Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spellbinders™ Giftabilities

Hello friends
A real buzz of excitement today...I just found out that this very wonderful book is due to be released AND two of my projects are on the front cover! 
I created both the necklace and coordinating card.
I used some of the brilliant craft foils to create these - in stock soon in my Amazon shop.
The book contains many gift ideas including frames, ornaments, keepsake boxes and more.
It is available to pre-order from Amazon and also from
 Sainsbury's online - Nectar points too!
Before I go another photo from my weekend away - I checked the background this time!
I absolutely adore this tree - I want one treble the size for my living room but that's not going to happen...
I'm allowing my sons to decorate the tree this year (I will have to sit on my hands!)
Take care friends - back tomorrow.


Hellma said...

Congratulations COVER GIRL. The tree is stunning.

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, oh you are so talented, no wonder your designs are featured on the cover of books. Love the tree.

Wilma x x

Susan Flynn said...

Wow Christine congratulations, but hardly surprising your projects are all brilliant!

Carole Z said...

Wow Christine well done on becoming a cover girl! I have a previous book that Spellbinders released some time ago and I use it a lot...looking forward to this one! I agree, the tree is really quite special! I'm sure your lads will do great with yours! Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
Congratulations on having your projects on the cover of this book,but I am not surprised, all your work is so good.
The tree is lovely,but I cannot wait to see if your boys are talented too,you must show us a photo.
Take care. x.

hazel said...

Congratulations Christine on making it to the front cover, i shall probably buy this book as i have another one of spellbinders and they are good for inspiration and direction. Love the tree Christine i want one too xx hazel

Bea said...

lovely tree Christine

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Woke up to the snow falling. Good excuse to stay indoors and craft.
How proud you must feel, a great compliment for your wonderful work, I'll put the book on my Christmas list (mind you its so long don't think the end will ever be reached).
Lovely tree so elegant. I'm sure your boys will do a great job with yours.
Have a good day.

lydia jordan said...

Just ordered my book from Sainsbury's its £1.00 cheaper than Amazon with free p&p

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Congratulations- you are so talented.

Not sure about the tree its a bit messy for my taste but love the colours they have used

Its snowing now so will stay indoors and play


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Fantastic, the book looks great.
When I first looked at the tree, I thought it had been tied up ha ha, great piccie.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

Wow Christine all your hard work in the passed is paying off for you in so many ways , how proud you and your lovely family must be feeling .

Im sure your boys will make a good job of the Christmas tree , [and if i may be so bold ] i just bet it will look better than the Chatsworth one .

Elaine H X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine. WOW WOW WOW Congratulations on being published:) I agree with others you deserve it as your creations are beautiful and cover a wide range of subjects. Emma

Rosie said...

Well done, Christine. I have pre-ordered from Sainsbury's.

Ita said...

Morning Christine FANTASTIC NEWS CONGRATS ., you deserve it your work is always stunning and I love the colours,you must be over the moon well done

baconbits said...

Evening Christine,
What an amazing card and gift. I have just placed my order - wow March seems a long way off.
Amanda x

Carolyn H. said...

Congratulations Christine, how chuffed you must be feeling right now to be on the front cover of the new Spellbinders Book.I will be giving serious consideration to buying, come to think of it, it's my b'day is in March - must drop big hints>
Regarding the Christmas Tree, I guess you will have to wait and see if the boys follow in your foot steps regarding art and crafty talent!!C.B.W. Carolyn x

AnneRD said...

Congratulations Christine, the book is on my shopping list. Give your boys free rein on the Christmas tree, I am sure it will be stunning. Anne

Anonymous said...

I went to a floral demonstration last week by Jonathan Mosely(?sp) who does a lot of the arrangements for Chatsworth. The tree looks like his work. It was a fabulous 2 hours of his effortless art. Rose x

Janice said...

Congratulations Christine, that's fabulous news and well deserved!
Janice x

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