Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Quick ...but slow card!

Hello friends
This is a little card I created on Sunday at the Festive Day class, 
ordinarily this would be such a quick card to create - 
the tag is already printed on the patterned paper (Simple Stories - Handmade Holidays) 
and it was just the addition of twine, stickers, Bitty Blossoms cut from felt and a date stamp*.
Instead it took me all day to make!  May have something to do with me chatting a lot! 
* Yes..the date stamp - Pink Paislee have brought out a range of date stamps, 
you can dial the date and a sentiment too.  Oh the joy of using it - I feel like I'm a kid playing Post Offices!
I have the 'Dear Lizzy' one available in my Amazon shop, it has sentiments like 
On this date:, photographed on, celebrating, as well as images of little bunting etc - very cute!
(Adding a quick note - the date stamps are now sold out...that was quick!  I will try to restock very soon).
Update on the naked is now dressed!  Have to admit I decorated it in the end, it looked so sad in the corner of the room without lights or baubles.
My eldest son had good intentions but his hours at work have doubled because of  Christmas
so I guess he is sort of forgiven!  
My creative 'to do' list is getting smaller, I may even end up having time to do some 
gift shopping at this rate! 
Take care friends.


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, sometimes the simplest ideas take the longest time to do, especially in a group and chatting. Love it, I do like these papers.

Wilma x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Love the card, especially the date stamp. It reminds me of when i first started work - yes i am that old!

Val in Spain xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, very pretty card today. Yes like Val above I remember the date stamp from years ago at work, I still have one in my desk thinks it might be making an apearance now. Unfortunately does't have the sentiments tho.
Glad you have finally got your tree dressed, I think you probably wanted to do it anyway didn't you...hehehe.
Have a lovely day - it is freezing here - my husband said it was minus 2 when he got into his car at 6.15 this morning. Brrrrr....
Elizabeth x

Susan Flynn said...

Well it was worth the time doing it Christine as it is so pretty! I too can remember date stamps - especially in the library!! Have a great day x

hazel said...

Lovely card Christine that date stamp looks lovely but sadly you have sold out xx hazel

Craftychris said...

A beautiful card - you can almost see the happy chatter that went into it!! xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
You seem to evoked a lot of memories with the date stamp and I'm no exception remember them well. Happy days!!!!!
Your card may have taken a long time but it was worth it very pretty.
Have a good day.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Love the card, love the date stamp, whipped over on your link to buy, and it's unavailable boo hoo.
It is 12.12.12 today, and it's my Birthday too, yippeeeee xx
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
Your card is very pretty.
Really pleased your tree is now dressed,even if you did have to do it. Take care. x

Bea said...

Hi Christine - glad to hear your tree is done - it will look very welcoming. Lovely card.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Love your card and that date stamp is really useful, remember using these in the office and I probably had a spare one somewhere but never thought about using them in craft

Pleased that you have a dressed tree now


nattyboots said...

Love your Quicky card , Heheh i know exactly where you are coming from as i get chatting and distracted all too easily ,

The date stamp looks real good and will be useful for the scrapbooking pages .

Im pleased you now have a dressed tree even if you did have to do it yourself.

Happy Birthday Patricia

Take Care
Elaine H X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, lovely card today, glad the tree is no longer naked!! Emma

Elaine said...

Hi christine glad the tree is finally decorated. Love the festive card ! I do wish my list was getting smaller but its getting bigger by the day !! Nevermind i do love xmas though.
Take care

Ita said...

Hi Christine,love the card,it is important to chat,glad you have your tree done ,must have a look at the date stamp

dediw said...

I bought one of the sentiment date stamps on a clearance rack or a craft store closing for like 50 cents..I felt so bad for it sitting there all lonely...and every one picking it up looking at it ....then tossing it back...I snagged because I thought it was cute and reminded me of checking out library books growing up. I have not used it..never knew what it would be good for...Thanks for the it won't be my sad little stamper..

Toni said...

Love this card and the date stamp. Can think of lots of uses for it. Your felt flowers always look lovely, it must be the type of felt that you use. As one of your followerscsaid yesterday, sometimes my felt 'frays' a little when I use it for die cuts. Yours always look so clean cut.
Toni xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, love the card and the date stamp, goodness haven't used one in it! Will have to keep looking to see if you get any more in! Carole Z X

Janice said...

Hi Christine

I love this card and the date stamp is something really different! I used one for years at work before the computer arrived and also at the library for my Saturday job.
Pleased to hear your tree is now dressed, now you can get into the spirit of things!
Janice x

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, When we crafters get together its a wonder any crafting gets done, but we do, because we have learnt the art of multitasking(which includes chit chatting) right down to a fine art!!! As for the date stamp your right, it takes you back to childhood and the post office set we enjoyed playing with.Hope your able to get them back into stock.
Pleased to hear the tree is dressed, what was Elliot's reason for opting out???
C.B.W Carolyn x

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