Monday, 30 April 2012

Hello My Friend(s) and Feedback....

Hello to all my blogland friends.
First is the start of the Spellbinders Spring Blog Hop and Giveaway today!
Join in with a chance to win the dies featured that day!  
My Blog Hop day is Wednesday - I'm excited with what I've made so please stop by. 

Yesterday's pud  - thanks for all your recommendations.  It ended up being mini blackberry nutty crumbles 
(I found some blackberries in the freezer but not so many..
hence mini crumbles in ramekin dishes topped with nutty crumble!) 
And a orange and mandarin jelly..not for the boys but my Dad - it's one of his favourites! 
We had lamb and I also made an onion suet roll to go with it..slimming eh!

To cheer up for the fact that it is a Monday morning and the rain hasn't stopped for days,
I've gone for a card that is Spring-like, pink and butterflies!
It's Pink Paislee - Spring Jubilee paper and already has butterflies printed but not quite enough..
so couldn't resist adding a couple more.
Lacey Circles, three of them are layered with that gorgeous chipboard featuring a big butterfly!
For my sentiment I stamped Ribbon Banners and adding distress ink, 
in fact there is a general pink hue from distress ink! 

I value my blogland friends very much and I've come up with a suggestion that I would really 
appreciate your feedback.  I realise that not everyone has all the dies that I feature, many of you have a list and wait for birthdays/special occasions to receive them or have to allow time to save up etc.
In the interim, and so that you can have a Spellbinders fix,
I was considering putting together some kits - cards, tags, mini books and more.  
The kits would be complete with everything you need for the finished item -
paper, embellishments, the die cuts (cut and embossed ready for you) and more.
You would only need to use your own adhesive.  
Full instructions would be posted on my blog in a series of photos, much like Friday Die-Day.
I realise there is a NEED to own the actual dies..I totally understand that, but it would give you a little taster before buying.  The kits would be reasonably priced, inclusive of postage and packaging.
Payment would be via PayPal, (or other arrangements can be made if you do not have a PayPal account) .
What do you think? I look forward to reading your comments or feel free to email me:
Take care friends - keep dry if you too are having this awful weather right now.


Linda said...

What a beautiful card
hugs Linda

jucrook said...

I love the card and I love the idea of "try before you buy". Sometimes it's not just the spellbinder that you don't have, but also the right paper/embellishment etc, so a kit is a great idea and will last you til your next fix. As you rightly point out we all NEED splellbinders but do have to pace ourselves. Glad you had a lovely dinner, I'm off to dodge the showers. Ju

Maggie said...

Fabulous card Christine and loving what you are doing with the Spring Jubilee papers! Also liking your idea re kits and spellbinders would love to own every single die they make...but DH and bank manager would have something to say about that!! lol.
Did a lot of crafting yesterday too wet to go out it rained here for at least 24hrs non stop!!
going to check out the blog hop


melanie said...

Stunning card ,great Idea on kits off to do blog hop.melanie

scottish crafter said...

Great idea blog hop would give it a try. Lovely card you sure love butterflies. Keep giving ideas and inspiration to all your fans.

Missmizog said...

Hi Christine
What a beautiful card, love the idea of the kits, even if you dont own the dies,you can adjust to suit the dies that you do own.

Carole Z said...

Morning Christine..what a lovely card to greet me on a wet and windy Monday! I love your idea of the you say, we have to save or wait for Christmas etc...Spellbinders have been my main present for birthdays and Christmas since I got my GC over a year ago! Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Lovely card, we really do need cheering up in this weather. The idea of the kits sounds great. x.

Elizabeth said...

Oh what a brilliant idea Christine, I love it. Like everyone else I have a growing list of dies I would love to own and after the latest set that has been on c and c is growing even longer so yes I would jump at the chance of the kits.
Yesterdays pud sounds yum hope you enjoyed.
Elizabeth x
P.S. I do not wish to type this too loud but it is sunny at the moment...shhhh.

kelly said...

Gorgeous card Christine. Beautiful colours.
WOW your dinner you made sounded lovely and very posh.I don't think I could make anything that good! Well I hope today is a better day it is suppose to be.i have had enough rain!

Bea said...

your mini crumbles sound yummy Christine! Love the card it certainly has a warm summery feel -the sky is crying here too Lol!

hazel said...

Morning Christine well after days and days of rain we have sunshine hurray. Stunning card always love pink. think the kits are a good idea will give us a feel of how the dies work and look like a try b4u buy kit. xx hazel

Hellma said...

lovely card Christine

lockedinmycraftroom said...

Lovely card Christine. It's so nice to have inspiration for cards and projects with all this rain! Chris x

Elaine said...

Morning christine fab idea with the card packs cant wait to find out more. Great card very pretty. Your puddings sounded lovely x

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a pretty card, I like the idea of 'try before you buy' now I'm going on the blog hop.
From a sunny Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

Phil D said...

That is just so lovely - could add more descriptive words - your cooking sounds divine! Lucky family

Redanne said...

I am now trying to figure out a way to get invited for dinner to your house! Lol. The card is beautiful and of course, loving the butterflies. I think your idea of kits is a great idea. I cannot afford all the dies so it would be great to 'try before you buy', so that I could make an informed choice. Great idea. Crafty hugs, Anne x

AnneRD said...

Great card today Christine. Your idea of a kit sounds good, especially if you use the more unusual die shapes. Choosing the right paper can also be a challenge. Anne x

Sheila H said...

Good Morning Christine.What a beautiful card to cheer us all up after a miserable weekend.I love your demos with the dies it gives me so much inspiration.Thank you. xx Sheila

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Your sunday lunch sounded rather calorie free lol!!!

Loving todays card and love the idea of buying kits with the spellbinder shapes cos as you say its hard to buy them all as much as we would like too
Sue xxxx

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - love the card and your idea of card kits, much as we like to own the dies it's just not possible for lots of crafters so good luck with this venture.

Ita said...

hi Christine great card, I think your idea is very good,the dies are very expensive, and there is no way I can not buy any more at the moment I bought on C.C. one of the pick of the week's a few weeks ago , and a rasberry plate and some pva glue it cost me
£299.49 as the they charge me £10.00 P&P.
Another idea if you could run with and maby do a survey on your blog is the Stamping of the sentemants ,I do not do stamping i do not have the stamps,to see how many people stamp their,if you could do a few cards with nice quality peel
off's or what would you suggest???

Lynn said...

Hi Christine,

I love the idea of the 'try before you buy', although I have to say I do tend to buy the Pick of the week megabuys when they're on! It was amazing to see that you're Friday die was one that was in the POTW ! Waiting for them to arrive !

Lynn xx

CraftyJo said...

It's a very good idea, I'm sure a lot of people would find it very useful. I, personally, wouldn't be interested - I never buy kits :) - but can certainly see the benefit to others.

Craftychris said...

Lovely card and I think the kit idea is fab. I can only afford a few of the dies so it would be brilliant to try some pre cut shapes. xx

Sandra said...

Good afternoon Christine, Your Sunday Lunch sounded yummy!
I think that your idea is fabulous, its almost like playing with the shapes to see if they work for you, as I am sure many of us have dies that we have bought that we don't use that often! It would be good to be able to use some of the more expensive Grand dies as they are more of a considered purchase, for instance I am considering purchasing the Grand Peony die as I love what you have done with it in the past but not sure what I would do with it.
So its a Huge thumbs up for me, you have my total support for this idea Christine.
Love & Hugs
Sandra xx

Debs said...

Oh this is sooooo pretty Christine.
Sunday lunch sounds scrummilicious.
Have a fab evening.
Take care
Debs xx

lestim said...

Hi Christine, gosh I haven't had an onion suet pud for year, might try one this Sunday. What a great idea to have try me kits. The dies are expensive and C&C are not the cheapest, I have bought some from iconuk their prices are good with no p&p. They have a wide selection although at last look they had sold out of Cut Fold &Tuck. Best wishes,Lesley x

yorkshiresue said...

The idea of the kits is excellent Christine and as you say you will be able to see a finished card etc
Your card is beautiful

Cinders said...

Good evening Christine,
Lovely card on a lovely day... well it is here for today only anyway.
I think that your idea for the kits is brilliant as I am one of those that has to save and ask for the dies as gifts.
Thanks for your inspiration and enjoy the rest of this evening
Caz x

nmty said...

Hi Christine, love the card, very girlie, just what I like. I love the idea of the kits, and would definatley be interested in purchasing some. Keep up the great ideas.
take care, norma

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi again Christine,
This idea of kits sounds so good. I know of so many people that would love to try new things, new dies, even new medium (mini books, tags as you say) but can't afford to just go out and buy them all to try it. This is a perfect way to give alot of people the chance to try something new but inexpensively. If they don't like the results, they are not left with dies or materials they won't use.
I have done a similar thing on my blog at the moment with my Decorative Pins and offered some Starter packs as Candy, though others can buy if they prefer.
I think you will have a hit with this idea, but if I may say, I think I agree with Anne RD , maybe use some of the more unusual dies, as alot of people do have some of the basic Labels/nesties.
I can't wait to see what you do. A very big 'Go for it' from me. Hugs Linda xx

Dawn. W said...

I think the kits are an amazing idea, Christine. I for one would be interested.

Love and hugs,
Dawn.W xxx

Janice said...

The kits are a great idea Christine. I too would be interested! Try before you buy makes sense all round :-))

Janice x

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