Saturday, 18 August 2012

Black, White and Pink

It is the weekend dear friends and I hope the sun is shining where you are.
This is one of the cards I featured on Create and Craft TV and actually got to demo!
Using the very popular Polka Dots from the new Card Creator line.  
I've used templates No. 2 and 3 to create a frame from white cardstock.  (With Spellbinders dies you always count from the middle outwards so the smallest template is always No.1).
Popped a piece of patterned paper behind, looped some of the double sided ribbon, added a black embellishment from the Studio 490 range and again....
used the lovely little leaves and flowers from Homespun!
I don't think I'm going to stop loving those cute little florals.
It is a speedy card!  I like the black and white with just the small shot of colour but I also think it will work in various other colours...I may just try that!

I wanted to mention something today - I lost my Great Aunt a few days ago - an incredible lady who lived into her 90's.  Up to a week ago she was still shopping in Morrisons, cooking her own meals and loyally watching every soap (and me!) on TV.   She was a true traditional old fashioned lady who thought that if a presenter kissed me on the cheek he would be sure to ask me to marry him!  
This special lady was born in Camberwell, London in 1916, she raised my dad when he lost his own mum at a very young age.  She worked through the war in a biscuit factory and then the Co-op.  
At the age of 87 she decided to move to Portugal and then returned a few years later! 
She only ever had alcohol once in her life ...
A fascinating life and thankfully a couple of years ago she sat down with my sister and I and we recorded a video film of her detailing her upbringing and life story.  
I'm sad but I'm also celebrating her amazing long and full life. 

Sarah Annie Brodrick (nee Woodward).
Aunty Sally to me.
Take care friends.


Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
may I express my deepest sympathy to you and your lovely family. I'm glad you got to record her life story. Something to hand down to future generations.
Your card is lovely, and the die is great as I said before. Have a great crafty Saturday everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

melanie said...

Sorry to here of your sad loss my sympathy goes to you and your family take care .Melanie

barbiepinkfairy said...

Love the card, simple but elegant! Your Aunt sounds amazing and lived life to the full and to the very end that is to be celebrated. However, it doesn't make your grief any easier my sympathy to you and your family. Take Care love Alison

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine
It's so sad when you loose someone but as you say she must have had a very long and interesting life so perhaps those thoughts can overcome the sadness.

Your card is really lovely today. Take care. x.

Chloe's Nan said...

Lovely card Christine, I wasn't sure about these dies when I first saw them however you have come up trumps again and shown how versatile they are!

Sorry to hear of your loss, my sympathies to you and your family. Gail x

Carole Z said...

Morning Christine, so sorry to hear about your aunt, your post made me think of mine, who we lost in February aged 98, she too was active to the end...

Gorgeous card today, really lovely..take care and sending hugs, Carole Z x

hazel said...

Morning Christine, lovely card saw this on the show the other day and loved it. So sorry to hear about your Aunt she sounds like an amazing lady and the picture is wonderful xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I loved this card when I saw it on the show, I bought these dies so I will be trying this one, I love the black and white with just that touch of colour, beautiful.
I must send you my condolences at the sad passing of your Aunt, but from what you say, she has had a very full and happy life and was fully enjoying life until a short time ago. She has lived through so many changes in this world and I think that every older person's memories should be recorded for future generations to listen to, the older generation are the most fascinating people in the world and have so much to tell us. Your Aunt sounded a really truly special lady, may she rest in peace. Lots of love from Patricia xx

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, as soon as I saw these dies I had to buy them, now I can make a card similar to this. So sad to hear of your aunts passing but by all accounts she had a wonderful life lived to the full.


Val in Spain xxx said...

Hi. What a lovely story I'm sure Aunt Sally would be really happy to have you share it with everyone.
My sympathy to you and your family. The card is beautiful, by the way.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Christine, what a beautiful story, I had tears in my eyes reading it. Please accept my sincere condolenses for your loss but also that you are very priviledged to have had her as your Aunt and shared in her life.
I love the card today but then I am a sucker for black and white (especially with a splash of colour).
Take care.
Elizabeth x

Redanne said...

Good Morning Christine, I am so sorry to hear of the death of your dear Auntie, how very sad for your Dad especially when she had been so wonderful to him. It does sound though as if she had a very full and happy (and independant) life. You and your Sister must be so pleased to have recorded details of her life.

I loved this card when you did it on TV, that background paper is fabulous and I do love B & W with a touch of colour too.

Crafty hugs, Anne x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine a lovely card , you cant beat black and white im my opinion .

Sorry to hear about your dear Aunty but im so pleased you have so many lovely memories to treasure .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine
What a fabulous life your aunt sally had, and to think of moving to portugal in her 80's thats amazing. What a fabulous scrapbook you can make with all her & your memories of a wonderful lady. Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.

Anyway a lovely card and i love this polka dot frame as its amazing and beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend.
Emma (we've in thick fog down here!)

sheila said...

Condolences for the death of your Great Aunt. Sounds as though she had a life which she lived to the full and deserves a great celebration of her life. So glad you have lots of lovely memories. Todays card is such a sweet little card, the kind that everyone should have ready 'just in case'

lady of kent said...

How lovely to hear about your aunt, but so sorry she has passed away, but she has left you with some very happy memories, we should always ask questions about our loved ones lives before we find we cant love and hugs to you Janetxxx

norma said...

hi christine i love this card am sorry to .
say i missed you on c&c .im sorry about your great aunt,what a lovely lady ,its strange her coming from camberwell,i lived in wandsworth,and brixton although now i leave in portsmouth.what a good idea to do the video,i know from experience its hard to fill in gaps when family members are not with us .best wishes norma

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I'm sad for your loss, but happy that you had such an amazing Great Aunt, one with whom you shared life's memories..:)...You will have many opportunities to watch the video of her and remember the wonderful times you had together. She sounds as if she was one remarkable woman..:)
I would also like to say I LOVE this card..thanks for showing those of us that didn't manage to see your shows all your wonderful creations...xx

Sue B said...

Hello Christine, so glad you felt you could share the story of your aunt with us. It is always sad when we lose a loved one but we never ever lose our memories of them. Take care
Sue B

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, My deepest sympathies to you and your family at the loss of your aunt. It is wonderful that you got to record her life and an honour for you to share some of her story with us. I am so glad that she was still able to do for herself till the end. Many people become too physically or mentally frail to look after themselves. She must have been so proud watching you on the television.
Great card. I loved watching the demo. Hugs

nmty said...

hi christine, i am so very sorry to hear of you and your families sad loss, she sounded like a temendous lady who lived a full life, which you will all remember fondly.

lv norma

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, So sorry to here that you have lost a very special family member, my deepest sympathy to you all. The memories you and your sister have recorded will be treasured by all your family.

The card is lovely I enjoyed watching the demo on C & C. Take care and a special crafty hug to you today. Carolyn x

Craftyhugs said...

My thoughts are with you Christine on losing such a special aunty. She sounds as though she's lived a fabulous life and lived to a very ripe age. Pls accept my deepest sympathy. Much love. Sharon xxxx

kelly said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your aunt Sally,she sounds an amazing lady!
My thoughts are with you.
Also your card & demos were brilliant & I love watching you on c&c,your a natural!.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Phil D said...

So sad to hear of your loss but lovely to hear what a wonderful person your Aunt Sally was. Take care
Phil D

Kate said...

Sad news Christine :(
I'll bet she had some fascinating stories to tell :)
Hugs xxx

Suzanne said...

So sorry to read your news - your post was filled with warmth and great respect - I felt blessed to have a very close relationship with my Nan who was 93 when she left us but rather than being sad I was just left with great pride to have been part of her life - you sound just how I felt - thinking of you at a difficult time - hold on tight to those happy memories - Suzanne x

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear of your family loss. How dear and special this lovely lady must have been to you. I know you must be so sad, but what a long and loved life she led. I bet she was so proud of you.
Take strength in the strength that she showed in life.
Best wishes Linda xx

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