Friday, 17 May 2013

It's Friday! Winner and Favourites!

Hello friends
You will be pleased to know Bella is no longer slacking - I set her to work!
Here is the evidence..... picking out the winner of Decorative Dress Forms.

She selected the winner and is not going to part with it!
 You might just be able to make out the writing....
 The chewing begins!

She's putting her foot (paw) down!
Finally the salvaged piece of paper revealing the winner! 
Congratulations to Pat S Witney
Please drop me an email and I/Mitchell will send 
them straight out to you.
I've had Mitchell in training all this week - I will make a crafter of him yet!

I'm afraid no Friday Die Day today but I promise they will return later this year.
Instead I've put together a collage featuring 30 previous Friday Die Days 
(there were more but I couldn't fit them all into the picture!)  
There is a HUGE amount of tags!
You should be able to click on the image for larger pictures.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Take care friends.


Rose in Chester said...

Such a lovely collage......
You and yours must be feeling excited but also a bit jittery as this is the weekend before the op. My very good wishes to Elliott, "well done" to Mitchell and my hat off to you for holding it together, it can't be easy.
Have a lovely weekend, all of you.

Hellma said...

Great collage Christine, Hope you have a chilled weekend, i know it will be hard but try relax, will be thinking about all of you on Monday. X

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, glad to see Bella is "back at work". She looks so cute. You can imagine she is thinking "it looks like Elliott wants this paper from my mouth - well he is not getting it, well not without a fight anyway".
I love the collage you have done of your previous FDD. Thanks for the reminder of your lovely creations.
Congratulations to Pat on her win.
Have a lovely day.
Elizabeth x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. So many pretty cards and tags. Try and get some rest over the weekend and just spend time together. Don't stress over unimportant stuff. Remember the saying "Our home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". Will be thinking of you all on Monday. Take care.

melanie said...

Such a lovely array of pic`s ,well done to Pat ,I hope everything goes well on Monday will be thinking of you HUgs .Melanie

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Thank you for the lovely many gorgeous projects. Congraulations to Pat, I love the photos of Bella, It looks as though you were all having some fun with her!

Have a good weekend, thinking of you all for Monday.
Janice x

Clai01 said...

What a lovely collage, Spellbinders must be very proud that you are on their team Christine as your work is gorgeous!
Will be thinking about you all at weekend and on Monday x

Anonymous said...

Well done to Pat.
So many lovely projects and I liked yesterdays as well. Have a good weekend. Juliatx

Carole Z said...

Congrats Pat! Love your collage of projects..will be thinking about you all this weekend and wishing Elliott well for Monday, sending a big hug to you all (and Bella), Carole Z XX

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Bella looks so cute,well done Pat.
Thank you for the collage,all those FDD,and all great projects,looking forward to later in the year when we see FDD again but untill then please look after yourself and Elliott,Tthinking of you all, Take care. x.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Bella looks so cute,well done Pat.
Thank you for the collage,all those FDD,and all great projects,looking forward to later in the year when we see FDD again but untill then please look after yourself and Elliott,Tthinking of you all, Take care. x.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Brilliant collage today. Bella did a fantastic job, she didn't want to give up her 'prize' either ha ha. Congratulations to Pat S Witney, you lucky lady.
Good Luck for next week, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Love the collage. Best wishes for next week we will all be thinking of you xx

Chris said...

Ahh, Well done to Pat, and good girl Bella, she looks tiny being held by Mitchell. Good luck for Monday I think you might need to keep yourselves very occupied this weekend, hope all goes well. Lots of love, Chris X

Toni said...

Well done Pat, Bella, the boys and of course you Christine.
Lovely collage today. Just try and have a nive restful family weekend now and know that all your friends will be thinking of you all, especially Elliott, on Monday. Good luck and best wishes.
Toni xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Well done to Pat for winning ,and well done to Bella for coming out of retirement ...

You have given us a lovely array of past FDD its lovely to see them posted all together { it reminded me a bit of Christmas with all those goodies to look at and drool over }.

Sending you big hugs along with my thoughts and prayers .

Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Well done to Pat, looks like Bella had fun with her paper prize. A lovely array of FDD projects will be looking at them all.
I'll be thinking of you all on Monday and sending you hugs and good wishes.

Pat S Witney said...

hi Christine

just looks at your collage and then the penny dropped that I had won the dress forms. I was gobsmacked, thanks so much Bella for picking my name. Love today's collage. Hugs to Elliot and hope his op goes well. Thanks to Mitchell for holding to fort so to speak. I shall now go and email you. Many hugs.

Wendy L said...

Great collage of tags, congrats to winner too. xxxx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, congrats to pat on winning the lovely dies. Try and relax over the weekend - easier said than done i know! Will be thinking of you all on Monday. Emma

Jean Z said...

Lovely collage Christine so pretty,Hope all go's well on Monday all our thoughts are with you love Jean Z xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
lovely collage today. Have a good relaxing weekend all of you, and we will be thinking of you Monday, with all our thoughts and prayers. Special hugs to you all,
love Carole N xxx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine.. lovely display of your projects... Loved the pics of Bella being naughty daughters dog wont let go of paper if he gets hold of it

Hope you have a lovely weekend and do some fun things to keep you busy. Thinking of you all and hope that all goes well on Monday.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Congratulations to the winner Christine, Bella did a smashing job! I hope you and your family have a smashing weekend and enjoy the time together. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all! Susan xx

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Congratulations to Pat. Your collage looks wonderful and I would love to see it. Thinking about you All Hugs Rita xxx

Ita said...

Hi Christine Bella is a great girl and good at her job lol love the collage,do not wory about your blog,we all know you have your hands full,just blog when you can.


Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, Bella is simply adorable even if she didn't pick out my name :) Congrats to the winner of the dies. :) Great collage. Will be thinking of you all on Monday. Lots of love xxxx

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
Thank you for going to the trouble of putting the collage of Fdd's together, it looks fab , I am looking forward to checking out the tags !
I hope you have lots of things organised for the weekend, it's going to be a struggle .
You will be in my thoughts all weekends
Hugs to you all xxx
Sandra xx

Maggieann said...

Hi there Christine, love the F DD collage- it's inspirational! Thinking of you all as Monday approaches and sending positive vibes and big hugs to you all xxx

Sue B said...

Congratulations to the winner of the dies today. Fab collage am going to study it a bit closer later on. Good luck & best wishes to Elliott & all of you for next week. Everything will be fine!!!

Janice said...

Christine, the photograph looks really good showing off all your designs like that. Would make a good front cover of a book..... if you ever fancy compiling one. xx
Janice xx

Lacelady said...

Well done Bella, good to see you are back in business, even if you didn't pull my name out.

Craftychris said...

Congratulations to Pat and what a fabulous collage! Lovely to see Bella working hard! xx

Carol J said...

Hi Christine, What a great picture that is of the three of them together. I think that's one for a frame and on the wall,
Much love, Carol xxxx (one each)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - Congratulations to Pat on her win, and thanks for the copy of selection of previous F.D.D. What a happy picture of Mitchell, Elliott and Bella,(one big happy family). Best wishes go with you all for Elliott's op next week.
Val C xx

val jones said...

Hi Christine. So many lovely cards and tags today.

Congrats to Pat.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Love Val in Spain xxx

Chrissie J Lui said...

Hi Christine, Congrats to Pat.
Love them all Christine.
Christine the box and tags are they spellbinders?
Have a great weekend, will be thinking of you all on Monday.

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, Good luck for Monday, hope it all goes well, will be thinking of you and elliott, Lynn xx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - good to see Bella 'working' and your beautiful boys helping out - congrats to Pat. Our thoughts and good wishes will be with you next week. Thanks for the great collage - you are so thoughtful Christine.
Take care.
Hugs to all.
Heather W

AnneRD said...

Firstly, congratulations to Pat, I am sure she will enjoy working with the dies.
What a lovely photo of Bella and the boys, she looks so sweet and tiny in Mitchell's hands, I can see why you all love her so much!
Great to see the collage, will have to revisit the pages. Best wishes, Anne x

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