Friday, 13 April 2012

It's Friday Die-Day!

Hello friends,
So here's an idea - I was thinking that Fridays should really be renamed Die-Day!
On certain Fridays I will feature one die, it may be just showing you how it looks when 
cut and embossed on a little project or a technique, occasionally I will do videos too - time permitting! :)
I know that when I receive die templates I immediately see how they cut and emboss, 
I am always a little surprised with the difference between the die and the die cut, 
sometimes it's more delicate, smaller etc and it certainly sparks off ideas.
It may be that you've been thinking about buying a die and would like to see it in more detail - 
you could email me and ask me to feature the one that is next on your shopping list!    
Good idea?  
To get the ball rolling today I will feature -

This is one of Donna Salazar's designs (oh yes, love her!)
You get three flowers and four leaves (2 are joined)
Here they are cut and embossed and I'm stencilling through.
 Once they are popped out of their templates look at the difference stencilling makes.
Now here is just two ways of curling these little lovelies.
First off it is useful if you have some foam, the foam that your brads come on is perfect.
Also something round - like the end of a pen, I'm using the end of my craft knife.
Take each petal and push down quite firmly, don't worry if you think it is ruining the paper - it's fine!
Here you can see the difference it makes, it is starting to curl inwards.
Once you have done this take the outer edge and start to curl like a coil - once you reach the middle that little circle is its base.  Curl quite tightly and when you get to the end let go -
it uncurls a little to find its natural shape.
Another technique is to start the same, pushing down into your foam for the first few petals but then flip your flower over and push down from the reverse side.
This means when you start to curl, the middle section is inwards but the outer edge will spray open.
Here it is before curling.
And once curled.  
Also, see the leaves, the double one that is connected, it is so you can just pinch that middle section to converge the leaves together - you can see a tiny fold line in the middle stem....
This is how it looks once folded.
This is just the basics, you can tweak the flowers and leaves, ink them, use different card stock, papers and just generally play around until you are happy with your creation.
I love them..nearly as much as butterflies!
I hope you've enjoyed my little photo demo on this Die-Day! 
Take care friends and have a wonderful weekend.


Missmizog said...

I love these dies and use them all the time.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hellma said...

Think this is agreat idea Christine, l think this idea will be helpful for people to decied if they like before buying. I love this die.

Carole Z said...

Super idea Christine! This die is high on my wish list; I have Spiral Blossom One and love it, so thanks for showing this one today...I'll be catching up again Monday as we are off to London for the weekend and going to the Ally Pally stamping show! Carole Z X

melanie said...

Great Idea I have these dies but not used them yet .Melanie

nattyboots said...

Love It, Love It, Love It, What a fantastic idea Christine , once the die is punched out it takes on a totally different look as you say ,and then we are having a double whammy with you showing us how to put this one together, The only problem is my wish list is getting longer Eeeks . Elaine H X .

Susan Flynn said...

Thanks Christine it was great to see how you used this die. I have loads of Spellbinders and I don't think I get the best from them so I am going to find Fridieday very helpful!!!

hazel said...

This is a grand idea Christine looking forward to die fridays already. Love the bitty blossom dies. xx hazel

Chloe's Nan said...

Thank you Christine, very helpful tutorial, love these dies x

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,

What a great idea this will give us all an insight in how the dies will look when finished, sometimes its difficult to imagine what they are like.
Have a good day.

Lucycat said...

This is a great idea it will help people like me a lot, Thank you. x.

Lucycat said...

This is a great idea it will help people like me a lot, Thank you. x.

Julia Watts said...

Just love this die set. Haven't played with it much - yet! But it's bound to become a favourite. Have a good weekend. Love, Julia xxx

baconbits said...

Good Morning Christine,
I agree with Die-day.
Thanks for the wonderful pictorial.
Have a great day.
Amanda x

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine, a great idea, this will be so useful. Really enjoyed today's demo. Hadn't thought of folding the leaf - 'think outside the box' springs to mind!! Anne x

nmty said...

Hi Christine, thanks for the wonderful demo, i bought these dies the other week, so this is really helpful, especially the leaves, i never noticed the small crease to use to fold. Thanks Christine, can't wait until the next Die-Day! norma x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine this is a fabulous idea and your pictures are really clear. Cant wait for the next die day


Ita said...

Hi Christine this is a great idea thank you,espeicaly for someone that is new to dies,like me

lockedinmycraftroom said...

Hi Christine, great idea, this will be really helpful.
Chris x

Craftychris said...

An absolutely fabulous idea. i am loving this die and thank you for the detailed tutorial - brilliant! xx

Clai01 said...

Great idea, what fantastic, clear easy to follow photos too. Thanks for dong this Die-day, looking forward to seeing more of them.

Bessie Segal said...

What a fab idea as I often wonder what the results from certain Spellbinders dies will be.
This will also help me achieve different looks with a die.
I can't wait!

Ajgacia said...

thanks, really usefull tutorial. I love these dies and other Spellbinders sets :->>>

confusedabc said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you so very much for that tutorial, it was so kind of you to do this for us. Have a lovely week-end. Jean

LisaK said...

This is a great idea Christine. Really useful to see them up close. Thanks for taking the time to show us.

Anne-Marie said...

Oooooo....what a great idea! Lovely pics, too. :)

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Lovely tutorial Christine and I love the idea of Friday, Die Day. It is so nice to see someone elses take on dies and their uses etc.
Best wishes Linda

Lynn said...

Wow Christine, Friday Die Day, using a set of dies that I had delivered on Thursday, can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday. Thank you sooo much Lynn x

Anonymous said...

Great Idea Christine! Friday Die Day! So good of you to take the time to share your take on these dies.
Val C

Janice said...

What a great idea Friday Die Day is Christine! Love this one and it's a great tutorial too!

I'm off to Ally Pally today after being on holiday for two weeks, so will have a lot of catching up on your blog to do later!
Janice x

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
I think that this is a fantastic idea, not only for different ways of using them (like embossing the flowers on both sides for different effects, easy to do but not always obvious) but also so that we can decide whether or not to buy as they are a considered purchase if your not going to use them much
Thanks for your inspiration
Caz x

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