Sunday, 8 June 2014

Your Crafty Space?

Hello friends

Stacey Caron, President of Spellbinders® has recently shared photos of
her amazing craft room and tips for creating a new one....
It is featured in a blog post here.
(image source: Where Women Create magazine, September 2013. photographer: Alyson Tylor Jones)

It is stunning and very much a vintage theme.
Stacey has now moved home again and is creating a new room and will be sharing this
on the Spellbinders blog.

So this got me thinking - we all craft in different spaces,
not all of us are lucky enough to have a room. 
For a long time I hogged the dining room table and then 
got hot and cold crafting in my conservatory!
I do now have a room but I miss natural light 
(many times you will find me crafting out in the shop).
How about your crafty space?
Would you like to share?  
Have you got any top tips for anyone just about to create a space?
I would like to do some features on craft rooms/spaces and if you would like to be involved
please send details and photos to
Of course it is all part of being nosy too...
us crafty people just love seeing what stash everyone else has! 

Take care friends and hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine.I'm lucky enough to have my own craft room, but like you, I used the dining table for years!My room is small but has a large window so there's lots of natural light. It's desperately in need of a tidy~up so I won't send photos! Enjoy today's workshop with Nikki. Hugs,
Maggie x

Sally said...

Hi Christine, I would like to share pictures of my craft room but I will have to give my room a good clear up first. I might take some photos to show you before and after....and then after I craft again, not a pretty x. I do have a plan though!!
See you later when I come for my class with Nikki :-)
Sally xx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I'm lucky enough to have a craft room and went to look at some cube storage shelving yesterday. I need to get some organisation because I can't find anything when it is tidied away and then everything will get pulled out when I am looking for something, then it is is such a mess that I still can't find anything. Will send pictures when it's done.
Chris xx

Wendy L said...

Great idea Christine, I love looking into other folks' craft spaces. I am lucky to have my own room, it was originally the veranda on the front which has been glassed in. I will email you some pics- xxx

Linda said...

Hi Christine
I am so jealous of anyone who has a craft room as I know I never will have that luxury. I craft in a small corner of our lounge on the dining room table so have to make sure that everything is portable as it has to move whenever we have guests. Still with the inspiration of your blog I do manage to make and sell cards of which I am proud
Hugs and best wishes to you and your family

val jones said...

Hi Christine. My craft room is the spare bedroom which apart from a bed is all craft stuff. When anyone stays I move in there and give them my bedroom.
Love Val in Spain x

Lynn said...
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Stamping Bubbles said...

Morning Christine
My craft room doubles up as a sitting room and guest room. It has a lovely big bay window so there is lots of natural light but I did buy myself an Otlite so I can also craft at night. My craft room is quite tidy at the moment because my in-laws have just been to stay. I will get some photos taken and e-mail them to you.
It will be great to look at other peoples' crafty space.
Enjoy your day

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I too gave a craft room, it's on the back of the house with a large window, but doesn't get much sunshine. I can't get in it at the moment as we have mother in law staying, and my stuff that had spread to the spare room had to move back in ( I need a bigger room!). When I can get in, and have tidied I'll send pictures, I'd really like a permanently tidy craft room, but my son says it wouldn't be a craft room then, it'd be a store room. Have a great Sunday, Lynn xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, oh how wonderful Stacey's room is! I am so lucky to have a craft room and have just reorganised mine, of course it needs a proper tidy again now but I will send some photos! Did you or anyone see Sam Poole's attic studio on her blog (creative-studios) recently...that was a big envy too.I also take part in WOYWW most weeks, (Whats on your work desk wednesday) where us crafters peek at each others work space, great fun and have picked up lots of tips! Hugs Carole Z X

PharmacyMichele said...

I am lucky enough to have a craft room, which seems very full at the moment especially as I haven't had much time to craft. I'll email you photos to share with everyone.


Jean Z said...

Hi Christine ,I have a craft room but far to much stuff. I know where everything is and if I tidy up too much I forget where I have put them. love Jean Z xx

Anonymous said...

Good morning, wow what a great room Stacey has. I am lucky that I have been able to commandeer a tiny room in the house (I can touch 2 of the opposite walls if I spread my arms out & I'm only 5'2"!) But its great to have a space of my own. I will need to have a BIG tidy up before I share photos. JuliaT x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

I am sad to say ,i have no craft room ,just a small corner by my Dining room table it is a nuisance carting everything in and out to my wardrobe as the wardrobe is my store room, { more craft than clothes } However on the up side we are looking to move in the near future , i will make sure we have a spare room just for me .

Enjoy your day with Nikki you lucky lucky pair !.

Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Wow! Stacey' has a great craft room.
I don't have one now I have to craft in the bay window of the bedroom but I do have a lot of storage space. We moved six years ago from a big house where I had my own room to a very small bungalow near the sea, I miss the space but I love watching the ships go by.
Enjoy the class today.

Janice said...

Morning Christine
Stacey calls that a craft, is all I can say!!
I'm lucky enough to have a craft room (the smallest bedroom) but I will need to have a good tidy up before I can send you a photo! I live looking at other crafters workspace, it's a good way for getting ideas 😊
Hope you and all your ladies enjoy the classes today, it's a lovely sunny day😎
Janice x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, my dream is for a craft room, where i can close the door at the end of the day and hide the mess, but also lots of storage to help keep said mess organised! At the moment im having a custom cupboard the size of a large wardrobe being made (by dad!!) which will help with alot of it. Hugs Emma

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Oh, I do wish I could have a craft room of my own but at the moment, until our youngest two move out, I have to use our bedroom. My husband has promised that he is going to re do the whole room, building extra cupboards etc. to make it easier for me to craft, bless him. Storage is the biggest headache isn't it! I love seeing others craft spaces and storage ideas.
My tip for anyone creating a craft space would be to make it as big and with as much storage as possible, no matter if you only fill a tiny part of it now, as you WILL gather more stash, tools etc. and you will fill all avaliable space really quickly! Also look at other crafters spaces, you learn so much from seeing their ideas. Also take time to get a comfy chair and make your work desk/table the right height for you which will save back/neck ache later on!
Enjoy Nikkis workshop today everyone that is going : )
I hope you have a great day.
Take care

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine
Stacey craft room is really special.
I do most of my craft in the conservetory.
I hope you have a good day. Take care. x.

Ros Hodgkin said...

Hello Christine, just wanted to say I like my craft room to look used. Not pristine just a little untidy that on Friday afternoons is all put back in its place. I will send a photo in as mine has only been done in the last 6 months and haven't found any major fault in its design. I will have to say I have a huge office style shelving unit on one wall which is brill.
X Ros

Janice said...

Hi Christine, will send you photos of my craft room. It's a bit messy at the moment as i'm in the middle of something and I don't clear up until i'm finished. Have a good class today and enjoy this lovely weather today. Janice xx

utilitygirl said...

Hi Christine. I share my craft room with the PC and my son (who's a bit like a Triffid!! - perhaps you're not old enough to remember them)so usually migrate to the dining table and then have to move it all at meal time :(

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, your blog today is very synchronistic as I am actually in the process of reorganizing and decorating my craft room. I am lucky to have my sons old bedroom and it is quite large and bright. It is a real mess at the moment though as I have taken all the wallpaper off - and most of the paint underneath too...ooops. I will take photos of its progress and will send you one of the finished article - it may take a while though. In the meantime I will be interested (or should I say "nosey") to see other peoples' crafty spaces.
Hope you had a great day at the shop today.
Elizabeth x

ElizabethS said...

P.S. Yes Carole I did see Sam's attic space - it is wonderful.
Elizabeth x

LoraineC said...

Well I too am able to use my smallest bedroom, but I would like it to be better organised as I am forever moving things around to find what I want. I would be very grateful for any ideas, happy to send photos but also need to tidy first!!!! Hope you all had a good day looked a fun class xx

LyndA said...

My craftroom is the small spare room too. I do try and tidy up but it never looks really tidy. What I want to know is why we always have to get everything out during a project? :) :)

hazel young said...

Lovely post I have a sewing room and a very large landing space for
or my papercrafts xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Evening Christine, Wow !! Wow !! and triple Wow !! Stacey's piccies of her craft room are stunning. I would love a room like that, I love all things 'vintage', I can hardly wait to see Stacey's new room.
I will take some piccies of my craft room, it is so full it is bursting at the seams, it was my spare bedroom, and not the small one either. At the moment there is stuff everywhere as I'm in the process of making a Wedding card for my linedance teacher. I will send the piccies as soon as I can.
I hope Nikki's workshop went well today, I so wish that I could have been there.
Lots of love from Patricia xx.

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