Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Unbelievable but true!!

Hello friends

I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, mine was....eventful!
Now this is a picture you might not have expected to see -
Mitchell in hospital!!
Having been home from King's with Elliott for less than 2 days we were all in for a bit of a shock.
In the early hours of yesterday morning Mitchell woke up in agony.  
As for what part of his body was hurting...let's just say the part that would make men's eyes water!
I took him along to Accident and Emergency and by 11am he was in surgery. 
The photo above is post surgery, still groggy from anaesthetic and morphine but enjoying a cup of tea and toast.  All is good - he only has a short stay in hospital but then a lot of rest at home.
I have had to explain to Bella she cannot jump on his lap! 

Unbelievably that within the space of just one week both my sons have had surgery! 
Who would have thought it.

Just to keep you updated - Elliott is doing well, there are some issues with his brain and body
conflicting a little but these should be ironed out soon.  

Now to craft - goodness it feels like ages since I have sat in my craft room - 
I cannot wait to have some normality soon.
For today's offering I've gone back through my projects and found a favourite card.
This was created in conjunction with JustRite® Stampers and Spellbinders® .
I used the following products:
Spellbinders® Paper Arts die templates:  S4-310 Labels Eighteen,

S4-114 Standard Circles Large and S5-049 Carnation Creations
 JustRite® StampersFriendship Blooms
Want2Scrap™Nestabling Circle Pink Rhinestones
 Anna Griffin - Willow Collection paper

I will be back soon, hopefully with no further medical drama!
Take care.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Christine. You and your family are certainly having more than your fair share of worry at the moment. Wishing both the boys a speedy recovery.
I like the card as well, I can see why it's one of your favourites. Juliat x

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, boy what else can happen, best wishes to both Mitchell and Elliot and a speedy recovery. What a worrying time for you, stay strong. Your card is gorgeous, really girlie, beautiful design and of course pink, my favourite colour.

Big hugs.

Wilma x x x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. What another shock for you all! Thank goodness Mitchell is on the mend so quickly. Glad that Elliot is doing ok, he is bound to have some issues, it is very early days yet in some ways isn't it. Now you have two patients it is even more important to grab just a little time and be gentle to yourself. Best wishes to you all. Take care.

Mrs B said...

Forgot to say that I love the card too!

jucrook said...

Oh Christine as if you haven't got enough to worry about. Was this Mitchell's way of saying he had had enough of working for his Mum for a bit!!!!? Joking apart, I wish him a speedy recovery. and of course best wishes to Elliott as well. I love the project today - the papers are stunning. Lets hope there are no more dramas looming. Take care, Ju

sue jones said...

Good Lord!! You poor woman ! Hope both your boys are feeling a lot better soon xxx
Beautiful card.
Take care x

Buttons said...

Good grief are you going through the wars or what!! Glad to here Mitchell is now on the mend and Elliot is recovering. How you've had time to do any crafting is beyond me, but the results are stunning as ever. Here's hoping you have an uneventful remainder to the rest of this week. Hugs, Jenny x

Clai01 said...

Love to everyone and hope things pick up soon for you all x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Things must get better soon. Love to both Mitchell and Elliott.
Your card today is lovely, Please take care. x.

Carole Z said...

Oh my goodness Christine, what a shock..poor Mitchell...I am really feeling for all of you and what you are going through at the moment and sending more huge hugs! Your card is beautiful! Carole Z XX

Chris said...

Gosh Christine your family don't do anything by halves. At least Mitchell waited for you and Elliott to come home before he had his turn in hospital. You card is lovely. Hope your boys both enjoy a speedy recovery.
Lots of Hugs.
Chris X

Elizabeth said...

OMG Christine who would have thought. Poor Mitchell. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. You are certainly going through the wars at the moment.
Lovely card today and so feminine.
Take care of yourself Christine.
Elizabeth x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh dear Christine what a turn up for the books! As a former sister on a male surgical ward I have every sympathy for poor Mitchell! Hopefully things don't come in threes otherwise I would be getting a bit twitchy if I were you lol!! Glad to hear that Elliott is progressing well albeit with the problems! Your card is gorgeous love the pink!! Susan x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. OMG you are certainly getting your fill of hospitals at the moment.I wish both your boys a speedy recovery.
Beautiful femimine card today. Love the pinks.

Love Val in Spain xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh no, how awful, so glad it all worked out in the end, you are certainly going through the mill at the moment! Glad everything seems fine again and your card is beautiful, s pretty and feminine!

Izzy said...

Hi Christine, Oh my goodness! its just as well you're such a strong family as you sure are going through the mill at the moment, glad that everyone is on the mend though, gorgeous card, as usual. Take care of yourself and your lovely family.

Oksana said...

Oh Christine, glad to know that Mitchell is ok now though and that Elliott is home and doing well. Lovely card as always!xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, if it doesn't rain it pours! Poor Mitchell, hope he recovers soon, maybe he was feeling left out!!(lol) Beautiful card, it reminds me of pink willow pattern my nan had, love it. Sending hugs Emma

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, I'm sending lots of love & wishes to both your sons for a speedy recovery. Theresa x

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

My word what a shock for you. Both boys in surgery. Wishing them both a speedy recovery. Just love the card and such lovely colours that it has been done in. Big hugs to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness they are both on the mend. Good wishes. Phil D

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

I think i have said this to you before ,"Why is it some folks have more than their fair share of worry and troubles "?
However you will take it all in your stride and it makes us appreciate the times when all is going well for us .

Thank goodness you were home for Mitchell ,I prey things will get better for you all, and the boys make a speedy recovery .

Its a lovely girly card Christine ,but please dont worry if you havent time to blog each day, we will fully understand and will be here for you when you are ready .

Take care

Elaine H X

marg said...

Hello Christine
Seems it never rains, but it pours for you at the moment!
Still takes your mind off of Elliott, whilst worrying about Mitchell, if that's possible.
My thoughts are with you all!
Take care

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Just when you think hospital is behind you, you end up there again with Mitchell. Your family is definitely going 'through the mill' at present. I send all my thoughts and prayers to you all, and wish Elliott and Mitchell a speedy recovery.
Lovely card, gorgeous colour.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there Christine, well you certainly are going through it at the moment. Glad to hear Mitchell and Elliott are on the mend.

The card is gorgeous, so girlie and cheerful.

Thoughts are with you all, take care.. Mary xx

Lacelady said...

Wow Christine, what a shock! So glad Elliott is back home, with lots of rest, I hope he has a speedy recovery and brain plus body start to get together.

As for poor Mitchell, that must have been a shock, so I hope he gets well soon too.

(PS, LOL, the card is really pretty, I love the paper you used too.)

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, you have had a very trying time hope all goes well and both boys recover,look after yourself as they need you to stay strong. Love the card the colors are lovely Jean Z xx

Janice said...

Hi Christine....what a shock and what alot you've been through, please make sure you don't need the hospital too.
Hope Mitchell is on the mend now and Elliot improves each day.
Love the card today, so pretty.
Big hugs to you.
Janice x

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
What a shock for you, both your boys having ops in a week. I hope they are both soon recovered. Make sure you find some time out for you, you certainly need it.
I love your card, it is so pretty.
Take care all of you
Big hugs Sue xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Oh my word Christine.. What a worry for you. It's a good job you were at home. Hope Mitchell is home and feeling better and that Elliott's brain/body issues are soon sorted and doesn't upset him too much.
Just hope there isn't a trip to the vets on the cards!!!

Love today's card too.. The pink is so nice

Sue xxxx

AnneRD said...

Good morning Christine. Well you have certainly had your fair share of drama this year. It just has to be plain sailing from now on!
Hope Mitchell is out of hospital soon and and has a speedy recovery, and Elliott continues to improve.
Lovely card today, lots of interest and such a pretty colour.
Look after yourself, best wishes, Anne x

Wendy L said...

Wow Christine, such a time for you and yours, hopefully things can only get better. Card is gorgeous too. xxx

Linda said...

What a lovely card and good luck with your family
hugs Linda

Hellma said...

WOW Christine you lot have been through the mill, speedy recovery to Mitchell, hope Elliott keeps progressing. Your card is stunning love the paper and the color.

Chrissie J Lui said...

Morning Christine, What a shock to read your post today. Pleased Mitchell is on the mend. Love to you all.
Your card is gorgeous.

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a shock, you poor thing, I bet you don't know what day of the week it is at the moment. Wishing both of your boys a speedy recovery, and you Christine make some time for yourself.
Lovely card very girly.

Janet said...

O M G (that's G for goodness), can anything else go wrong. Poor Mitchell. I just hope it's nothing serious. You and Elliott have been on my prayer list for a good while now, Mitchell will be on there too from now on.
Keep your chin up, and hopefully an hour of crafting now and again will give you some relief.


dancing lady said...

Hi Christine, wow, you and yours are certainly going through it at the moment, what can I say except just keep going..... I have been reading you blog daily but not known what to say to you but please pass on my best wishes to both your boys and as for you, you will need a holiday when it's all back to normal. Many hugs to you all. xxx

Janice said...

Christine, firstly was Mitchell feeling left out of all the attention and felt he needed to go to hospital as well? All that housework and running a business was too much for him I guess. Secondly I am sure he is glad that you haven't given too much detail about his operation.... he is at the delicate age!!!!!. and thirdly, I love the card, the colours and especially the background paper. Can you still get that paper? If yes, could you let me know where to get or if you can get for me through your shop. Thanks Janice xx Love to all and tell Bella she is healthy and doesn't need to go to the vets!!!!! lol xxx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine what a shock poor Michael, lucky you were back home,poor boys,both of them ill, well it can only get better from now on .I love the card and the colours work very well.

Anonymous said...

I popped on today to check on how Elliot was doing and didn't expect to see that Mitchell was going through the wars as well. Take care all of you. Sending you lots of love. Claire

Carolyn H. said...

I do'nt know, what lengths some people will go to get out of work!! Joking apart, I feel for you and your family at this moment Christine.
Was so pleased to read yesterdays blog - love and more getwell soon wishes to Elliott.
Here's to a speedy recovery for Mitchell too, poor chap.
Now, the crafty bit, loved yesterdays scrapbook page with Bella and her first prize, it was beautiful.
I also remember todays card too, nice to see a bit of pink, as things have been all about the 'blue' team just lately.
Thinking of you all, love Carolyn. x

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, glad both your boys are recovering well, you really have had a lot on your plate all in one go. Lovely card very girly xx hazel

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hi Christine, Oh dear poor Mitchell, hope he recovers soon. You poor thing you having to cope with all of this trauma. But, having said all of that you have come through it. Give yourself a pat on the back for keepin strong! Love to you all.

kelly said...

Speedy recovery to both you boys. Christine I do hope you keep well with all that's happening.
Your card is gorgeous.

Rose in Chester said...

Well, Christine - never rains but it pours! You'll be worn to a frazzle, and Bella won't know what is going on at all!
But I'm glad that Elliott and Mitchell are slowly recovering - they so deserve it.
Stay strong and healthy.

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness. What a terrible tale. Fingers crossed that all is going to get better now and you'll have some more crafting time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xxMargaretxx

Layerlass67 said...

Hi Christine, Couldn't believe it when I saw your post! I guess the good thing is that you were back from London as it would have been even more difficult if you hadn't been. Please give my best wishes for a speedy recovery to both boys and take especial care of yourself. Don't go overdoing things as you now have 2 patients to take care of! I would love to know how you manage to get time to do all you have to do. (I think I was like that once upon a time)! Take Care Christine. Hugs to all 3 of you.Gemma xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I couldn't believe it when I saw your blog this morning, That's not Elliot!
So glad poor Mitchell got things sorted, and I hope both boys have now finished with the worrying stuff and get better soon.
Hope you get some crafty time soon, and I love todays card, so pretty!
Love Carole N xxx

Susie Bentz said...

Hang in there mom! Wishing both your boys a speedy recovery and hoping you will soon find some time to play. Beautiful card - thanks for the inspiration!

ginny c said...

Poor Mitchell hope both boys make a speedy recovery best wishes ginnyx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, my goodness me! What a shock for you! Thank goodness you were at home when Mitchell became unwell! Hope you manage to care for them both without wearing yourself out too much! I would say have a relaxing eve, but with 2 sons to look after, I don't suppose that's going to happen! Sending you all hugs :) BTW I LOVE the card, it's very pretty. xxx

Anita Braddock said...

My Prayers and thoughts are on the way. you and your boys have had such a long Journey. but they seem to be on the mend keep the faith. love your card the colors are perfect. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, What can I say two sons both recovering from surgery, what a shock it must have been for you when Mitchell took ill. My thoughts are with you as you nurse both of them back to fitness. Take time out to enjoy your crafting when not nursing!
Val C xx

Maggieann said...

Hello Christine,what a time you're having lately. Big hugs and love to you and your two brilliant sons. I love todays card, take care of yourself xxx

AJ said...

glad to hear Elliot is on the mend- and sorry about having a second surgery so SOON!! :( hope you are getting some rest/help that you may need!
xo AJ

Vickie said...

Hi Christine, you and your sons are certainly going through a rough time right now! My prayers are with you all.

Michelle Lock said...

Oh Christine...and poor Mitchell. You and your family are really going through it right now! Luckily you all have each other. Hope both your boys get better really soon. Absolutely love your beautiful pink card...just lush!
Take care of yourself! They're no good without you!!!
Michelle x.

Sue B said...

Well who would have thought that both sons would be having surgery within a short space of time of each other think they just want to keep you on your toes Christine. As full-time nurse I think crafting will have to take a back seat at the moment. Good to know they are both on the mend but you take care of yourself also.

Craftychris said...

I have been catching up on your posts. I am so glad Elliott's op went well and he is doing so well too! Not so good is Mitchell being in hospital! I hope he is recovered soon. A gorgeous card today - love it! Take care all of you and, as usual, I am sending good and positive vibes xx

LisaK said...

Oh my goodness! Now I didn't expect to see that bit of news on today's post! Wishing you a speedy recovery Mitchell.
Hope the rest of your time is less eventful Christine. Big hugs xx

Debbie Seyer said...

((HUGS)) to you and to your boys! Hope all heals quickly and without pain!! Love you!

Teresa said...

Lots and Lots and Lots of Hugs to all of you and hope that this is the last of it! Wishing you all speedy recoveries and hope you are going to be ok Christine!

Sarah said...

OMG Christine! You're having a year just like mine. This must be terribly stressful and worry time for you. Wishing both Elliot and Mitchell speedy recoveries. I can't believe you've even had time to post a card for all your blog friends! What an inspiration you are! Take Care!

Sarah x

Sarah said...

OMG Christine! You're having a year just like mine. This must be terribly stressful and worry time for you. Wishing both Elliot and Mitchell speedy recoveries. I can't believe you've even had time to post a card for all your blog friends! What an inspiration you are! Take Care!

Sarah x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, what can I say aloud?. Poor Mitchel (can I just say he may feel safer with a large soft cushion on his lap as Bella won't understand and it will work honest)as my outlaw has had a hernia op on friday around the same area.
Now Elliot has a companion to recoup with.
Today's card is definately my favourite to date.
Here's to the rest of the week being much quieter for you all.
X Ros

mags said...

Well, that was a bit of a shock for you. Glad all went well with Mitchell though and glad Elliott getting on okay. Wishing them both a great recovery.
Smashing card today. Love all the girlyness.

Willsnan said...

Gosh Christine, those boys of yours are certainly putting you through it aren't they? I'm glad Mitchell was sorted out relatively quickly, and hope they both continue to recover. When all this is over you'll have to make sure you all get a well deserved holiday! Love your card, keep your chin up. Hugs, Helen x

Penny said...

Oh no I was just stopping by to see how you all were not expecting to hear of more hospital dramas. Those boys of yours are really keeping you on your toes aren't they. When they are both better you all deserve a break with them looking after you for a bit. Take care and I hope the boys get well soon.

Andrene said...

All I could think as I read your post was "this poor girl cannot catch a break". So glad Mitchell is okay and wish him a speedy recovery. And I always think about Elliott and keep him in my thoughts. Be sure and take care of YOU too!! Beautiful card today...love all the pink!!

Sandra said...

Oh my You don't do things by half do you!
Bless you Christine you must be exhausted and now playing nurse to two !
You will be needing so respite yourself at this rate!
Love to you all,
Sandra xx

Elaine said...

Oh my goodness poor mitchell and poor you. You have all been through the mill lately. Things can only get better. Hope Elliott is getting better. Sending big hugs to all of you !!
Elaine x

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lynn Hardy said...

Oh dear, poor Mitchell! You and Bella need to take extra care now as we don't want any more nasty surprises! I hope that both of your boys are soon feeling much better and things become less stressful for you all. Lovely card too!

Rosie said...

You really are in the wars! But the card is so pretty. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

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loftylass said...

My goodness Christine - you and your family are certainly having a rough time at present. Poor Mitchell! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both your boys.
Love your beautiful 'girly' card.
Take care.
Hugs to you all.
Heather W.

Nikki Payne said...

Ohhh dear I can't believe this..... well he prehaps wanted to spend the night in hospital for a break lol ...he has been working hard!!!! joking apart how awful, I do hope he is feeling better soon:) I am glad you are sneaking a little crafty time in too!
I love this card and the colour is adorable...just beautiful! I hope you are keeping well and that Elliot is feeling better after his opp and of course not forgetting poor Mitchell...Bless him:),
Hugs Nikki x

SUE said...

OMG Christine, what a shock to read about Mithcell having surgery too, I really hope he recovers soon, you deserve a medal for all that you are coping so well with, and still finding time to post here too, I hope they both recover soon, and then you can have some real ME TIME.

Love the card,

Love and hugs Sue xx

sheila said...

I have heard of 'Brotherly Love' and I know your boys are close, but even their mun could not have predicted this. Good job you've got great support from your mum and dad. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery and hope you are all blessed with some really good news soon.

Ann said...

Hi Christine

OMG what a shock to check in to see how Elliot and yourself are getting on and then find Mitchell has been admitted to Hospital and had surgery Oh poor you it must have been horrendous for you both your dear Boys take good care and thinking of you and sending love and BIG gentle hugs to you all Annxxx x one for Bella Blue

Desiree said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations on reaching the final round for the Spellbinders design team - totally deserved and I'm so glad that the news comes now... if anyone needs a ray of light it's you! Hope the boys are both soon back on their feet and remember to look after yourself too!x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sending loads of gentle hugs to you all,Polly x

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