Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hello friends
Yesterday morning Mitchell ended up here....
and this afternoon Elliott is going here...
I think we are a little tired of hospitals! 
Mitchell ended up going to Accident and Emergency first thing yesterday
morning due to some complications following his surgery. 
For any of you who don't know - let's just say, he had an operation some time ago on 
a rather 'delicate area'!   Poor lad, so embarrassing for him and I'm making it worse
by telling you all via my blog! (aka mother's revenge!)
He was sent home with medication but under review as to whether he may need another little op.
I did quiz him whether he would like his time off yesterday as a day's holiday! ;)

Next son...Elliott is back at King's this afternoon.  
We are one week into the injections and I'm afraid it is still horrible.  
We are going to be grateful to speak to a Professor today to seek his advice and help.
His medication also makes him very hot so this weather is excruciating for him.
We have found ways to help - handheld fan, fan in his room and at crisis point, washing him down 
with the hose in the garden! 

Okay enough of the medical traumas!  Let's talk craft.
The lovely Cosmo Cricket papers - Odds and Ends -  
I'm afraid I do not stock them but I have managed to track some down for sale here.
Talking of this gorgeous paper - how about a few more projects using them.
An envelope gift bag.
 A notebook
 and festive card featuring a Labels Twenty-Two aperture.
All these festive projects use Layered Poinsettia - LOVE this die set so much.
I've just taken delivery of more but as yet have not had a chance to upload them
to Amazon or the new website.  That reminds me - if there is a die you need please get in touch -
I have a separate stock in the shop and I can always specifically order dies too.

So, a batch of Christmas projects - all very appropriate for this hot spell we are having!! 

Pat asked yesterday if I could explain how I make my cards etc - I really must and
I plan to get back into doing this with tutorials, Friday Die Days and more.
Hoping for a little bit of calm soon and extra hours in the day :)
Take care friends and thank you again for your kind comments.


baconbits said...

Morning Emberson household,
All systems go on the medical front - hope all goes well with Elliot today will be rooting for him.
Love the Christmas projects.
Amanda x

AnneRD said...

Good morning Christine. I don't know how you are managing to maintain a blog when there is so much happening on the home front; the boys must call you 'super mum'. Will be thinking of you and Elliott today, hope they manage to sort this problem out soon.
Great ideas for projects today, although its difficult to think of Christmas in such hot weather. Anne x

Elizabeth said...

Oh no Christine, I thought you were over all of this. Hope Mitchell is feeling better soon. And poor Elliott I guess we ladies that are having/have had hot flushes will sympathise with him getting very hot.
Hope the Professor will answer all your questions today.
Elizabeth x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh dear Christine poor Mitchell! I really hope Elliott gets some results today when he sees the Prof! Hugs Susan x

Christine Harrop said...

My goodness what a time of trial you are all enduring! Thoughts and prayers with you all! Christine xx

Chris said...

Your boys certainly keep you busy Christine. Hope all goes well with Elliott today with the Prof. Love your Christmas projects.
Chris X

Maggieann said...

Morning Christine, you and the boys must really be wondering when this will end.Hope Mitchell is feeling better now and the Prof. can ease things for Elliott. As always, I love all of your projects! Sending positive vibes and (((HUGS))) xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I hope everything goes well for both Elliott and Mitchell.
It is hard to think of Chritmas in this weather,but time goes so quick.
Really looking forward to Saturday. Take care. x.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Well whatever next ..... you are all coping well with what life is hitting you with at the moment ,i prey it all starts to settle down soon and the boys start to feel better

All your projects are beautiful as always Christine

Good luck today
Elaine H X

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, oh dear think your addicted to the hospitals. hope everything goes well and gets sorted soon. Loving the projects on show today even if they are Christmas. xx hazel

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Sorry to hear that both Mitchell and Elliot are back visiting docs. Hope Mitchell is feeling better soon and that Elliot can get some help from the prof. I will be thinking of you all. Such pretty Christmas projects. I have the poinsettia dies, they are so versitile. Take care.

Lacelady said...

Your poor boys - they do seem to be going through the mill recently. I do hope they both get well soon. Love the Christmas cards, I have some red/white patterned paper I think would work as a substitute.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Christine! What a manic time you're having - I don't know how you cope! Hope your boys get sorted soon and good luck with the professor. We are cruising the river lee in Hertfordshire so hope to get to you on Saturday from a station somewhere along there! Normally we are based up north, but seeing we are down south at the mo I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to support your charity event after following your blog for a couple of years. Also Spellbinders are my passion too!

Regards, Jan Dunham xx

Anonymous said...

Good morning. I would have made Mitchell work late until he'd made his time up! ;) Hope they are both feeling at least a little better today.

Lovely cards and the cosmo paper is rather nice. JuliaTx

marg said...

Hello Christine
I hope things get better soon.... this is turning into a bad dream for you all!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. Take care. Claire

Wendy L said...

You have so much to cope with and crafting helps I am sure, it did for me at my bad times. I dont know how you find the time for everything though. Hugs and thoughts to you all.xxxxx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
I've been away for 11 days and am so sorry to hear that BOTH your sons are now revisiting hospital!! It must be a horrible time for all of you.
Let's hope Mitchell's seen the last of the place and that your chat with the prof. brings some positive results! Poor Elliott, I really feel for him as I can't stand heat either. And in Germany we had 45 degrees Celsius one day! How I'm still alive I don't know - all I could do was lie on the bed and not move a muscle!
All of you are in my thoughts - stay strong.
Best wishes,

Sue Yorkshire said...

Oh Christine you and your boys have certainly had plenty of ups and downs this year... hope they can both be sorted soon and then on the road to recovery and fewer hospital visits

Your Christmas projects are beautiful

Sue xxx

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. You are having a time of it at the moment. Hope Mitchell feels a bit better this morning. Poor Elliot, it must be awful for him, especially in this hot weather. Maybe his consultant will be able to help. I love your creations today, both are wonderful. Hugs Rita xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope all the hospital attending gets sorted completely very soon. What great crafting you have done - Love all todays things.
Hugs and good wishes to all
Phil D

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I feel for you and the boys, the medical issues must seem never ending, don't know how you manage. I suppose having the business helps to keep you going.
Hope you get a solution for Elliot today, and Mitchell is feeling better.
Love all of your projects.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, your poor boys, all happens at once doesn't it, hope Mitchell improves and Elliott is coping. Don't worry about step by steps for your projects we understand that you have more important things to deal with at the moment. I find just looking at them inspiration and gives me ideas. Take care Emma

Valerie said...

Sounds a stressful time for all concerned. Good luck today hope you get your questions answered satisfactorily. Love the projects and looking forward to Charity Day. Love and prayers Valerie

Valerie said...

Sounds a stressful time for all concerned. Good luck today hope you get your questions answered satisfactorily. Love the projects and looking forward to Charity Day. Love and prayers Valerie

loftylass said...

Oh Christine.. your family is really having a tough time just now - you all must be exhausted. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Consider yourselves hugged ....
Heather W

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there, hope Mitchell is feeling better and things go well for you and Elliott at the hospital.

You can never be sure how bad the side effects of medication will be. My father used to be on one tablet that made him very sensitive to sunlight, so he had to keep covered up and use plenty of sunblock. He earned the nickname of Dracula..

Love the projects today.

Take care, Mary x

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine, sorry to see that you are still getting grief with your lovely boys. Hope all goes well today for you and Elliott and also that Mitchell is soon feeling better. I hope Bella is helping you look after the patients. Take care all of you
Love Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine and boys, hopefully soon you will be able to look back at all that has happened and thank God its over and life is easy and good again.
Crafty hugs to all Pam S xxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Sue, love the card and envelope I love Christmas things , love to all of you and hope things go well with both boys. I too am hot all the time and this weather is terrible for me, I run cold water on my wrists and it does help love Jean Z xx

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Sorry to hear the latest news re your boys. Hope Mitchell is feeling better soon and Elliot gets things sorted today with the Prof. Must be awful for him, poor lad. It's hot enough as it is!
Lovely projects today.
Take care
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the boys are having a bit of a glitch, have you tried ice cubes in a hot water bottle to cool Elliot, Love your Work as always, love and prayers for you and your boys Mary x

Maggie said...

Hello. You poor things - all of you. Another tip to try - when living in Africa we used to soak sarongs in cold water and wrap ourselves in them which lowers body temperature really quickly. Would work with old sheets, towels etc. Effect lasts much longer than taking a cold shower or being near a fan. Give it a go. xxMargaretxx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine you are going through the mill,poor boys, it is hard to keep cool in this weather,.The cards ate lovely.

Mac Mable said...

Love the samples you've shown us today, so very pretty. So sorry to hear about your continuing medical problems at home...don't know where you find the time and energy x Beverley

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Good morning Christine, Oh dear, what a day you all had. A spritzer spray filled with water for Elliott to use every now and again is very, very good in this weather. Loving the craft projects, beautiful as a\lways Christine. Hope today is a 'Non Event Day' for you all!!!

Nikki Payne said...

oh dear.....hope Mitchell is feeling better and you get some must needed help for poor Elliott this afternoon:) theae dies and list is growing and once I get back from holiday I will email you it:) x
Hope to see you at the weekend, (I am working my socks off to get all of my DT projects done)
Take care,
Hugs Nikki x

Janice said...

Christine, boy oh boy, I can't believe your life... so full of unwanted dramas..... I hope you're writing all this down for a novel and perhaps a film of your life. Hope boys recover well enough for Saturday. This weather is actually too hot!! I know we shouldn't say that because we normally have such bad weather....but it is!!. Hope Elliott is coping in this heat. Hosing him down sounds like a good idea... I might come over as well for a cool shower. Janice xx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, hope both boys start feeling better soon, you must be quite frazzled with all the to-ing and fro-ing to the hospitals! Thinking of you all. Carole xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine. Once again some lovely Christmas cards. Thanks for answering my query regarding tutorials. I know your very busy at the moment toing and froing to hospitals. I at least know what this is like. It's almost as bad for us as them isn't it. Mt partner also has injections that make him sweat and overheat. So he can sympathise with Elliot. Mind you it's murder also in the winter, as he is hot and I'm freezing cold.

Craftychris said...

Oh bless them both! Hopefully things will get better soon. Love the Christmas cards - I am feeling festive now! Take care all of you xx

Elaine said...

Oh dear hope both boys are well. Love todays projects xx

Teresa said...

I hope the boys get better again for the weekend and I guess we should be thankful for hospitals and the wonderful doctors that cure us to look on the bright side! Love all the beautiful projects that you posted, as always they are just lovely :) Have a wonderful day and hope you get some good news!

Sue B said...

Oh my, Christine, you certainly are having a real rough patch right now & the boys also of course. You will get to the end of this tunnel eventually & hopefully see a lighter side of it all. Good luck to Elliott hope all goes well & I wonder if Mitchell is expecting "sick pay". He hasn't been there long enough yet, has he!!!

Carole Z said...

Oh goodness Christine, I so feel for you and the boys..I hope MItchell won't need another op and that all went well for Elliott today, let's hope his medication gets well and truly sorted for him soon. As for all today's projects, sending hugs, Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, It never rains, but what it pours, as the saying goes !! Poor Mitchell and also Poor Elliott, I am thinking of you all in these very trying times, and my love and prayers are with you all.
Your Christmas projects are stunning, and the papers are beautiful.
We all understand that you can't continue as normal with your Blog, it is amazing that you are managing to post 'at all', you must be running on 'auto pilot'. Huge hugs to you, Christine.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sandra Castle said...

My heart goes out to you and your boys! What a time. Wishing you all lots of love and hugs xxx

SusanP, Kent said...

Oh my goodness, you are all having more than your fair share of woes.
I do hope everything gets sorted soon. Meantime take care of yourself (we mums tend to forget our own wellbeing in these sort of crises). There are many people out here wishing you all well.
p.s. tell Bella that she can't steal the limelight this time.
p.p.s. almost forgot to say that your projects are inspirational (as usual).

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