Friday, 27 April 2012

It's Friday Die-Day!

Hello friends,
It's Friday Die-Day and I'm actually posting this on a Friday!
This week I thought I would take you down the wonderful world of Cut Fold Tuck Dies.
and Floral Burst.  It is Floral Burst that I'm going to feature today.
You receive three die templates and full instructions on the packaging too.
This is how they look cut and embossed. 
 Occasionally with the smaller dies it can prove a little tricky removing your paper/cardstock from the die template.  If so, use some waxed paper - I've discovered the baking circles from Lakeland work very well.  You need to lay your die template on your base plate cutting side up, a piece of waxed paper and then your chosen cardstock/paper - cut and emboss - your die cut will then easily be removed from the template.
 The next step is the fold and tuck - you can see the slimmer curved sections, lift each one, fold to the right and tuck under the petal next to it.  
Here one section is tucked and the next upright section is folded ready to be tucked.
 A view from a different angle.
 Repeat these steps with the middle and small flower.
 It's tiny but it folds and tucks perfectly.
 Here are all three completely folded and tucked.
 They look lovely stacked on top of each other.
 But wait...!  Look at the difference stencilling makes!
The die templates are designed so that you can stencil through and the effect is really lovely!
 And this is the cut, embossed, stencilled, folded and tucked flower! 
I love it!
Hope you enjoy these dies, they open up lots of ideas not just for cards but imagine this white and glittery at Christmas...hanging on the tree...
Remember friends to let me know any particular dies you would like featured on Friday Die-Day.
Have a wonderful weekend and I am back tomorrow.


Linda (Lindyloo) said...

I haven't bought any of these dies, I wasn't struck by them at first, but your idea of Christmas and glitter has me thinking now. Oh another bout of spending and another thing on my 'To Do List'>!!
Lovely pics of the method, wish I could take close-ups. So many things to practice, not enough time in my day..
Thanks Christine. I hope you have a good Friday. Hugs Linda xx

melanie said...

Stunning demo haven`t got these dies will have to go on a wish list .Melanie

nmty said...

Wow christine these dies are great and thanks for a really good demo. The finished results are stunning, and i liked the idea about this being used for a christmas tree decoration. Oh dear, I feel a shop coming on!

Carole Z said...

These dies are amazing, I watched Sue W using them at Ally Pally, but by that time had spent all my stash money..they are definitely a must have tho..thanks for super demo, Carole Z X

Susan Flynn said...

Hi Christine I am loving these Friday die days and look forward to them as it is really useful to see how you use these dies - thank you so much! The only trouble is (if you don't mind a bit of criticism) I now want to buy them all!! xx

Elaine said...

Hi christine, really fab dies they look so effective.
Not seen these before. Great demo
have a lovely weekend x

Elizabeth said...

Morning Chrstine, thank you for the lovely demo of these dies. They are very pretty.
Enjoy your Friday.
Elizabeth x

hazel said...

Morning Christine, these ies were already on my wish list as i spied hem on the spellbinders website. Want want even more now. they look stunning when made up. xx hazel

Chloe's Nan said...

Great demo thank you Christine, these dies are lovely and as you say would be great for Christmas - very versatile.
One die I would like to see demo'd is the Donna Salazar carnation creations please. Have a lovely weekend x

Lucycat said...

You have got such great results from these dies, the Christmas idea sounds good too. Thank you for such a good demo. x.

nattyboots said...

OMGOODNESS Christine i just love these dies, your demo is fantastic and such good ideas to go with it .thank you yet again for sharing . Elaine H X

Janice said...

Another great demo Christine, thanks for sharing with us. They certainly look very pretty when made up.

Janice x

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Great demo thank you I have seen these dies and wondered what they would look like, now I need them.
I'll never be rich. Loving these die days.
Have a great day.

AnneRD said...

Great demo, thanks for sharing this with us. Anne

Cinders said...

Morning Christine,
Love The demo and these dies are so much quicker than having to do the same effect with templates, craft knife and cutting mat.
Have a great day
Caz x

loftylass said...

Another great demo Christine - I can see them on the Christmas tree... Oh my, another one on my wish list!!! tfs

Redanne said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. These are wonderful dies, especially, as you say, they could be stunning used at Christmas. Great idea Christine. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Ita said...

Hi christine this is a great tutorial I do not have this die,will let you know later which die I would like you to do

CraftyJo said...

Thanks for this, I've got these dies on order (they're awaiting a shipment from the USA) so I now have more idea of how to use them when they finally arrive :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant tutorial Christine - I must get my hands on these dies they are so effective.

Sandra said...

At first I wasn't overly keen on these particular dies,I was never keen on Lace work but having seen what you have done with them Christine has made me look again, very pretty and you are right they would make lovely snowflakes at christmas! We all need a badge saying
'We Love Friday Die-Day'
huge hugs for a lovely weekend Christine,
Sandra xxxx

Maggie said...

Love these dies I neeeeeeed them, I used to cut these lace designs by hand with template.......not good for the nerves....rofl so I was super pleased to see them from spellbinders, liking the white sparkly christmas idea Christine...
Thanks for sharing your ideas

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