Sunday, 19 May 2013


Hello friends
I've got two lots of WOW today!
Firstly I'm saying WOW to blog follower Elaine Wainwright who is doing Race for Life
and has chosen to do it in support of Elliott.
As soon as I told Elliott he just looked at me and said "Mum, I'm speechless!"
Elaine you are incredibly kind - we are completely bowled over by this thoughtful
gesture - it has truly made a difficult time easier.
The race takes place on Wednesday 19 June and Elaine has promised to share photos.

My second WOW today is WOW Embossing Powders.
A little while ago I shared Marion's (Sugar and Spice) video creating flowers with moulds.
As you know, my eldest son Mitchell has been in training and I thought I would give him something 
fun to do - (boys do enjoy anything that borders on chemistry and pyromania!)

So here is he creating a pretty flower....
Use a foil tray (this is one is rather shallow, a deeper one is more advisable).
My suggestion is you buy Mr Kipling's Apple Pies as opposed to Cherry Bakewells!
The mould featured here is daisy.
 Here is the trainee measuring out one teaspoon of Melt-It.
 I selected WOW Lilac Embossing Powder to mix in (he was going for somewhat subdued colours!)
 Applying heat to the base - this is when the peg is essential.
 Here it is beginning to melt.  My teacher skills failed a little because I forgot
to tell him to blend the two powders together initially! Oops!
 Once molten, switch the heat to apply to the top, keep heat on the mixture and pour into mould.
 Within minutes it has hardened.
 And easily pops out of the mould.
 Mitchell's finished flower.
 And here is one that I made on the Retreat.
 And a beautiful teal coloured rose made into a ring.
I'm imagining these beautiful flowers combined with Spellbinders™ , particularly Rose Creations.
I'm looking forward to experimenting more and later this year Marion will be hosting classes.

As mentioned, there is a stock of WOW in the shop, powders, Melt-It, stamps and a few moulds left.
Feel free to get in touch if you are interested - Mitchell will be dealing with
orders etc while I'm at the hospital with a hotline to my phone!
I do hope you are enjoying your weekend - craving a bit of sunshine here.
Take care.


jucrook said...

WOW indeed. It's really good to see boys crafting.not enough of them allow themselves to be creative. I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow and the next few days/weeks and hoping all is going well. Ju

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, Mitchell seems to be competent taking over from mum for a wee while, great demo. Good luck for tomorrow, Elliot seems to be focused on getting the op over and done with, thoughts are with you both.

Wilma x x x

Clai01 said...

Way to go Elaine, on doing the race for Elliott and Mitchell you look creative just like your Mum, that flower is lovely.

Thinking of you all tomorrow x

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, well done to Mitchell, I never thought of using a peg, I use a crocodile cip on a long wooden handle but a peg would work better as it's more chunky. It's been a while since I had my powders out, shall have to re-discover them, thank you Mitchell for the inspiration. Good luck tomorrow Lynn xx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
All the very best for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you and Elliott, hope he is doing OK, you both must be so nervous. Good luck also to Elaine on the race for Elliott, what a lovely gesture. And thirdly Good Luck to Mitchell, hope all goes well while he is in charge.
Love Chris X

Carole Z said...

First of all, a big cheer for Elaine and hope she has a great race! Well done to Mitchell, you could have some competition with his artistic talents Christine..and finally will be thinking of you all all tomorrow, hugs, Carole Z X

Janice said...

Hi Christine

A big well done to Elaine! Congratulations to Mitchell, you will make a crafter of him yet! The flower is lovely.

Great idea with the peg...I use Lakeland's magnetic wooden toast tongs when I'm using my heat gun! At £1.99 they're brilliant. I do of course have a separate pair for the toast! :-))

Thinking of you all tomorrow. Big hug moving your way.
Janice x

Lacelady said...

Absolutely wonderful offer from Elaine to try and help out. Your trainee crafter is doing well, and my good wishes go to Elliott for tomorrow.

Penny said...

Love the flowers the ring is a great idea. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow take care of yourselves.

Penny said...

Love the flowers the ring is a great idea. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow take care of yourselves.

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
and what a lovely thing to do, Elaine!
I shall be thinking of you all, especially Elliott, tomorrow. There are probably loads of opposing emotions going on inside of you all.............
Your new trainee is doing well, and I'm sure your office is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, what a great thought.
Be thinking of you all next week and it looks like the shop is in safe hands with Mitchell. Juliat x

Elaine said...

Mitchell looks like he is a natural ! Will be thinking of you, a big hug for you all. Take care xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
My very best wishes for Elliot tomorrow and I'll will be thinking of you all in the coming days. Looks like everything will be in good hands with Mitchell. Love the flowers.
Elaine you are a star, well done.
Take care.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Christine, Mitchell seems to have inherited his mum's flair for crafting! I am sure things will be in good hands there!! Sending you all my heartfelt wishes for tomorrow and the next few weeks, I will be thinking of you. Big hugs Susan xxx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad to see you passing on your talents to Mitchell...great flower. Wishing you good luck for tomorrow Elliot. Will be thinking of you all. Take care.

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, first of all thanks to you and Mitchell for the tutorial. I've often wondered how to do that, but thought you needed all the expensive equipment to do it! I have a heat gun, and any excuse to buy apple pies (GF of course), so just need some WoW powders now. :) You will all be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Lots of love, Carole xxxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, glad you are teaching your boys craft it's good,and good luck for tomorrow i will be thinking and praying that all goes well, you all have a good outlook on life which will see you through it love Jean Z xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Best wishes to Elaine,such s lovely thought.
Mitchell seems to be taking over from mum he seems very much at home,the flowers look great.
Thinking of you all so much, Take care. x.

Cinders61 said...

I wish you all the very best for tomorrow. You have two wonderful boys, Christine. Gillian x

Ella's Design said...

Good morning, Christine! How thoughtful of Elaine and I'm sure she will have lots of support from the Blogging community!
Nice to see Mitchell enjoying a bit of crafty creating - I had a go at this with my encaustic art iron as a hotplate, but as soon as I removed the pie tin, the liquid began to set, hence the need for applying the heat as you pour! Thanks for the tutorial Mitchell and Christine, I will be having another go! Lisa x

marg said...

Hello Christine!
Well done Mitchell!
Best wishes Elliott!
I will be thinking of you all tomorrow!

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, good luck to Elaine on the race and Mitchell is obviously catching the crafting bug! Will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Emma

baconbits said...

Morning Christine - or should we say Mitchell. What a wonderful flower from a first timer. Well done.
Will be definitely thinking that these to should be in my home...
Good luck tomorrow - will be thinking of you all.
Amanda x

Craftychris said...

How lovely of Elaine! Good luck to her for the race. Well done to Mitchell - a fab flower and tutorial indeed! Your makes are fabulous too! Will be sending good vibes for tomorrow! xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Hope all goes well for tomorrow and for the weeks after. Good luck to Elaine doing the race for life. Nice to see something different using embossing powders Mitchell. Hope you don't get to swamped. At least Mum's on the end of a phone.

nattyboots said...

Great gesture there Elaine ,Wishing you lots of good luck in your Race .

Mitchell is doing a good job as well, he had a beautiful result ,I think you had better keep your eye on your job Christine hehe , i must give a thought to having a go myself when i get more time .

Elliott i will be thinking about you Tomorrow ,im sure all will go well for you Chuck ,sending you big big hugs and lots of love Elaine xxxx

Well Christine we have a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Cheshire ,so i will go for a walk if i have time today .
Just you take care of yourself and try not to worry too much {easy said i know }
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Lots of love Elaine X

Anonymous said...

Lots of WOWS today.Well done Elaine- what a lovely gesture. Good luck for the race.
Mitchell is definitely a crafter in the making - what lovely little flowers.
Finally I'll be thinking of Elliott and you and all your family tomorrow.
With love and thoughts
Val in Spain xxx

Maddie Nottingham said...

Good morning Christine, Mitchell and Elliot. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and throughout this week. Hope all goes well. Well done Mitchell for your fantastic flower efforts, you have become a crafter! Well done Elaine for doing the race for life with Elliot in mind - I am happy to support you so let us know how you do.

Wendy L said...

This looks very interesting. xxx

Ita said...

Good Morning Christine and family ,what great wow news you have to day,well done Elaine what a fantastic gesture I love the mold step,by step, ,I spent last week looking for mold on the net and you had them all along,will e.mail you,The best of luck tomorrow Elliott, and Michael will make a great baby sitter for your shop etc.,
Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop on and say I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Take care. Claire

AnneRD said...

Well done Elaine, good luck in your race, such a thoughtful gesture.
Mitchell has done a cracking job with the flower mould. Christine, we will be expecting more from him.
Thinking of you all for tomorrow, sending you a big hug and my very best wishes. Anne (Nana Anne) x

Lynn Hardy said...

How kind and thoughtful of Elaine to run for Elliott! I'm sure that Mitchell will hold the fort admirably - you may have to find him a full time job! I'll be thinking of Elliott and all of you tomorrow and hoping that all goes smoothly.

Janice said...

Hi Chris, Firstly I would like to say "Well done" to Elaine, and secondly to wish Elliott all the very best for tomorrow. Hope all goes well and wish you a speedy recovery. I hope Elliott will do a blog for us to keep us up to date with how he is feeling. Also has he thought about setting up a blog of his own to share his experiences, thoughts etc with other people who might be going through the same as him. I think it would help if he could explain how he feels and once the operation has happened how his recovery goes. Take care all of you. Janice xx

Carolyn H. said...

Wow Christine!! What a lovely lady Elaine is to be sponsoring Elliott in the Race for Life. Can any of us send a donation to Elaine for Elliott? Would love to take part that way if its possible.
Congrats to Mitchell on his achievement, flower looks good, so does yours Christine.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow and over the next few days all of you and especially you Elliott.
Love Carolyn x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

WOW what a beautiful flower and fab tutorial made by Mitchell I can see a budding male crafter there. You must be so proud of him taking over and helping out Bless you Mitchell.

Have been thinking of you all this weekend we have the sunshine I will send some your way.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for tomorrow and the following days.

Lots of love and BIG gentle hugs Annxxx

Rita said...

What a wonderful gesture from Elaine. Great to see another crafter developing his skills Christine. Good Luck goes with Elliot tomorrow and you will all be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Elaine, and nice job Mitchell!

Good luck tomorrow. My thoughts & prayers will be with you all for tomorrow and the next few weeks.

Hugs, Nandita xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - What a wonderful gesture from Elaine. I just want to say I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow, and hoping all goes well for Elliott, which I'm sure it will. It looks like Mitchell will be taking over your classes soon Christine!
Val C xx

LisaK said...

Great demo there Mitchell ;o)

Lovely gesture from Elaine. Hope all goes well for tomorrow. I shall be thinking of you all x

hazel young said...

Hi Christine and Elliott, best of look for tomorrow. Mitchell certainly can fill your shoes for a while after than demo a crafter in the making I think. Well done to Elaine who is doing the race of life for Elliott.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Wow, how fantastic of Elaine to do the Race for Life for Elliott, such a brilliant thing to do.
Mitchell did a great job with the mould, supervised by Mum, it looked gorgeous.
Elliott, Christine, Mitchell and all your family, will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Stay Positive.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

SUE said...

Hi Christine,

That's so wonderful of Elaine, well done to her.

Mithchell is doing a wonderful job, I like the flower he has made, he will make an excellent crafter.

Thinking of you all and especially Elliott for tomorrow, good luck, I will keep everything crossed for you.

Love Sue xx

Chrissie J Lui said...

Hi Christine....

Good luck Elaine with the race what a lovely thoughtful thing to do.
Mitchell your flower is lovely well done.
My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow....

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

Nikki Payne said...

Great demo...could I borrow him! I hate my hands on show and I have to do a tutorial on my blog this week :(
I really must have a play with these products they look so much fun :)
Hugs Nikki x

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