Friday, 3 May 2013

It's Friday!

Hello friends
It is Friday and what shall I do this week???

Firstly I never heard back from the second winner of the pre-loved Vintage Lace Accents

so I decided to draw another name and the winner is....

Please drop me an email -
with your address and I will send them out to you.

I've decided I really like this giveaway of pre-loved dies so how about this week I
offer something butterfly-ish!
Fanciful Flight
No secret how much I adore butterflies and I love this set.  
In fact I thought I would share with you a photo collage of just some of my butterfly
projects - a flutter overkill!
If you would like to win the set of Fanciful Flight just leave a comment on this blog post and
I will organise a draw next week.

Other news:
A little home update: I have to admit this week has been a bit of a struggle,
still waiting on a date for Elliott's surgery despite reassurances from the hospital that he is urgent. 
It keeps us all on tenterhooks.  
We have definitely decided that 2013 is living up to its unlucky number status!

Despite this, we are all trying to keep focused and busy.  
Elliott has enticed me back to playing some computer games with him (they are jolly addictive you know!)
and also a good old fashioned game of cards is enjoyed often.

Have a wonderful weekend - I do hope you have sunshine where you are.
Take care.


Hazel said...

Oh not good that your are still waiting to be given a date for Elliot's surgery. I have to say up here at Ninewells Dundee once you have all your tests and scans the whole team involved in your care meet the first Wednesday after the results come through and your are told the next day your date, so no hanging about. But just keep positive and carry on as normal a routine as possible.


Chris said...

Hello Christine,
So sorry Elliott is still waiting for his surgery date, the waiting must be awful but hang in there. All your butterfly projects are beautiful as usual. Hope your get some news very soon.
Chris X

Anonymous said...

Love these designs Christine, thank you for your inspiration. Best wishes to you and your family. Hope Elliot gets his appointment soon.


melanie said...

This is so bad no date yet ,keep strong it must be awful what your going through .love the projects you have done with these dies .Melanie

Wilma Brown said...

This hanging around puts a strain on everyone. If an operation is needed and it classed as urgent then it should be carry out promptly, NHS has a lot to answer for. Elliot must be a very brave boy to carry on normally while waiting and you must be pulling your hair out with the delays. Keep strong.

Love your dies and what you have done with them.

Wilma x x x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Sorry to hear you are still waiting for Elliots surgery date. Love the butterfly projects, so pretty. Take care.

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
There is nothing worse than waiting for the appointment hang in there it will come and then everything will happen at once.
Love the projects with the butterflies they just finish it off.
Amanda x

sue jones said...

Sorry you are still waiting - its awful :(
I have been nursing hubby after a small op - Goodness knows what you are going though !
Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope the date comes through soon. The butterfly projects are great, especially the bookends. There's something about butterflies that always makes me smile. Juliatx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Christine I am so sorry that you are still waiting for a date for Elliott. The anticipation is worse I think, once you have your date then you can truly prepare and I am sure things will happen fast then. At least you are getting more time to enjoy fun things together with Elliott I love computer games but must confess to not being very good, my husband's six year old grandson beats me everytime!! Stay strong, hugs Susan x

barbiepinkfairy said...

Butterfly dies are gorgeous I just have a couple so more would be welcome! Once you get your date it will happen fast and hopefully on the road to recovery. Stay strong all of you. xxx

Clai01 said...

Oh I love this set of dies! Thank you for the chance to win it.
Hope you hear soon over the surgery date, my fingers are crossed xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
I was hoping that you would have a date by now, but it looks like we'll have to keep hoping for a bit longer. I can understand the huge strain this must put on all of you but it's good to hear that you're hanging in there with a positive attitude such as using the waiting time to spend quality time together.
Today's posts: one can NEVER have flutterby overkill - LOVE the scrapbook page with you on it, and also the card on the right, second from the top. That has always been my favourite, from the moment I first saw it. Love the colours in that one.
Despite all the worry, wishing you and your family a good weekend with some sunshine for cheer.
Best wishes, Rose

Elaine said...

Morning christine I do hope they sort Elliots op soon. Its good you are managing to get to spent some time together gaming ! Love the featured crafts today the die set is fab. Will keep my fingers crossed. Take care all of you and keep your chin up xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine and family, well again you have to wait to hear from the hospital for your appointment its like a living hell I know, but you will come through keep positive...
The butterfly dies are great as they feel like freedom and need to be used a lot in all aspects of crafting. hope to hear good news soon
take care love Pam S

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Fabulous projects and fabulous set of dies! Thank you so much for the chance of winning, it's really kind of you.

I hope you hear something from the hospital for Elliot very soon. We have been in a similar situation recently with my hubby, and I know it can be quite stressful so I have a small understanding of how you must be feeling. Things become so different with a date to work towards. Try to keep positive and occupied.
Thinking of you all. Take care.
Janice x

Carolyn Bell said...

Hi, I really feel for you having to wait and wait but it's obviously for a reason and it is giving you more quality family time. I agree with one of the other comments, you can never have too many butterflies! Have a great weekend! Love Carolyn x

Lacelady said...

I'd love it if Bella pulled out my name for the dies, but more concerned that you still don't have a date - good that you are keeping occupied, try not to worry, it will come soon, hang in there. Sending (((((hugs))))

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. I hope the date for Elliott comes soon it must be a real strain.
Love all your projects today they are really pretty.
Have a good day and try to enjoy the sunshine,
Take care. x.

Maggieann said...

Hello Christine,
So sorry to hear that you and Elliott are still waiting to hear about the surgery date ~ waiting can be so debilitating but stay positive and, hopefully the date will come soon. Love the work you have showcased today, especially the 'window of opportunity' ~ a definite idea to try soon. Stay strong, sending positive vibes and big hugs to you all xx

val jones said...

Hi Christine. It's really bad that you've not had a hospital date yet. It must be so frustrating for you waiting for a letter or phone call every day. Keep strong and positive.

Love todays butterfly projects.

Take care.

Love Val in Spain xxxx

hazel young said...

Morning Christine fingers crossed you get a date soon for elliott. Nice to hear you play cards we do that at home to nice for a family get together. love these dies and never got round to getting them so would love to be in with a chance of wining them. Love all the butterflies and you can never have too many. xx hazel

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

I can only say what others have already said about Elliott and the delay with his operation, i pray he will be having his Appointment very soon .

Your selection of products today are beautiful, i especially like the card .

Have a nice weekend all of you .

Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
The waiting for Elliot and the family must be like a two edged sword, wanting it over and dreading it at the same time. Keep positive you know we are all thinking of you.
Love all of the projects you have featured and thanks for the chance to win.
We have lovely sunshine today, lets hope it stays awhile.

Wendy L said...

Thanks for this chance. Lovely creations but i love that picture frame with the four butterflies in. xxxx

Buttons said...

Seriously? You want to let these out of your sight? Well if you are offering!...
Crossing everything that the hospital gets back to you with a date really quickly. It puts everything 'on hold' when you are left hanging like this. At least the weekend should be warm and sunny. Hope you all enjoy it. Hugs, Jenny x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Sorry to hear that you haven't got a date for Elliot yet, just hope its soon cos the waiting is so draining. The computer games will keep your mind active and numb your brain

Love todays project, you do some wonderful things with the butterfly die. Lucky Rita winning the dies

Sue xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, gorgeous butterfly projects. Waiting for a date is awful isn't it, when you just want to get on with the treatment. I hope you hear something soon. Thinking of you all. Lots of love and hugs Emma

Janice said...

Chris, what can I say..... you can never go wrong with a butterfly !!!
All your creations look great. Nice photo of you looking through the window to your future.
Have a good bank holiday weekend. Take care. Janice x

Maggie J said...

It's wonderful that you still manage to keep your blog up to date even though you must be under such a strain waiting for a hospital date and the post you have done for today is brilliant. Keeping busy is the best answer and I hope it is not too much longer. Maggie J x

Craftychris said...

You cannot have butterfly overkill - its impossible! Your projects are all fabulous! Take care all of you, hopefully you will hear from the hospital soon. Enjoy those computer games! Thank you for the chance to win those wonderful dies! xx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine,love the butterfly projects so pretty,i think all appointments are getting longer it's frustrating for you just keep busy as you are it helps love to all of you Jean Z xxx

Sue B said...

You are so generous to us, not just with the giveaways but also still blogging to keep us all up to date with everything. You must all be getting quite frustrated waiting for Elliott's appointment as the sooner he has it done the sooner you can all get on with living your lives. Hopefully it will not be too much longer. All todays projects are beautiful, flowers & butterflies & some wonderful photos too. The sun is shining & it's a bank holiday weekend so whatever you are doing, have a good one.

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
What lovely layouts, you look beautiful in that photo!
You can't beat an old fashioned card game, we love it in our house and on holiday it's a regular activity!
Sad weekend this week as I am home alone, everyone is busy, except me :( (I don't like my own company)!
If only you were nearer!
Stay strong and soldier on, don't go getting addicted to computer games! Haha.
Huge hugs
Sandra xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Sorry that Elliot's still waiting for his surgery date. All your butterfly projects are fantastic. Keep up the good work.I'm not to sure what urgent actually means anymore.

AnneRD said...

A lovely set of dies, used to great effect as usual Christine. Like all of the projects, can't really chose a favourite!
Sorry to hear of the delay in Elliott's operation, I hope you get some positive news soon.
Best wishes to you all
Anne x

Ita said...

Hi Christine I would love to win the butterfly's as I only own one small the scrapbook page.It must be so difficult for you waiting,my heart goes out to you all.I hope and pray you get a date for the surgery soon.
Smiles and hugs

Nicola Crowe said...

Hi Christine, amazing projects, I hope your son gets his surgery soon, sending lots of positivity your way
Take care Nicola x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I hope Elliot's sugery date comes soon. I know what you mean when you are on tenterhooks waiting for THE call. Once you get the date although it will be hard for you all, at least you know it won't be long. I hope you manage to have a nice weekend together.
I love the scbook pages and LOVE Butterflies, and I can see my (I wish! lol ) book ends in amongst the projects. I'm still waiting for my garage/bedroom extension to be finished so I can make some for my bedroom.
All of you take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you all xxxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, sorry to hear this week has been a struggle for you, it must be extremely draining. With everyone praying for you it hopefully should not be too much longer to wait to hear about Elliot's surgery date. You are a true inspiration carrying on as normal as possible.
The butterfly projects are beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Enjoy the weekend.
Elizabeth x

Jacky said...

Sorry to hear you have had a difficult week - thinking of you. I love the clever ideas you come up with for your designs. Love and hugs, Jacky

Carol J said...

The waiting is the worst bit sometimes. I hope it wont be too long and stressful. Will be thinking about you and Elliot.
Love Carolxx

foxyg said...

What a lovely give-away Christine.
Hope Elliott gets his appt. very soon.

Maggie said...

Hello. Not good news with regard to the date for surgery but excellent that you and Elliot are keeping busy and cheerful. Lovely cards as always and what a lovely fluttery set of dies. Wonderful sunshine today which cannot but lift the spirits. xx Margaret xx

CraftyJo said...

So frustrating for you all waiting like this!! You do sound as if you're keeping your spirits up though, well done :) Thanks for the chance to win the dies - it's very generous of you.

Toni said...

Hello Christine, sorry to hear that there has been no progress with Elliott's treatment. Hope they don't keep you waiting too much longer.It can't be a lot fun but it sounds as though you are all doing your best to cope with the disappointment. Well done.
Thank you for the lovely giveaway chance, you have done some lovely projects. I love the bookends and the box frame.
Have a good weekend everyone
Toni xx
PS I love both Bellas's, before and after xx

Sharka said...

We have been going through some difficult stuff here at home and all I can say is... the waiting game is the worst! I hope Elliott gets a date soon and while you wait games are a good thing and so is keeping busy. Wishing you all the best and SUNSHINE is a good thing which we have finally received!!! Thank you for the chance to win another wonderful die...Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - So sorry about the news of the delay in Elliotts surgery. I do hope you will not have to wait too much longer for a date, as there is nothing worse than playing the waiting game, my heart goes out to you all. Thankyou for the super give away, I love the projects you have created with with.
Val C xx

Sally said...

Hi Christine
I love the book ends, they are really pretty.

It must be very frustrating not having a date for Elliott's surgery. I do wonder if the NHS have any understanding of the extra strain they put onto families with all the waiting.

I have to admire you all for staying so positive.
Take care
Sally xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I am a firm believer that 13 is a very strong and potent number, and I firmly believe that things will happen very soon. Just try to keep a very positive attitude and do as much as you can together, I know you must all be going through hell, but you will all have a very happy outcome at the end of the treatment, when Elliott is back to being his old self again. I have never been a lover of games but if that is what Elliott wants and loves to do, then go for it, like you said, it is addictive ha ha.
I love all your projects with the fanciful flight, and I would love to win those dies, I love butterflies too.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
Love your inspirational work. Thinking of you at this anxious time. AnnieS.

Supernan Sue said...

First of all, please keep strong where Elliot is concerned, I know it's very worrying for you and all your family, my thoughts are with you all. I am also having a terrible year so roll on 2014.
Your projects are really gorgeous, will you be doing a class on the Bookends when things settle down for you, I truly love them.
Take care, have a good weekend, and enjoy your games and cards. I love cards, in particular cribbage Sue x

Anonymous said...

Your collage of work is absolutely brilliant - I do love butterflies and I always try and sneak them onto my cards - any excuse and a butterfly appears.
Constantly thinking of you all at this worrying time. Take care.
Caroline MacH

Carole Z said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are still waiting for Elliott's surgery date, just keep positive - and I know that's easy to say :( I love your projects here, gorgeous layout. Please leave me out of this draw as I already have this wonderful die set - in fact, even with all the later ones, it's still my favourite! Carole Z X

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, Flutterby fantastic -all the projects on todays blog.
Hope you hear from the hospital soon re; Elliott's surgery. Hang in their little buddy, keep positive and busy, were all thinking of you.
Enjoy the weekend.
Crafty best wishes, Carolyn x.

LoraineC said...

I was admiring your work and thought how super it would be to win these and then I carried on reading only to see you are in limbo waiting for Elliot's op and now it is not important to win. I'm sure it won't be much longer. Thanks for your time when you must be so worried. Xx

Sarah said...

Thinking of you. The waiting is awful - hang in there.

Jen Brown said...

Oh really hope you get some good news soon. Thank you so much for still thinking of us. The die set is gorgeous. Take care Jen xxx

my craft cupboard said...

Hi Christine,
Thank-you for the wonderful candy on offer this week.
Just want you to know, that some-one very far away is thinking of you all.

Ann said...

Hi Christine

I do hope you get some news soon take good care all of you and enjoy the weekend I hope the weather is kind to you.

Thankyou for sharing your beautiful work with us I have been trying a few home decor things with your encouragement.

Luv n hugs Annxx

mags said...

Love the butterfly dies. You just can't go wrong with a butterfly on your porject. Thanks for the chance to win.
Hope you hear something soon about Elliot's surgery. Best wishes.

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, sorry to hear you're still waiting for news from the hospital, keepplaying the games I agree they are addictive and time flies so much when you're playing them. Your use of butterflies inspired me to use some in my newly decorated kitchen, they 'finish' it off ! - have a good weekend Lynn xx

Oksana said...

Hi Christine, gorgeous projects! You use the butterfly dies so beautifully! Hope you hear something from the hospital soon, thinking of you all.xx

Toni G said...

Hi Christine, hope you get some good news very soon, thank you for keeping in touch during such trying times. You are an inspiration....and not just because of the wonderful crafting.
Best wishes, Toni

Callie said...

You're scrapbook page with the butterflies is stunning, so many layers! And I've not noticed it before... hmm inspiration strikes...

Valerie said...

Been away Christine, shame you have not yet had a date though. Keep your pecker up. Valerie

Ella's Design said...

Love all you butterfly inspiration, Christine! I still love the bookends that you made and might just have to have a go when the work's been done on our house!
Hope that you get a date for Elliott's surgery soon, but enjoy your computer games in the mean time! I'm not very good at the electronic games, but I play a mean game of cards thanks to my uncle who played against us every week!
Thanks for the chance to win a fab set of dies! Lisa x

Nancy said...

Love all your butterfly cards. Giving me some good ideas.
Hopefully by now the surgery has taken place and all went well.

Mary George said...

I'm new to your blog and already enjoying it and going thru all the older postings.

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