Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tuesday Tip/Technique

Hello friends

Firstly big thanks to those of you who have purchased a Charity Kit,
the response has been brilliant - there is a limited number so if you would like
to purchase please scroll down to yesterday's blog or you can
purchase via the website here.
It truly makes a difference, between us all we are funding more families
staying at Ronald McDonald House and cancer research -
something we should be very proud about :)

Now....what 'T/T' do I have for you this Tuesday!?
Have you ever looked around your home for different things to die cut?
Books maybe?
Look away if you are offended by cutting up old books - I know many of you may think
this is bordering on criminal!
In my defence, I have just the one - Charles Dickens that I purchased in a charity shop
and I return to it for all my projects, so it is a form of recycling....honest!
 I think this works particularly well with flower dies, this is Aster Flower Topper but it would work with many Spellbinders flowers.
Also using Distress Inks to stencil through makes a real difference.
Layer up your flower with 3D Foam Squares.
You may want to be selective about the pages you cut - it appears I should have taken a lot
more notice of the wording!

If you didn't want to cup up a book, type out script onto coloured card/paper
and die cut - perhaps it could be a message - Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon etc.

Take care friends - I'm really pleased you are enjoying Tuesday Tips/Techniques
and thanks again for your kit purchases.


Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine.I'm really enjoying the Tuesday tip/technique spot ~ I haven't used this technique for ages! Hugs,
Maggie x

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I really love the Aster flower, another one to add to the list I think. A great technique too, I think having script on cards is really effective and I use it a lot on men's cards.
Chris xx

Diane said...

I like this recycling idea, I will pop into the charity shop next time I am passing and choose a nice fat book just for this purpose.

Stamping Bubbles said...

Morning Christine
I have a script stamp which I think would work well - not sure I'm comfortable cutting up a book.
Enjoy your day

Jacquie said...

Morning Christine,

Great tip, had to laugh when I saw the finished flower and read the wording, could have been much worse lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

PharmacyMichele said...

What a great idea, I have a book that had fallen to pieces (used some of it to make a hedgehog) so this will be ideal to use some of the odd pages that I still have.


nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
I am loving your Tuesday Tips,it is nice to see different ideas and how to apply them .

I had meant to go to the Charity shop a good few months ago for an old book ,then it completely went out of my mind ,but will have a look today .

I am NORTY { deliberate spelling } i just wondered what words you might get from Shades Of Grey ? although i haven't read the book , honest ....

Have a good day Christine
Take Care
Elaine H X

Debbie Tinks said...

Hi Christine .nice flower ...happy crafting ...x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I have to admit that I often look for books in charity shops just to use in craft! I always feel a slight guilt, but at least the pages are getting a news lease of life! Hugs Carole Z X

hazel young said...

Lovely tip and flowers xx hazel

val jones said...

The flowers look beautiful but I´d have to type out the words as I just couldn´t cut up a book especially Charles Dickens!!!
Love Val in Spain x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I love Tuesday tip/technique, and I love the asters : ) I have finally got my head around cutting up old books that are falling apart anyway. If you ask at the charity shop they may have some books in that state that they couldn't sell.(It probably is a good idea to check what words are visable, I suppose it will depend on the book used though:) )Then you can use them with a clear conscience to make beautiful flowers etc. Take care.

marg said...

Hello Christine
Perhaps its my age... but there is no way on earth that I could cut, or deface a book.
I love to see what others have done though !
Sue Wilson has a dictionary that she bought in the States, and uses that I suppose that's not so bad!
I'll give it a try..yours look good if you don't read it.
Have a lovely Sunny day Christine!
Love Marg

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Hope you are enjoying the sun. My husband did get me a very old book in a charity shop but I egot around to using it, perhaps will give it a go today. Love Tuesday tip day.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I love your flower today,such a good idea,I feel good books should not be cut up,but what a good idea of Mrs B if the charity shop cannot sell it you don't have to feel guilty.
Have a good day. Take care. x.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Love the flower. love Jean Z xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I'm one of those people who thinks 'No' I couldn't possibly cut into a book, I have an old small dictionary that I used at school and when I was sorting my bookcases I earmarked it for using in just this way, and put it into my drawer in my craft room, that was maybe 2 years ago and it is still there, I can't even bring myself to cut into it haha. I had to chuckle when I read your write-up, yes you do have to take notice of what writing emerges from the dies and is on the top for people to read, I remember someone using book pages on a card, and they didn't realise that people would try to read it, and it was 'saucy, really saucy' hahaha.
I will have to go the 'typed' way haha.
I sent you lots of piccies of my craft room this morning, it looks a real mess on the piccies, but in 'real life' it doesn't seem quite so bad hahahaha.
Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patriciaxx

jdunkley said...

What a great idea! I used to work in the library and, believe me, cutting them up is one of the least destructive things that users did with them! We even found a condom being used as a bookmark once! AND someone's rent! She came rushing back in half an hour later and we reunited her with the money, however nobody ever claimed the condom.

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine, I rescued a book from a recycle bin and used that for die cutting, in some cases you just have to look at it as 'up-cycling' , giving a new lease of life to something destined to become land fill!
You do have to check the content, I will tell you a funny tale, I always like to collect a few quick reads for my holidays, we were going past a charity shop with some Mills & Boon books in a box outside, so I thought I would pick a couple out, just for a laugh really, took them away, got settled on the beach and started to read......well all I can say is it was a good job it was almost 40 degrees! my cheeks were a shade a red I hadn't seen before, the content was, well it was like a 'top shelf' magazine, I was sat there thinking "my mum reads these"! It was an education, hilarious, so a word of warning, don"t go to make your flowers thinking it will be fine as it's just a love story! As your flowers will be 'blue' no matter what colour you ink them! Haha
Hugs to all,
Sandra x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, i bought an old book ages ago to do this but just can't bring myself to cut it up, i think its all those years as a child my mum tell me to look after my books! You've reminded me i have these aster's, must dig them out again. Hugs Emma

Janice said...

Hi Christine, a good tip, one that I haven't used before but will try. Hubby likes to read paperbacks in the bath, so when he has finished with them they are too curled up to pass onto anyone else so I will recycle his books. Janice x

Lacelady said...

I've looked at books in a charity shop Christine, and there never seem to be any likely candidates. I think I'll try the secondhand book shop next, as I like the look, and have the dies. I couldn't do it to any of my books, but one bought especially might be OK.

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Great tip today and thank you for the reminder! I remember a while ago you mentioned this and I meant to find an old book to use for this. The flowers look really good.
I'm sure there are all sorts of books we'd have to be careful of the pages we chose to die cut....another good tip 👍 😉
Have a lovely, sunny day.
Janice x

SusanP, Kent said...

Your Aster looks lovely, but could someone 'spell out' the joke for me as I'm just not seeing it! I love using script on cards, but I'm not sure I could die-cut from old books (they make me sneeze for a start and I'm sure they're not acid free)! Either I type the script as per your tip (an advantage of this is that you can use different fonts) or 'copy and paste' sections of copyright- free text from the internet.

Laura O said...

very nice tip today ,would look great on any card and especially male cards .Laura O

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. No cutting up books for me, it would be divorce in very quick time. However, I do print out some lovely Shakespeare sonnets onto very thin paper and they make lovely flowers and most of the time the language is acceptable. Not always, he too has his moments!! xxMargaretxx

Craftychris said...

Fabulous flower! I have old books to use in crafting that my husband has given me. He reads old crime novels that he picks up from charity shops etc and sometimes they are only up to one last read with pages dropping out. Sometimes they already have pages missing! This is when I think it is fine to cut them up. I have to be careful not to put some gruesome murder details on my cards or artwork though! I also have an old, falling to bits, atlas which is cool to use too! xx

LoraineC said...

This flower looks very effective, I know it is difficult to use a book in this way but I have a cupboard of old books will have a rummage and see if I can find one to use x

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