Carolyn. x

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way Christine, the Ring is beautiful and not just apt for the photo a day - how like the rose creations rose it is too!Carolyn x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

I caught this on the Create and Craft shows. I love the cosmic shimmer mists. I have one gold one bronze and one purple. Love the delicate look of the flowers in vellum. Have a great weekend!

Sarah x

Janice said...

Hi Christine. I've just got back from hols, so catching up on your blog! Your studio looks fabulous and I really hope to come 'over the water' for a class or two! Unfortunately, I can't make the ones you have planned so far, but will keep looking to see what's coming up in the future ;-)) what you have planned for the classes sound brilliant!

Love these flowers, love vellum! Thank you for the tut. Now off to read the rest of your blog!
Janice x

Buttons said...

Thank you for this Christine. I use this set all the time but it is always good to see how someone else uses the same dies - always so much to learn! Hugs, Buttons x

Carole Z said...

Evening Christine, I don't have these dies but I really like them! I always use an old box for my misting, it looks as 'loved' as my GC plates! :) Carole Z X

sheila said...

Hi Christine, not often I can say this but I am pleased to say 'I have these dies' and have used them quite often (with lots of nice comments) but not with vellum, can I ask, do you have to dry the mist with heat on the vellum and does it rub off?

Christine said...

Sheila - no, I do not apply any heat, allow it to dry fully and it remains permanent, doesn't rub off at all.

Christine :) x

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I ordered this die set on the morning of your shows, they arrived a few days ago, i've looked at them, but not played yet, been busy at work. The weekend and my craft room becon.

Love the demo of the dies on tv, is just as good in photo's Have a good weekend - Lynn xx

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
A fabulous Die Day today. Love the tutorial as the misting really brings these vellum flowers to life.
Thanks for sharing.
I wish I lived closer to you so that I could come to one of your classes, I would love it.
Have a good weekend. Linda xxx

Christine Harrop said...

I saw this die used by Sue Bearhouse and I really loved it. I know we always "I must have this die" but this time I really,really must! It's great. Love the vellum effect. Your classes would be wonderful - shame I live in Oxfordshire! Thanks for the inspiration - I am an extremely new blogger! By that I mean, less thatn a week, and that is certainly new! But I'm loving it. Christine x (Another one !!)

Diane said...

Why have I never thought of using a cardboard box to mist in?! It would be great for spray glue too. I normally have to hang out of the window and make the dogs and neighbours worry about my sanity and Chris swears I've tinted the window frame :-)

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