Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's Friday Die-Day on a Saturday!

Hello friends,

Yesterday I was asked where you can purchase Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
products in the UK.
Pickleberry PapercraftsCutting Edge CraftsCraftie-Charlie have their items.

As I mentioned Friday Die-Day would be pushed along to Saturday this week,
hopefully you will not mind!
I had a request (thank you Sarah Costello) to demonstrate the Bauble Blossoms dies -
so here goes!  There are Bauble Blossoms One 
and Bauble Blossoms Two (both beautiful)
I'm going to feature Bauble Blossoms Two today, but the idea is same with both sets.
You receive three dies, one of them is a long strip - that is the flower centre.
The other two are different flower petal shapes so you can make two different flowers or mix and match.
This is how they look cut and embossed - I've used plain cardstock but they look equally lovely with patterned paper.
To create the centre you need to roll the strip into a tight spiral, I've used a quilling tool 
(very cheap one on eBay!) but you could use a thick needle or your pokey tool.
Roll tightly and when you reach the end secure with a dot of glue.
Select your petal strip, the embossed (right side) goes inside, 
I found this makes a difference when rolling the flower, it spaces the petals well.
I like to run a line of PVA glue along the edge but you may prefer to just roll and secure at the end.
This is how it looks once you've completely rolled one petal strip onto your flower centre. 
You can add more strips for a fuller flower.
The fun part is opening out your petals - just lightly flatten down the layers, again you can open them fully, partially - however you like your flowers to look.
The glue is still a little wet but I was keen to photo them! 
They are so pretty and quick to make.
I hope you enjoy Bauble Blossoms.
I should mention, my demonstrations are just my interpretation of creating with the die templates, you may discover different and better ways so please experiment - 
there are no hard and fast rules - in fact in crafting no rules apply, 
well aside from one ... you must have fun! :)
Back tomorrow, take care friends.


Margie H said...

Wonderful demonstration, Christine :) Have a great weekend! xo

melanie said...

Stunning demo .Thank you Melanie

Susan Flynn said...

That's brilliant Christine! I have not seen these dies but feel a little shopping coming on now I have seen your beautiful demo! Thanks so much for this its a brilliant idea xx

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Christine that is a brilliant demonstration. Really enjoyed that and look forward to future Die-days.
Have a lovely weekend.
Elizabeth x

Hellma said...

Thanks for Friday Die day on Saturday Christine, i have been looking at these dies for a few weeks wondering what they will look like made up. Now i know and they will be my next purchase.

kelly said...

WOW Christine,great tutorial,but i dont think i`m going to be liking your friday die day!!!!
Only cause when i see your tut`s it`s going to make me want to buy everything!!!I`ve got a list as long as my arm at the mo without adding more!!!! LOL.
I`ve already been looking up the cute little boxes you showed!!!!!
Have a great weekend.

Lucycat said...

A really great tutorial, Love these flowers. Have a lovely weekend. x.

nattyboots said...

AWW Christine two Die Days and two great demo"s , i do hope they continue as i cant wait for the next one . Im now going to look for these dies and have a go at a beautiful flower . Many thanks Elaine H X

Adele said...

Thanks for your wonderful detailed instructions, I shall have to give those a try now I've seen what they look like made up :)
Also thank you for the UK links from yesterday's post :)

AnneRD said...

A clear demonstration Christine and a lovely end-product. Have a good week-end. Anne x

Lydia Jordan said...

morning Christine,

Great demo thank you now we know what they are liked when finished just lovely.

Carole Z said...

Super tutorial Christine and what a Wow! die...I've never seen it before, but it's now on my ever expanding Spellbinders wish list! Have a great weekend, Carole Z X

hazel said...

Morning Christine, ive not seen or heard of these dies before, yet another one on my wish list. They are lovely and so easy to use. love love love them and you dies day demos. keep them coming xx hazel

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, I have seen the round blossom dies but not these straight ones. Great tutorial, thanks so much. The flower you made is gorgeous.

Sue said...

Thank you for the great tutorial & your photos are amazingly sharp! Sx

Cinders said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for showing these dies, I've been looking at them and wondered how they would look... now I know, simple beautiful. Thats another two dies added to my ever growing wish list.
Thanks again and have a great day
Caz x

nmty said...

Hi Christine, thanks for the fab demo, what lovely dies these are, may have to add these to my wish list. Great idea die-day, love it.

Ita said...

Hi christineThank you for the demo. It is a great help as when i have diew i do not have this one ,but I look at other dies and get a blank at times enjoy your weekend with the kids and Bella

Anonymous said...

Brilliant demo christine loved it and can now experiment with the dies I have.

Sarah said...

Thankyou Christine!!!
Will give the dies another go once I've safely delivered my daughter back to uni and I have a bit of time.

Craftychris said...

Brilliant demo thank you. Loving the demo days!! xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

WOW I love these dies. I must have missed them when I have been away in Nairobi. Thanks for the wonderful demo and now I have another one to my evergrowing Spellbinders wish list!!!
Sue xxx

Lucy said...

I'd really like to see more demos of the border dies. What you see and I see are 2 different things entirely. ;-) I haven't quite trained my eye and my brain to use them to their full extent. Your demos always help. TFS!!!

Clai01 said...

Thankyou for the wonderful clear easy to follow demo , love it!

Janice said...

Great tutorial Christine, thank you!
Janice x

fairysparkle said...

Thank you Christine that was explaned that so well and i will be buying those soon x

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