Sunday, 26 May 2013

Home and First

Hello friends
I am pleased to say we are home from hospital - I don't think we have ever
been more grateful to step through the front door.

Everyone at the hospital were absolutely brilliant but there is nothing like your own home.
Although I have quickly discovered a downside to home...I do not have
the doctors and nurses on hand and checking Elliott every couple of hours and I suddenly feel the huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders.  Still, being a mother comes with a variety of rewards and challenges and you just have to meet each one in turn.

I will not go into all the details of Elliott's surgery, you might be reading this at meal time!
But what I will say is that the tumour has affected his pituitary gland (known as the 'master gland').
Going forward everything that gland produces will now have to be artificially provided.
Elliott will reach normal height, puberty etc by the time he is aged 23/24 and that is 
obviously a lot to take in.  We still have radiotherapy ahead of us and an array of tests 
but at least the surgery is done and dusted.

As mentioned, I will be providing details of a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell.

This will be in the form of a craft event at the studio/shop and also for those that live further away 
the opportunity to buy a kit.  Watch this space....

Now to craft - yippee I have something to share with you!
This is a scrapbook page that has just appeared in the Spellbinders Idea Gallery -
you can see all the details here.
The photo is Bella receiving her 'first' at the Higham Dog Show last year.
A real assortment of dies here - again, the page reminds me of a pinboard design.
This year's dog show takes place tomorrow - unsure if we will get there but if we do
I will undoubtedly share photos.

Before I go I want to say the biggest THANK YOU ever for all the comments and emails.
Forgive me if I have not responded to you personally - I have got a bit confused with who I have replied to
because of using my phone, iPad when away.  I can promise you that I have read each one
and they are all very uplifting and supportive - it really truly helps.

Take care friends and enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend.


Diane said...

Don't you worry, you strike me as a very loving and capable person and Mother. You will manage the responsibility just fine, because he is your son and you will do anything for him. Accept help and support from anywhere you can and stay strong.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Fantastic news for Elliot to be home so soon.
Sounds like Elliot has a way to go, but its forwards and upwards now the worst part is over. Keep strong both of you.
Looking forward to your fund raising.

MARION said...

Hi Hunni, so glad that's all over and things can only get better now
Love and hugs to you all xxxx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, so glad all is well so far :) It's so nice to get back home from hospital isn't it! What a brave boy you have there :)To Elliot: You never know, you might grow taller than Mitchell now! :) Love the page with Bella on. Enjoy your Bank Holiday with your boys and Bella, Christine xxxxxxxxx

nmty said...

Hi christine I am so pleased that Elliott has come home so soon after surgery. I am sure you will be fussing over him loads. Lv norma

Hellma said...

Great to hear Elliot is home and recovering so well, hope Mitchell managed to get housework done for you getting home.

AnneRD said...

Good Morning Christine
What wonderful news. It is so good to be back in you own home with your close family around you. Have a really lovely Bank Holiday. Anne x

Cornish Emma said...

Glad you are both home, don't worry just take it one day at a time. When you can take time for yourself, from experience I know it is needed and will help you to help Elliot. Sending hugs Emma

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine.. I cant believe that you are home so soon but think its better to be home. I am sure that you will cope with all that is in front of you and the hospital will help if you need advice. Love the scrapbook page, Bella looks so pleased with herself.

Looking forward to seeing your kits, just wish I could come to the studio again it was such a lovely day

Hope you manage to enjoy some of the sunshine on your new lawn

Take care

Sue xxx

Sally said...

Hi Christine, such great news that Elliott is home. I wouldn't worry about being responsible watching over Elliott, you have already done a great job and I have no doubts you always will. Can't wait to see what craft events and kits you will being doing, I look forward to it, and for such a good charity.
I bet Mitchell is glad to have you both home, he must have missed you. Although may be he enjoyed being master of the house and business for a short while.
Take care and enjoy your bank holiday together as a family should be.
Sally xx

Ella's Design said...

So glad to hear that you're back in the comfort of your own surroundings! Although it is a worry not having the medical help there, I'm sure a mother is as good as any nurse! Sending the very best of wishes for the road ahead and Elliott's continuing treatment. Lisa x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, You are a strong person and you will cope wonderfully as you have so far, all my love to all of you and my prays are with you love Jean Z xx

sue jones said...

Glad you are home -best place for him to feel better xx Don't worry too much , its totally amazing what we mothers can do (((hug))))

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful news that you are home and the first step of this journey is over. You are so positive and responsible, I know Eliot could not be in better hands. May things continue to go well and I look forward to hearing more about the fundraising event. Your page for SB is wonderful!

Clai01 said...

Glad you are both home now xx

marg said...

Hello Christine!
What a relief to be in your own bed, and making tea from your own kettle.
There is a way to go, but the worst part is behind you both, I hope Elliott is relaxed now he is home too!
take care

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine Fantastic news that Elliot is home. You'll find that you'll manage just fine. Accept all the help you can get, so that you can have a break as well. Mothers always cope with whatever is thrown at our children. Hugs to you all, and have a lovely weekend.

Sheelagh Davidson said...

Love & best wishes to Elliot, you and all your family.

The worst is now behind you and things can only get better.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news that you are both home. Nothing beats being in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. Take care and love to you all. Claire

mags said...

Great news that you are now back home. Nothing like being in your own home to aid recovery. Onwards and upwards from now on.

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
I am so pleased that you are both home from the hospital now, I expect Mitchell is relieved, and Bella of course. You still have a long way to go so keep strong and take care. I am looking forward to seeing what you do for the craft event.
Hugs to you all
Sue xx

SUE said...

Hi Christine,

I am so happy for you all that Elliott is now home and all went well with the surgery, you still have a long road ahead of you,stay positive, we are all here for you and your family.

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you do for the craft event.

Love Sue xx

Debbie said...

Beautiful layout and how adorable Bella is.I'm so pleased that Elliot and yourselves are back home.You have all been through it lately and I want to send you some hugs.You will do absolutely fine caring for Elliot as you have done already for many years as a Mum.Take care of yourselves.Hugs Debbie x

Sue B said...

Fabulous news Christine that Elliott & yourself of course are now back at home. Like you say he still has a way to go but I would imagine that the most scariest part is now behind you. You are such a strong & loving family that I'm sure you will get through whatever is thrown at you. A lovely page with Bella, she is such a cutie.
Take care all of you.

Janice said...

Wonderful news Christine, I'm so pleased you are both back home as I'm sure you and Elliot are along with all the family!

Although there's a way to go yet, it sounds like Elliot is making really good progress. You'll soon feel at ease being away from the hospital staff.

Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for the fundraising. Love your scrapbook page too.
Take care
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Home sweet home. How lovely you are back - it is good to hear that. Keep well everyone. Who knows what Bella might do if you can make a return visit to the show!! I love your page. Phil D

Layerlass67 said...

Hi Christine and Elliott. welcome home! So glad all has gone as well as it has and I am sure, Christine, that Elliott thinks you are the best nurse he can have. You will be fine, I'm sure. Just make sure you take it nice and slow Elliott. Love & Hugs.

Gemma xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine- a very big welcome home to you and Elliott. there is nothing like your own home, with all your family around you to help you through the coming months. Bella certainly looks the star of the show on this scrapbook page. (bet she is hoping to make the show again!).
Val C xx (with an extra big hug for Elliott)

ginny c said...

Wonderful news that Elliott is home, nothing like your own bed, it is mums job to worry you will be fine love to you all ginny xxx

Mary by the Sea said...

So glad to hear that Elliott is home. So many benefits for him and you being at home. I am sure that Mitchell is glad to have you both back.

Look forward to the crafty event for Macdonald charity. Have been telling all my family and friends to put all their odd bits of change in the collection boxes when they go for their burgers and frappachinos...!!(not sure that's the correct spelling but they are good).

Take care all of you..

Mary xx

loftylass said...

How lovely that you are both back home. Scary for you, I can magine,
but I'm also sure you will cope.
Take one day at a time and enjoy being with your family.
Love the scrapbook page. Have a great bank holiday weekend.
Hugs to all.
Heather W

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
So glad you are both home, I'm sure Elliott will recover much quicker being home with you looking after him and his family around him. Mums' never stop worrying and there is no better person to look after Elliott. I bet he was pleased to see Bella too. Love the scrapbook page featuring the beautiful Bella. Love to you all.
Chris X

hazel young said...

So glad to hear you are back in your own nest and things are good with you all. Hope things are not too much for you in the coming weeks. Love the scrapbook page. Have a lovely bank holiday xx hazel

Maddike Nottingham said...

Hi Christine & all your family, Thank goodness you are home and the worst is now out of the way. Please wish Elliot a speedy recovery and that he has been so very brave. Have a peaceful weekend as you start to begin life again and may it bring hope, peace and happiness for you all. Loving the scrapbook page also!!

Wendy L said...

Good to be home I,m sure, glad it went as well as it could do. It is very hard being a Mum, but also a joy too. Hugs to you all. xxx

Chrissie J Lui said...

Hi Christine, I am so pleased that you are home. I know you will be worried not having the doctor's and nurses around you, but I know that you will cope well. Like others have said take any help that is offered.
Mitchell and Bella must be so pleased that you are home too.
Elliot you do have a long journey ahead of you but with the love and support of your family your journey will be in love and light.
Look forward to the craft event wish I could attend in person but alas I live in Devon.
Sending you all (((BIG HUGS)))
Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday.

Chrissie x x x

Sandra said...

My Dear Friend,
I am so pleased that you are home already, I am surprised too, isn't it
amazing that in todays world you can have brain surgery and be home within a week!! Elliott must be so happy to be home in his own bed!
I am sure Mitchell is glad to have you both home too, it is very hard to be the one left worrying at home.
I know you still have a huge path ahead but you have already cleared a major hurdle.
Elliott you are one very brave, amazing young man!
Christine you are one of the best, most thoughtful mums I know, you will be fine, I know you will worry, after all thats part of our 'job'!
I am truly so pleased you are both home.
love and huge hugs,
Sandra xxx

Sandra said...

My Dear Friend,
I am so pleased that you are home already, I am surprised too, isn't it
amazing that in todays world you can have brain surgery and be home within a week!! Elliott must be so happy to be home in his own bed!
I am sure Mitchell is glad to have you both home too, it is very hard to be the one left worrying at home.
I know you still have a huge path ahead but you have already cleared a major hurdle.
Elliott you are one very brave, amazing young man!
Christine you are one of the best, most thoughtful mums I know, you will be fine, I know you will worry, after all thats part of our 'job'!
I am truly so pleased you are both home.
love and huge hugs,
Sandra xxx

Janice said...

As they say "there's no place like home" - glad that you are able to come home so soon after surgery - that in it's self is a positive - they wouldn't let Elliott out if they thought it was too soon for him or you to cope. You've come home to a lovely sunny weekend so sit outside in your lovely garden and just RELAX!!!!!!. Just have the rest of the weekend as a normal family doing normal things. Looking forward to your craft event. Take care all of you. Janice xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

So delighted to read this Christine that you are all home safe and sound! You will slip easily into the role of nurse and your loving care will do a lot more towards Elliot's recovery than any health professional can provide at this stage! My sister had a tumour on her pituitary gland removed many years ago. The radiotherapy will soon be behind you and you can look forward to the future! Hugs Susan x

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi christine so happy for you Elliott and Michael that you are home ,my goodness so fast I thought it would be another week,You will manage fine you are a great Mother and just take it one step at a time,your body is in shock,all of you at home now will begin the healing process.
Congrats on your Scrapbook page Bella is looking well

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, I am really pleased both you and Elliott are home, and I am sure Bella is too.
Still a long way to go but I am sure you will all cope with anything you have to do.
Looking forward to your fund raising, please take care. x.

Rita said...

Good News Christine. Hopefully Elliot will go from strength to strength. He has endeared himself to us all with his great ability to cope with this episode in his life and I'm sure he'll conquer the rest too. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

Teresa said...

It is so good to hear that you are home and things are going forward in such a positive way! I could not be more happier and overjoyed for all of you and wish you the best and will continue prayers for a speedy recovery! Lots of Hugs and Love sent your way to all of you and have a wonderful week!

Michelle Lock said...

Hi Christine
Glad you are both back home and reunited with Mitchell and Bella. Just wanted to say that the Ronald McDonald House charity is fantastic and when my second son was born with heart problems they made a room available for me no questions. As it turned out I didn't stay there in end as my son was transferred to a childrens hospital after a few days in special care and then he was sent home with the tiniest heart monitor. We all joked that he had his first ipod! Anyway I live to far to get to your beautiful shop but will happily buy a kit to support your fund raising endeavours. Keep getting better Elliott. Hugs to you all.
Michelle x.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, lovely to hear the fantastic news that Elliott is home and you are all reunited as a family again. I am absolutely amazed how quickly it has been. I bet Mitchell and Bella were chuffed to see you both back where you belong.
The worst is over and although there is a way to go the rest will be a breeze from what you have already been through.
Onwards and upwards.
It is a lovely day here today, hope it is for you and you can enjoy some sunshine.
Looking forward to your kits coming out. Will most definitely support the charity campaign.
Have a lovely day.
Elizabeth x

Willsnan said...

So glad to hear that you are all home and together. I always think that the real recovery doesn't begin until you're back in your own familiar surroundings with all your loved ones around you. We mums are up to any and all challenges thrown at us in respect of our children so I know you will all cope. Accept all the help that is offered and on bad days - ask for support - and enjoy the lovely bank holiday weather. Looking forward to your fundraising event, but look after yourself because Elliot and Mitchell (& Bella) need you to be on top of things. Hugs to you all xx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family good wishes for all that lay ahead of you.
Look after one another.
Gill c

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I am so glad to hear the fantastic news of you and Elliots arrival home. Be very gentle with yourself for a while. Elliot will be fine, you may worry but you will always do the right thing for him so relax. Now the worst is over you may find that you don't feel so good, that is perfectly normal, as Ita says you are in shock. As a mum you always cope, as you have been since Elliots diognosis, no matter what is thrown at you but now is the time to pamper yourself and Mitchell too just as much as you are pampering Elliot. Lovely page with Bella by the way. Take care.

Maggie said...

Hello. What good news that you are at home. They wouldn't have let you out if they didn't think you'd cope brilliantly. I have a daughter who was in Great Ormond St. and didn't want to come home! You'll manage and so will Elliott but it will take some adjusting. Have fun each day and find something to laugh at. It's the best medicine. xxMargaretxx

Wilma Brown said...

Great news, nothing helps the healing process better than being at home. It will be a bit scary for you but soon you will get back into your rouine. Hope Mitchell coped well in your absence, it would be a worrying time for him too. Bella looks magnificent with her winner rosette, hope you make it tomorrow for another wining prize.

Take car.

Wilma x x x

Anonymous said...

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Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
Good news indeed - I bet your home was a very happy home, with everyone back together. Did Bella go crazy?
You'll soon get used to looking after Elliott, I'm sure he'll point out if you're not doing it properly. And like you say, it's a way to go yet but progress is good.
Hope you'll be able to make the show tomorrow and Bella will get another prize, she IS beautiful.

Carole Z said...

So glad you are both home and don't worry, you are such a well centred person, that you will be fine and so will Elliott with your 'fussing' ! It's probably to early to even think about, but working in the voluntary sector as I do, I get to know about a lot of charities..and you've probably already been given this info by the hospital, but if not there is a very good info and advice charity for anyone who has a pituitary condition and their families - so for future reference:
thought this might help Carole Z XX

Maggieann said...

Hello Christine,what great news - you are all home together again! I expect Mitchell and Bella were as pleased to see you and Elliott as you were to see them. I feel certain that Elliott will go from strength to strength in the warmth of your loving family. As others have said,do take care of yourself and accept help when you can. Love the scrapbook page,as always Bella looks adorable! I'm looking forward to the fundraising kit. Much love to you and your wonderful boy's xxx

Toni said...

Wonderful news Christine, so pleased to hear that you are both back home. I totally understand how nervous you must be feeling about looking after Elliott but I'm sure the natural motherly instinct will just kick in and take over now that you are back.
I think that everyone has already said what we are all thinking so all that is left for me to say is well done Elliott, what a brave boy and well done Mum, just for being Mum. It can't have been an easy time.
I hope Elliott continues to recover without any further problems.
Toni xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, so pleased that Elliot is home again. I am confident you will manage but also know that you can contact the staff any time you need to, so please don't worry, just enjoy being your at home again.
Love X Ros

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I am so glad that you and Elliott are now home, you will get through this, all of you, I bet Mitchell and your Mum and Dad are so pleased that this hurdle is over. I'm sure that there will always be someone at the end of the phone, if you are anxious, and all our good wishes and prayers will help you along the way.
What a brilliant layout, and Bella looks so proud with her First.
Bring on the fundraiser.
Keep strong.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are both home. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are planning to do for the fundraising. Juliat x

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, So good to hear that Elliot is home, he must be on the mend. Looking forward to your fundraising kit... Keep strong Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Glad the stay in hospital is over and everything is now upward and onward.
Bella looks so proud.

Love Val in Spain xxx

Maggie J said...

Glad to hear that you are home and the first hurdle is over, it's one step at a time.
Maggie J

Anonymous said...

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nattyboots said...

There is no place like home ,Scary for you i know but as each day passes and Elliott gets stronger ,you will feel less stressed im sure .

Have a lovely weekend all of you

Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

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Regina Paes said...

Glad you are both home. I came across your blog a few days ago and have been reading along. I'm loving it! Keep up the good mood.
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