Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Classes, Glasses and Giveaway!

Hello friends,
Today I am posting the details of my first class that will take place in my crafty studio!!
It appears as a PDF two page document below, I learnt how to do this yesterday.
You can click to zoom in and out and scroll down - clever stuff!
If you would also like to receive class leaflets and details by email please let me know.

To book a place please email:
I intend to keep the classes small so further dates will be allocated if fully booked.

Because this is a momentous day I think we need a giveaway!
I received so many lovely comments about felt yesterday I decided to go shopping and offer some as a prize.  Just leave a comment before Sunday and I will ask Bella to pick out a winner.
For those that mentioned some problems with cutting felt, I can recommend a couple of things:
place your die templates to either side of your base plate - the most pressure in a Grand Calibur™  is at either side as opposed to in the middle.  Also, you can add a shim - just a piece of copy paper under your die templates to build up the thickness a little.
Always feel free to email me with queries - happy to help!

Today's Photo A Day subject is 'Glasses'
Here they are: I own many pairs, some cheap, some good, some strong, some weak -
so why or why can I never actually find a pair when I need them??!
Here's the class leaflet...

Have a great day.
Take care,


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, I am so jealous, I would love to attend this workshop, but distance is a problem. Maybe you can post a demo for us long distance followers. Would love to win the felt as I struggle a bit getting pastel colours of good felt.


melanie said...

must look at my diary to see if I`m available .Melanie

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine you are such an organised lady and so quick ,it seems to have taken you no time at all to get up and running .

Love your introduction write up for your classes, hope to pop in if im near when on my travels .

I had a look for the seller on e/bay where i got my felt Christine ,but im afraid i didnt save it ,no need to put me in the draw as as i have plenty

Take care
Elaine H x

Desiree said...

Hi Christine,
Congrats on your first workshop - it must be really exciting to have reached this stage.x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Oh what a lovely array of colours of felt, simply gorgeous, I would love to win the felt as I can't find any in my area, and they are so beautiful. You have a pair of glasses for everyday but I know how you feel, there is never a pair around when you want them ha ha !! I would love to come to your classes but sadly I live in the North, but if I ever go on my travels would love to join you in your beautiful studio. Like another postee, it would be lovely if you could post a piccie of your cards on your Blog, please..... Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
How exciting, you seem to have got organised so quickly I wish you every success, and hope I'm able to attend a class in the future. (Not able to on this one)
Have a great day.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine your workshop sounds lovely, wish I lived nearer. Is your sister making the cakes?

Thought I had a few pairs of glasses but you have loads. I often cant find mine but they are often on my head cos I only use them for close work!!

Bet you get loads of interest in your classes they must be unique as I have never heard of others doing Calibur classes

Good Luck
Sue xxxx

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,

How i wished thati lived nearer i would be there eager to learn, but alas i live too far away, willhave to find out about hotels in the area for next time.
Good luck with all your classes not that you will need it.
Amanda x

Bea said...

It's always great when you find you can master something techie - at my work we have a great admin officer who finds out loads of tips she passes on to us. Best wishes for your first class - sadly too far from Dundee - it sounds like it will be great. re - loads of glasses I did laugh as I have the same problem and try to keep a pair on my head so that I can find one!!

Craftyhugs said...

Hi Christine and congrats on your craft spellbinders academy finally coming together. I first saw you on the C&C show and really liked your style in crafting so made a blog so I could follow you and see more of your designs. You are great and a fantastic crafter. Much love and all the luck to you starting on your new journey! Xxxxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Your classes look wonderful, I bet this one will be booked up very quickly.
I am really sorry I can't make this one,so looking forward to your next set of dates hopefully it will not be to long.
You are very generous with a felt give away the colours are so bright I am sure we all want to copy your flowers.
Take care. x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, how brilliant and congratulations about your Academy. I bet you have to pinch yourself sometimes at how far and quick things are progressing. It is obviously meant to be.
Thanks for the chance of winning the giveaway.
Like many of the comments above, I would have to travel quite a way for one of your classes - but in the future - who knows...
I wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve it.
Elizabeth x
P.S. Ditto about a demo (or something) for us long distance followers.

hazel said...

Love your advert for your course Chrstine, i expect you are so proud of your achievements and so you should be. Well done. Love that you went and purchased some felt as a prize what a wonderful idea.I would love to be emailed of future events especially if you end up doing today courses then it would be worth travelling the distance. xx hazel

barbiepinkfairy said...

Morning, oh how I wish I lived nearer! Unfortunately too far away but brother just moved so when he gets organised and IO visit could maybe get it to coincide with a class! I am a glasses fiend too have a pair to match each outfit! I can't believe how quick you have sorted the studio, How do you fit everything in or does your day have more hours than mine?!!!

SusieB said...

Hi Christine, I, too, live some distance away. Do you think you might consider putting on weekend classes? If so, perhaps you could recommend places to stay. I look forward to your posts everyday and have used many of your ideas in one way or another. keep up the good work

Sue x

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
good luck with your classes. Sadly I am not able to get to your classes. I hate driving any where I haven't driven before. I now that's silly but I'm scared I'll go up a one way street by mistake. I know it's all in my head so to speak but there you are that's me. thank you for the chance of winning the lovely felt. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, that is an impressive array of glasses, you will have to get one of those chains round your neck - lol, only joking! Your class information is very informative, I will come to one of them later on, when I can book accommodation with my Son. Hope your first class goes well and sets you up for the future. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Liz Thomson said...

Wish I was a bit nearer as just a bit far for a day trip but good luck for your first class and I am sure that I will make a trip down to come and visit you hopefully in the not too distant future.x

Susan Flynn said...

Good luck with your classes Christine - I wish I lived closer! Hugs Susan x

Sue B said...

Very generous of you Christine to give us a chance to win another of your giveaways & good luck to all. Also good luck with the classes, hope you are inundated.
Sue B

Teresa said...

I agree with "Scottish Crafter", it's quite far for me, though I may be able to come to one in the future, will drag husband for weekend away over near you. Love Teresa xxxx

Di x said...

Hi Christine
You have arranged everything so quickly. Well done. Would love to receive the felt and try out making some flowers with it. Have only used basic card and papers so far. Best Regards Diane

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine Thanks for the tip about the felt as when I've used it, it doesn't cut properly. Sue Wilson said the best felt to use is 100% wool, but when I've looked online (Can't get out to shops cos bedridden) I can only find Wool blends, which normally only have 30% approx wool content. Any suggestions pls..Have a great day...xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Just want to say good luck with the first workshop you have planned, hope you are able to arrange day workshops too at some point, would love to come down for a weekend and have a crafty session in your new acadomey studio and meet yourself and other crafty follers.
crafty best wishes, Carolyn x

Lesley said...

Hi Christine, good luck with your new venture, I hope it goes from strength to strength. I am just dissapointed that I live to far away to come and play. I love the choice of colours of the felt you have chosen. I am going to give it a try when I can find some.
Hugs Lesley x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Your class sounds amazing! I wish I lived nearer I would definately attend! I wish you all the luck in the world!

Sarah x

Teresa said...

Congratulations Christine on such wonderful knews for your studio! I hope you classes fill up so they can share your wonderful talents and big hugs to Bella for me :)

kaz said...

Hiya, Congratulations on announcing your first of many classes. Would love to attend but live abit too far away.
Good luck and Best Wishes xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, congratulations on announcing your first workshop - wish I lived nearer! Would love the chance of winning some felt Carole Z X

SUZYD said...


sheila said...

Hi Christine, best wishes for your first class, I'm sure a lady with your talent and reputation will have no problem filling your classes, I'm sure your problem will be having enough classes to meet the demand. Sorry I missed yesterday's post but I haven't tried using felt yet, being reasonably new to crafting I'm still finding my way with the so many materials that are available. The one thing I am sure about is i certainly am a Spellbinders adict, just wish my finances would streatch a little more.

Cherwell Leys Alpacas said...

Hi Christine, good luck with your classes, I wish that I was nearer to your studio so I could join in. Your felt flowers look very tactile, I have made needlefelt flowers with the alpaca fleece and am working on wet felting just got to get the thickness right for the Grand Calibre to cut.
Kathy x

Planetsusie said...

Ooooh I do wish I lived nearer so that I could book a place. Hubby says he would gladly drive me to you so - when my back is better - I may take him up on it.

Your felt looks brilliant and the colours are sooooo great. You are very generous to offer this as a prize.

Hugs Sue P xxx

Toni said...

Hello Christine, how I wish you were a little closer but maybe sometime in the future I can come to a workshop and perhaps stay somewhere locally. That would be something to look forward to. I just love the colours of the felt that you have been using and would love to win such an array of colours. Do you mind me asking where you buy it from. It looks a lovely quality.
Toni xx

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, after reading all the comments I know what I have to do - move down south, any cheap properties around? Only joking I have promised myself a week in London so if and when that happens I will be right there at your studio doorstep.


Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I can't see the pdf :( it says there's a server error.. I think it's my laptop. shall try tomorrow from work. Lynn xx

Christine said...

Hello friends,
Any problems viewing the PDF of the class, just email me - I can reply with a copy straight to your inbox.
Christine xx

Kate said...

Blooming brilliant news Christine! Good for you, wishing you every success and happiness xxx

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine,
Congrats on the inaugural craft session. I am sure it will be a success and bring you great joy. Don't be nervous now, LOL!!
Love your felt flowers, I love felt just as you do and like to use it for sewing too. A little tip from the sewing room side, it looks fabulous when mixed with lace. Layer felt and lace to make a flower it looks gorgeous. I think a ruffled bottom layer of lace, then felt layers and finish with a small ruffled lace layer and a pearly center. Stunning.
Thank you so much for the chance of winning the lace. You are so generous to share your joy with us this way.
Take care Linda x

Cornish Emma said...

Hiya Christine
Tried the copier paper under the felt and it helped with the cutting, so thank you for a big tip, never thought about trying that one!! Thats why your the expert and im a follower! lol

Craftychris said...

How exciting for you! I wish I lived nearer - never mind. Those felt colours are gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win. Thank you for the tips too. So many glasses! It would take me all day to choose which pair to wear! xx

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