Thursday, 16 August 2012

Big Big Thanks!

Hello friends and a warm welcome to my new followers too.
Firstly apologies - if you are viewing my blog and it has lots of image messages! 
Looking into that now - technology is wonderful...until it goes wrong!
Not a great photo of this card - my fault for attempting to take it at around midnight last night, not much natural light at that time I'm afraid! 
But it seemed such an appropriate card to share with you today when I truly want to express my thanks for all your support.  So good to see emails from familiar names.
The shows, as usual, seem to rush by and I didn't get to show you all my ideas or indeed, 
all of the products.  There is a great deal of repetition, I am asked to explain certain things 
time and time again, so if you did catch all three shows I'm sorry if you had to hear me keep 
talking about the same techniques and tips!
So, today's card - as featured on the first show uses Fancy Postage Stamps and those gorgeous little flowers and leaves from Homespun - you probably gathered how much I like them!  Adore those keys.

I did capture a photo of Mitchell outside Ideal House yesterday, I'm afraid teenagers and early mornings do not mix very well - he is looking extremely tired!  He perked up when allowed inside the studio to see how the cameras, floor managers, screens etc work! 
Thank you so much for the enquiries regarding classes - I hope I have replied to all of those that commented/emailed, if not please let me know and I will be very happy to explain details/send information.
Shortly, a tab will appear at the top of my blog with a list of the classes that are due to run from September and beyond.  The Grand Caliburs arrived yesterday, they are lined up in my hallway ready to transport to the Crafty Studio today - so exciting!  
Thanks again my wonderful friends - I'm back tomorrow with....
Friday Die Day!
Take care,


Macca said...

Hi christine
You done a wonderful job yesterday, and the cards where all stunning. I would loveto come to one of your workshops, what a great idea the spellbinders academy.
I need to save some pennies and put my name on the list.
Have a crafty great day.
Karen mcnally xxx

Macca said...

Hi christine
You done a wonderful job yesterday, and the cards where all stunning. I would loveto come to one of your workshops, what a great idea the spellbinders academy.
I need to save some pennies and put my name on the list.
Have a crafty great day.
Karen mcnally xxx

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, saw this card yesterday and loved it then. I perched the polka dot die and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Why is it I get so excited over new dies, I am a grown woman? I missed your two later shows but will catch up later today.


Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
missed yesterday had to go out and my technical skills let me down with the recording. I am glad your programs were a success. Your card today is really lovely. Have a great crafty day everyone. Yes it is me I've changed my profile picture.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Really enjoyed all your shows yesterday,I just love your cards etc they are so different.
Looking forward to seeing your list of classes as I really want to come. x.

Kate said...

A whole row of Caliburs, sounds dreamy! Love the card and that die looks extremely useable xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, sorry I missed your shows yesterday as I was at work and do not have a recorder. I am hoping that in time you will post more of the projects you demonstrated on your blog.
Glad everything went well.
I can imagine your frustration when you have to repeat things when all you really want to do is show us more stuff. It is frustrating for us vewers too!!! Ah well...
Have a lovely day and look forward to Die Day tomorrow.
Elizabeth x

Carole Z said...

So that's what Ideal House looks like! You did some brilliant shows Christine and loved this card when I saw it ....a whole row of GC's...oh my word! Hugs, Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I loved your shows yesterday, I know what you mean about being frustrated, yes it frustrates us at home aswell as we all like to see all the techniques possible, but can understand why they do it, in case someone new to craft just tunes in, but for all the crafters who watch all your shows, it is very frustrating seeing the same things, ah well never mind eh !!!! A lovely card Christine, I bought the polka dot die and this postage stamp die, I wanted to buy them all ha ha. I emailed in the 6pm show but they didn't read it out, boo hoo ha ha !! Looking forward to tomorrow's die day. Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel said...

Lovely card Christine, love the new dies you demoed yesterday. xx hazel

melanie said...

Have just finished watching your shows the dies I find expensive when done seperate can get them cheaper else where so may be investing in some of them .oh bye the way my crds are on my blog Melanie

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine, you did a fantastic job yesterday,not your fault you had to repeat things, it happens on other shows too,

I think this is my favourite card Christine love the little flowers and the key looks great

Such beautiful dies and a whole lot more going on my wish list ,oh dear will soon need another page.

Take Care
Elaine H X

Val in Spain xxx said...

Hi, loved the shows yesterday. I really love the homespun die, the little biddy flowers are so pretty.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine - not a very good one here in Cornwall, so a day of crafting for me again.
I saw you demo this card on C&C and its lovely, just great dies. Those of us who are regualr C&C watchers are used to the repition, altho i agree it can get a bit annoying at times. Loved your demos tho and you bring a lovely style to spellbinders.

Oksana said...

Morning Christine! You did so well yesterday, some wonderful products on the shows and your demos were brilliant as usual! Xx

SusieB said...

Hi Christine, Caught two of the shows yesterday and whilst you do have to go over the same tips frequently the samples and demos that you do more than make up for it!

each time there is a new release of dies i tell myself I will just get these then my collection will be complete. But when I see the samples you create I dont know what happens but i find myself reaching for the credit card. My husband has no idea how much i have spent over the last year!!

Well done though, if only you didnt do such a good job lol!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

Sue x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine!

I caught about 2 1/2 of the shows! Loved the demos and your projects were amazing! You are very proffesional on TV and come across very sincere! You did a fantastic job! Have a great day!

Sarah x

HiggiSue said...

Hi Christine. loved show and great cards yesterday. I try to forget its a shopping channel or my credit card would be on overload. loving the new die sets but being realistic as to how much I need or would use. just cataloged all my dies... only started collecting in Feb this year.... its frightening how many I have! Lol. I am now thinking... hmmm with what I have how can I do that..... not working....... where's my credit card...hehe !

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I loved watching your shows yesterday and particularly liked the polka die. The Spellbinders Academy sounds exciting!

Janice said...

Great shows Christine - well done you! I was out doing my voluntary work so recorded them all and watched last night!

Love this card too.....another die to add to my ever increasing shopping list!

Put your feet up today :-))
Janice x

Sue B said...

Hello Christine, Saw your shows yesterday & you did just great. We understand you are told what to do. Such a shame they dont give the people who know what they are doing a free hour to demonstrate to their hearts content, their shows would be so much more interesting wouldn't they. What about all you demonstraters getting your own channel together, now there's a thought.
Sue B

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, your shows were brilliant, had to record and watch last night but thoroughly enjoyed them all. It must be very frustrating for you - they need to give you a 2 hour show - you will have to try and do Tool your card today and loved it when you showed it. Glad you were able to give your Studio a couple of mentions too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

barbiepinkfairy said...

Loved the shows - NEED the polka dot dies but must wait 'til payday!

Craftychris said...

Your shows were fabulous, as always! I too need the polka dot dies but have to wait a bit to buy them. I love your card, the postage dies are cool too and the Home Spun with the cute little flower and leaf die - ooh to have them all (dream!!!!!) xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Your shows were great, inclined to agree with Sue B. and yourself regarding repetition of questions and sales pitches re items on show as you are demonstrating. But never the less, C & C is the only dedicated craft channel and we are grateful to them for bringing it to us.
Look forward to Friday die day. Crafty best wishes, Carolyn x.

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I forgot to record your shows and looked for the repeats during the night on Ideal World/CR&CR but there weren't any..:(..I am so disappointed, cos I really wanted to see them..Any chance of putting the tips and cards you made on the shows on here over the next few days PLEASE...I know it's die day tomorrow..:)but perhaps after that??..I'm sure there are others like myself who always watch your shows, that may have missed something..Anyway have a great day..:)..Can't wait to see all those GC lined up in your studio..I just wish I could come to one of your classes, but because am mainly bedridden would be impossible..BUT at least I can see your beautiful studio...I'm having the garage converted into a room/en suite for me so will be looking for some inspiration for the walls..Am already thinking of butterflies....xxxx

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine forgot to say earlier that your son is one handsome chap. Et the girls are chasing him.


sheila said...

I agree with your last blogger you have two beautiful boys (is it pc to call teenage boys beautiful)todays card is lovely and shows off the die well. You do a great job promoting spellbinders but at the same time your personality and the true crafter comes over really well.

nikkib said...

Loved watching your shows yesterday Christine, you explain everything in detail, thank you... I would be very interested in receiving details of the workshops as I live in Biggin Hill so not that far from you... would you be able to send me details please? thanks...

Christine said...

No problem, Nikkib - please drop me an email and I can attached class details by return. Many thanks :) xx

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