Monday, 27 August 2012

Fancy Ribbon Threader and more News!

Hello friends
It's Bank Holiday Monday..that normally means rain but I do hope it is dry where you are.
I'm still getting around to sharing photos of the projects I created for TV!
This card features the very lovely Fancy Ribbon Threader, the ornate frame from Jewel Framed Sentiments
and of course, those gorgeous little flowers and leaves from Homespun
I've managed to actually not use them for a couple of days... but I don't think I can go too much longer! 
The blog news today is another button on my blog sidebar...look's rather cute!
(Elliott designed it for me) and it says 'My Amazon Shop'!  
Now if you click on that button it whizzes you across've guessed it... my new Amazon Shop. 
I will be honest with you friends - it took hours and hours to set up but I'm really 
rather chuffed with how it is looking.
Listed at the moment is Scrapbook Adhesives products but soon there will be other items, including kits, felt, wooden plaques, frames etc.  I thought it would be useful to have the opportunity to click on Amazon
and go through their checkout system.
Not a problem if you still want to contact me direct for any products -I'm happy either way.
I'm the cheapest stockist of Scrapbook Adhesive on the way! :))

Thank you for all the great comments yesterday - to answer a few....
Yes, the double chocolate ice cream was mine - big fan of very rich chocolate!
I agree - Bella has been far too quiet recently!
No sweeties in that gift box but great idea..not sure they would last long though.

I do try to grab the occasional days to spend quality time with my boys.  They are growing into men and it will not be long before being out with their mum just isn't 'cool'!
Although recently both my boys mentioned that they never intend to leave home...surely that cannot be true - I cannot keep doing their washing and ironing!! 
Have a great Monday dear friends.


Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
and good morning to you. Wonderful card as always. Great news about the amazon button. The weather here is looking quite promising at the mo. Which as you said is rare for a bank holiday Monday. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, what a pretty card, so fresh and light. Just going to press the Amazon button to see what wonders are there. Have a nice Bank Holiday, it's raining up here hope you fair better.


Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, this is such a lovely card, really pretty and summery. Congrats on the Amazon shop..yay! Carole Z X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Sunny here at the moment hope it lasts.
Lovely card today clean and fresh.
Wish I had somebody to help me with the computer not good myself. My granddaughters help quite a lot.
Have a good day.

barbiepinkfairy said...

A pretty card. Good luck with the shop I will have a browse. Your boys are computer whizzes you are lucky!

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Really lovely card. Your amazon shop looks great,looking forward to kits etc.
A great idea for those who live to far away to come to your classes. .

melanie said...

Stunning card ,will have a look at your shop .Melanie

Janice said...

Hi Christine, it's a sunny start here so fingers crossed it stays. Your card is lovely, as always. Wishing you lots of luck with your Amazon shop. You're very lucky to have sons who are 'techie', we all need some pc help sometimes :-))
Have a good day
Janice x

Kate said...

Looking really good Christine! :) xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Your card today is beautiful, a lovely clean and fresh look to it. I'm loving the flowers you are hooked on, from the homespun set too. I also am loving the ribbon threader die, very useful.
Congratulations to Elliott for designing your Amazon shop button and good luck to you with your new shop.
The weather is looking ominous here, and the forecast is not good at all, we are contemplating a drive to St Annes for a walk along the seafront but it's not looking very good outside !!!
We had 'divine intervention' yesterday for our Ice Cream Sunday fundraiser at Church, the sun shone all afternoon (after a morning of very heavy rain, which was lovely as it was held in the garden, the organiser said she had had words with 'Him above' and it had worked, we asked if she could ask for a sunshine window for us for today between 1 and 3 ha ha !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Its not sunny here and forecast for rain but he ho whats new there!!

I am loving the card it looks so clean and fresh.

Sue xxx

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, your card today is so beautiful, lovely and fresh looking and I love those homespun flowers too.

Well done Elliot for doing the button for you, it's brilliant, I am sure it will save you time now doing it through Amazon, giving you more time to craft! Overcast and cool here. Crafty hugs, Anne x

kelly said...

Oh Christine another beautiful card and how cute are those little flowers.
The sun is shining at the moment woohoo!!!just hope it stays like that for the rest of the day.
How lovely that your boys don't want to leave you! Bless them,just as well too as starting up on your own is so expensive.
Hope you all have a great b/h Monday.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine @ boys not leaving home ? Yes it can be true ,well that is my last to leave home was 33 yrs of age before he decided to get himself a little house .

Love the card and those little flowers are so cute,

I think the sidebars are fantastic ,so worth the time it has taken im sure.

Take Care
Elaine h x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine. HaHa, im sure the boys will leave home when the girlfriends come along!!!
Lovely little card today, very summery feeling. Love the frame. And Yes its raining in Cornwall!!

hazel said...

Morning Christine love the fact you now have an amazon shop. Loving the card you have made its gorgeous. Weather is currently dry here although it is cloudy hopefully the sun will break through like yesterday in the afternoon xx hazel

norma said...

morning christine,from a windy ,wet ,rainy hayling island
yes its bank holiday again weather true to form.
really luv the card ribbon weaving really pretty.
best wishes

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Just been over to have a look at your Amazon shop. I've been interested in setting one up of my own to work along side my Ebay shop. Was it easy to do? Fabulous card as always! Love that little frame and those little flowers are gorgeous. I'm always saying to Sam that he can stay with me and his Dad forever. I never want him to leave. Its going to be a very sad day in our house when he eventually does. Have a great Bank Holiday. Its absolutely pouring down here and I think its in for most of the day! Typically BH weather.

Sarah x

Maggie said...

Hi Christine thanks for sharing your lovely card using this die as it just happened to pop into my basket on the last show....yes it is still in the packet...;( you have inspired me this morning to get it out to here brewing for a storm so I'm going to play in my little room of craft.
Will pop over to look in your Amazon shop first though lol
Happy Bank Holiday

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - it's really overcast here in Nottingham - so bad that I haven't even opened the curtains in my craft room - just put the light on!!! At least it's a daylight bulb lol!!

So pleased that you have your Amazon shop - will be having a look asap.

I love your card - again it looks so crisp and clean - I wish I knew how you did it. I can never get mine to look as good.

Hugs Sue P xxx

sheila said...

Hi Christine, Happy Holliday monday.
Todays card is like a zingy breath of freshair, it's a sweet card ( Ihope that doesn't sound too slushy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I took advantage of the 'dry partly bright morning' to take my border collies out for a good run, so glad I did because it is now raining - as forecast!!!
I've settled up in my cosy little craft room now for the afternoon as hubby is helping my son with some diy jobs at their home, just round the corner from us. Although my boys did fly the nest some years ago now, the youngest and his family have returned to live close by.
Love little card, fresh ideas always creeping in when new dies come out. Enjoy your boys while you can, I'm sure they will leave the nest so to speak when they are good and ready. Crafty best wishes, Carolyn xx
PS Great idea the Amazon button, look forward to seeing lots of goodies to purchase. x

Ita said...

Hi Christina love the card but I think the gold LOVE destrows it,just my openion.A big congrats on the Amazon shop, and be asured I will shop from you when next time i need things

purplepengi said...

Hi Christine
Was the Amazon shop button there last night or did I dream it? I need to go and look!


Ria Gall said...

Hi Christine
What a pretty card, the ribbon threader is great and yes I agree the little flowers are just FAB

Teresa said...

lovely as always xxx

Craftychris said...

Lovely pretty card! Goody! A Christine Amazon shop - that will make it all too easy for my purse though! hey ho, I won't tell it till its too late! xx

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