Thursday, 2 May 2013

Before, After and Winner!

Hello friends
As promised the before and after photos of Bella.
Before: a little bit too curly (that's the Poodle in her)
 Posing for the camera - I call this her 'Chewbacca' look.....
For any of you that recall Star Wars....
this is Chewbacca

and this is a Chewbacca toy.... it is definitely a Bella look-a-like!

And now to the 'After Picture' - quite a transformation!
I think she looks lovely and quite like a meerkat!
Okay so I've gone on enough about the dog!  
How about something else -  knitting anyone?
The lovely Kathy has sent me some Alpaca wool to knit with.  Now, I'm not a brilliant knitter,
I'm good at straight scarves! I've made a start on a scarf which I will share with you soon although I'm also not very fast so it should be ready for Winter!

Now to the winner of the bag of bezels...
I asked Elliott to select a winner and after tapping away at his iPhone for 
some minutes he announced....

Congratulations Emma - drop me an email with your address and I will get the bezels sent out to you.

Finally a craft project - something previously featured but a favourite of mine.
A scrapbook page featuring my boys with my Dad taken a few years ago.
As you can see I've recycled some pieces of jigsaw puzzle and managed to squeeze in a few butterflies.
I will be back soon.
Take care friends.


Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, i love the scruffy look better, Bella needs to look rough. Ok I know its harder to keep her coat from matting but see looks so sweet. Love the scrapbook page the boys look so young, nice memories.

Wilma x x x

melanie said...

I think Bella looks better scruffy ,But I`m sure the short coat will be better for summer ,I hope I have not just dampened that by saying it ,love the layout of your scrapbook page .Melanie

Carole Z said...

I think Bella looks beautiful either way and I'm sure she'll love having less fur for summer! Great pics and page layout...congrats to Cornish Emma! Carole Z X

Maggieann said...

Hi Christine,
Wow, what a transformation! Bella is such a beauty ~ true to her name.Love the scrapbook page, what memories it must bring back.It's a beautiful day here in Derby, hope it's the same for you.Hugs to you all xx

Janice said...

Morning Christine

I love Bella's new look! I'm sure it's better for her in the warmer weather. Great scrapbook page with a fabulous happy picture!

Congratulations to Cornish Emma, enjoy your prize!
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Lucky Bella seems to be able to wear different styles and always look good! Enjoy the long weekend. Juliatx

Wendy L said...

Bella is a cutie either posh or not, congrats to winner too. xxx

Clai01 said...

Bella looks adorable either way, your garden looks pretty Christine too!

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I love Bella's new look but I love her all shaggy too

Love the scrapbook page, very clever use of the jigsaw with the sentiment. I used to do a lot of knitting (have a knitting machine but its not been used for years)

Congratulations Emma

Sue xxx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations to Emma, well done. Bella looks fab and she even looks like she is smiling. Your stylist made a much better job of her than I did on my little dog, Misty.
Love your scrapbook page as well, it's a great way to save memories.
Love to you all.
Chris X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, I love the photos of Bella,she looks lovely with or without her haircut.
Another super scrapbook page,what great memories you must have. Take care. x.

hazel young said...

morning Christine lovely photos and scrapbook page xx hazel

val jones said...

Hi Christine. Love todays blog. It had me smiling all the way through it. Bella looks so beautiful - like a little puppy again. Lovely scrapbook page. The boys look so young and of course the small butterflies had to get in somewhere.
When my children were small I used to knit all their jumpers and cardies but haven't done any knitting for years.I keep looking at the lovely pattens out there so maybe one day soon.
Congrats to Emma.

Take care.
Love Val in Spain xxx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Bella looks fabulous Christine your pictures made me smile! Its amazing how like Chewbacca she did look like! Fabulous picture on your lovely layout too! Congratulations to Emma. Hugs Susan x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Bella looks like a different dog, I love her new look so sweet.
Your boys look so young, happy family memories to treasure, great scrapbook page.
Well done to Emma.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Bella looks like a different dog, I love her new look so sweet.
Your boys look so young, happy family memories to treasure, great scrapbook page.
Well done to Emma.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, WOW i won and thats made my day before i head of to hospital! Thank you i will enjoy playing with them. Bella looks like a different dog and gorgeous scrap page love the layout and photo. Emma

nattyboots said...

Aww what a happy,happy blog page today,just right for the beautiful sunshine we have this morning.

Bella is so adorable with whatever coat she wears, a right Diva im thinking .

Love your scrapbook page , so nice to look back on .

Congrats to Cornish Emma

Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog enjoy it every day. Bella looks so nice. Happy. Days. Phil D

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
Bella looks soooooo cute either way, but I am sure the new look will be better for her through the summer. She's gorgeous either way. I love the scrapbook page. Keep up with the knitting, it is so relaxing, I am doing a cabled cardi at the moment, even that's relaxing, but you are the lucky one with the alpaca wool, it's so soft. Congrats to Cornish Emma enjoy your prize.
Take care Sue xx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - quite a transformation I must admit... better for the warmer weather(ha ha) but I do love her 'scruffy look'.
Great scrapbook page - one to treasure. tfs

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
Bella looks so grown up, love both looks, but think she will appreciate the hair cut if the we are going to have the promised sunny summer.
Great scrapbook page, lovely picture of the boys with their grandad.
Anne x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I love Bella neat and tidy she looks so pretty, and the photo of your Dad and the boys is lovely love Jean Z xx

kelly said...

Christine,I've been absent from the blogging world for a while, & have been catching up on your blog.OK may I send lots of love & prayers to you,Elliot and the rest of the family. Keep strong & positive. On a lighter note OMG I just adore Bella before & after! & as for the lookalike pics,your spot on! I'm sure she lifts the mood in your house.she's beautiful! Your scrapbook page is gorgeous, how your boys have grown! Where does the time go?
Take care :-)

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
doesn't Bella look fab. No wonder she won the contest last year.
Congratulations to Cornish Emma on her win.
I love the scrapbook page. The picture is so bright and cheerful they look like they were sharing a very precious time and joke together.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Rita said...

What fabulous pictures Christine. You are so lucky to get the chance to knit with Alpaca, its such a luxury wool. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xx

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, What a lovely layout and photo of your Dad and boys.
Oh what a difference a hair cut makes -- 'Bella beautiful'.
Congrats to Cornish Emma, enjoy using them.
Crafty best wishes, Carolyn x.

Ita said...

Hi Christine Bella is looking very smart and I love the comparisons ,congrats to the winner,and the scrapbook page is stunning.

Craftychris said...

Congratulations to Cornish Emma! Gorgeous Bella and gorgeous page! xx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I love the scruffy Bella, it gives her a mischievous look lol! But she still looks cute scalped.Congrats to the winner of the bezels :). Love the scb page. Have a lovely day xxx

Janice said...

Wow doesn't Bella look all grown up !!. What a pretty girl she is. Love the scrapbook page using pieces of a jigsaw. Clever idea. Janice x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, just read today's post and how varied and interesting it is.
Awwwww, little Bella looks even more cute (if that is possible) and quite grown up after the cut I thought!!! Your garden is looking like spring has finally sprung, lovely. It's about time we saw some new life in the garden.
What beautiful wool Kathy. And congrats to Cornish Emma on her win.
Love the scrapbook page, Mitchell hasn't changed much has he? And I love the idea of recycling jigsaw pieces, thanks for the idea.
Have a lovely day

Elaine said...

Gorgeous scrapbook page Christine ! Bella looks cute although I loved the chewy look aswell xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - what a great scrapbook page - your dad and the boys were having a whale of time time together! Love Bella's new haircut she looks all grown up now.
Val C xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Congratulations to Cornish Emma, you lucky lady.
You are right Bella did have a resemblance to Chewbacca, but she looks absolutely gorgeous after her 'coiffure' and at least she will be cooler with her new look.
Brilliant layout for your scrapbook page.
It has been a brilliant sunshiny day here today, and I spent it at a Craft Show in Manchester ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

bella looks lovely in her scruffy coat. Mind you she will be cooler in the summer.

Nikki Payne said...

Ohhh.... she is such a poser!
Love the scrapbook layout:) what a wonderful idea with the jigsaw pieces!
Nikki x

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