Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Keepsake Place Holders

Hello friends

This project appeared yesterday on the Crafty Power Blog,
they are place holders/markers featuring Keepsake Envelopes.
A nice little idea and really easy to do - all the step by step instructions are here.
I've gone for an autumnal theme using Bitty Blossoms and Little Leaf Set but
a Christmas theme would work just as well!

As always, if you are able to leave a comment on the Crafty Power Blog
I am truly grateful.

I've received a few messages asking how the kittens are doing...
they are fine, in fact on top form!  Pixel is a feline destruction machine,
so far he's broken a lamp, a cup and saucer and a dinner plate!
Lilly is tiny, feminine and timid.
This is one of the rare moments when they are calm - sunbathing in the conservatory.
They are not allowed outside yet, I haven't broken it to them that we live in a
very cat populated neighbourhood!

Take care friends - I hope you are all having a good week so far.


Bea said...

Hi Christine
Lovely place markers although trying to deny the onset of autumn as I am a summer person:)

val jones said...

Hi Christine. So love the photo of the kittens sunbathing-how cute.
Very pretty place markers and what a lovely idea for the Christmas table even though there will only be 3 of us ha ha.

Love Val in Spain x

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
A great photo of the kittens, it's almost a mirror image. I love your project today and the lovely Autumnal colours.
Have a good day.
Chris xx

marg said...

Hello Christine
Love how the kittens have their tummies to the Sun!
Really like the the Autumnal colours you have used today!
Take care
Love Marg

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Beautiful place markers and the kittens are so lovely . love Jean Z xxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Love your place markers, they look quite easy to make too and could be made for different occasions! Off over to the blog to leave a comment.
Enjoy your day.
Janice x

Lacelady said...

Great idea for place cards Christine, and the snoozing kitties look so comfortable. Great pic!

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Fabulous place holders, albeit autumnal haha I'm still in Summer mode !!
Great piccie of the kittens, almost mirror image of each other, oh !! pixel is quite a little mischief-maker haha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

A lovely project Christine ,and lovely Autumn colors .
Wow what a life your little kittens have laying there basking in the sunshine .

Take care
Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Hi Christine,
Very pretty place cards, a great idea, could adapt for a wedding as well. The kittens look very content.

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, these are stunning, really beautiful, hugs Carole Z X

LoraineC said...

Beautiful place cards I love the colours of Autumn. What cuties they would excellent bookends x

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hello Christine
These are great idea for Christmas and also for weddings too.
I love the photo of the kittens - it looks just like a mirror image.

AnneRD said...

Beautiful place markers, the keepsake envelopes ideal for adding a small gift. Love the pictures of the kittens too. Anne x

Elaine said...

Beautiful card & gorgeous kittens x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. The place holders are lovely, great colours and I love the keep sake envelopes. I will leave a comment on the Crafty Power Blog : )
The kittens look so sweet, bet they can't wait to get out. Take care.

hazel young said...

Lovely place markers. Love sunbathing cats that's the life xx hazel

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