Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Building on the Core"

Hello friends
Today I'm going to talk about "Building on the Core" -
this is going to be an expression you will hear a lot from Spellbinders® 
especially with CHA just around the corner.
So what is "Building on the Core"?  
With each die set that is produced a clever thought process has been adopted -
if you own a set of Nestabilities, these are your "core".  
The "building" is layering them with die choices such as Majestic Elements,
Decorative Elements, Imperial Gold and now introducing NEW Enhancing Elements.
Enhancing Elements are 'inset' dies, there is no cut edge to the perimeter 
but by mixing them with your 'core' dies you can create superb effects.

Stacy Caron has put together a video that explains it all.
Now, while watching the video just glance over the top of Stacey's head,
just a glance mind - I don't want you to lose concentration!  
There is a project on the shelf that is mine!  
An altered book - I made this in my first year with Spellbinders so I am really
chuffed it is on the shelf at their offices.
Inside the book it looks like seems I've always liked butterflies and bird cages!
Now, other releases just in case you may not have caught them...
Oh yes, happy dance - been wanting these for ages.

and Sentiments too!

There is so much lovely new stuff! 

Right, other news - hospitals!
Huge thanks for all your comments and good wishes, Mitchell is doing okay but
dosed up with medication.  His working day today involves being pampered by his 
grandparents and baking cakes!  Money for old rope wouldn't you agree!

Elliott's trip to King's yesterday wasn't as fruitful as we had hoped.  
We had been wanting to hear there may be an alternative to the daily growth injections -
(a form of gas pump as developed and currently used in the US) but sadly it is not available here. 
Knowing he has many years ahead of these injections has brought him down 
but he is really looking forward to Saturday, especially as he has been charged 
with selecting the winner of the Grand Cake!  
My sister is making one of her
amazing cakes which will be available to win on the day - entry will be £1.  
In case you haven't seen one of her cakes - they look something like this...
and this...
and look at this - created for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party! 
Now I need to eat cake but there is nothing like this in my larder! 
Take care friends, I'm back soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Christine for the beautiful illustrations and information. I hope to call in on Saturday. Best wishes to Mitchell and Elliot for speedy improvements.

jucrook said...

OMG what a talented family. I am really hoping I can come on Saturday and what better incentive than a beautiful cake. Actually the best incentive is knowing what a good cause it is for. Looking forward to seeing you all. Ju

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Saturday even more now, what beautiful and unusual cakes! JuliaT

Chris said...

So glad Mitchell is OK and sorry there is not an alternative for Elliott at the moment. What a wonderful post today, talent runs in your family, the cakes look fantastic.
Chris X

Maggieann said...

Hi Christine,sorry that you didn't get the result you hoped for at King's yesterday but keep positive Elliott you will get there.Glad Mitchell is improving and assigned to light duties! Your sister's cakes are incredible,like you, she is so talented.Just going to pop over and see the latest offering from Spellbinders. Take care,hugs to

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Isnt it always the way ?,the US it seems to me have everything far more superior and are a cut above on the medical front than we are { we just have to sit on the fence and wait for a lot of up and coming health cures grr it makes me so mad }
Sorry rant over ...

Your sisters cakes are superb whoever wins one wont want to cut into it im sure
Thank you for the info and link ,it seems i have a lot to learn Christine .

Take Care all of you
Elaine H X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine
Really sorry you and Elliott did not get the results you had hoped for. Pleased Mitchell is feeling a bit better.
Your blogg today is great,your work and your sisters cakes look wonderful,. Take care. x.

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, so sorry the hospital news wasn't as good as you hoped. I am sure you and Elliott will cope. Glad Mitchell is doing ok on lighter duties.

Loved the book. The cakes are amazing. I can make cakes but decorating them is not my forte, I leave that to one of my god-daughters.

Looking forward to Saturday, see you then, take care...Mary x

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine, So sorry that the trip to hospital for Elliot wasn't such a good one, but am glad that Mitchell is feeling a bit better. What a talented lot your family are! The cakes look too good to eat - what artistry and imagination!! Love the book too.
have a lovely day
Carole N xx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine.
so sorry to here that their is no other treatment available in the UK. Hopefully the medication symptoms might improve with use. Glad Mitchell is having a quiet day. Wish I could be with you on Saturday. Fantastic cakes, what a talented family. Hopefully this new treatment might be available here in the not to distant future. Lots of love to you all, and have a great day on Saturday.

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Good morning Christine, hope that Elliott and Mitchell are fine and well today. Amazing papercraft from yourself and what fabulous cakes. A real crafting family! Just lovely!

hazel young said...

Loving the text and fonts dies. Love your book Christine. Glad Mitchell is on the mend, hoping that Saturday cheers Elliott up and he feels better soon, maybe they will introduce it in the near future. If its down to funding maybe you could set up a fund raising event to raise the funds for the new treatment. Got my kit yesterday had a bit of a play with it yesterday but nothing made yet as was so tired. Can't wait to see what creation your sister makes for Saturday I'm thinking Ronald Mc Donald and a house cake. xx hazel

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh I am so sorry Elliott did not receive the news he wanted to but he mustn't give up hope that this form of treatment will never be available in the UK, things do change and who knows!

I have seen your sister's cakes before on your blog and they are just amazing! I do wish I lived close enough to come in I would love to see one close at hand and possibly even win one!! Good luck for the day I am sure it will be brilliant! Susan xx

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Glad at least Mitchell is on the road to recovery. I feel for Elliot, not being able to get the new meds here must have been such a blow for him. Your book box is totally fabulous, no wind e r it's on their shelf. Hope today is better for all of you. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love all your spellbinder news -
Hope medical treatments get better and results overcome the difficulties soon. What a wonderful cake maker your sister is. Hugs

Phil D

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Sorry that Elliott didn't have better news yesterday.. maybe the new treatment may come across to the UK soon
Hope Mitchells meds help him but I am sure the TLC for his grandparents will do him a power of good

Those cakes looks amazing I wouldn't want to cut into it if I had one

Sue xxx

Valerie said...

Alphabet dies a must have, also words. Shame about Elliott's treatment hope as time goes on the bad effects will lesson. Love the cakes, too good to eat. Keep smiling, Valerie

Sally said...

Wow....Christine, the cakes your sister makes are amazing, you are a talented and creative family.
So sorry to hear that Elliott can't have the other way of getting this medication into him.
Really looking forward to Saturday, take care Sally xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Loving all of the new fonts etc. that are coming out! Your sister is as talented as you. Fabulous cakes. Someone is going to be very lucky to win one. Glad to hear that Mitchell is feeling a little better. Grandparents tlc will help him a lot I am sure.
Sorry that Elliot can't get a pump at the moment. My first thought is the same as Hazel Youngs. Lets raise the money to buy one for him! I know that they cost big bucks but I for one would be more than happy to make a donation. You are all working so hard for others and are going to raise so much money for others on Saturday but after that Elliot deserves to get a chance at getting something that will make his life so much more comfortable. It's not like this pump is something that he just would like, like a new computer game or whatever! Take care.

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
Sorry to hear Elliotts trip didn't have the results you were all wanting, it's early days for him yet so with time hopefully things will improve. Glad Mitchell is feeling better
Beautiful cakes by your sister and I love your book project.
Well good luck for tomorrow, I am still hoping to pop in for a while
Have a good day
Sue xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I echo everything that has been said by everybody today. So sorry for Elliot, glad Mitchell is on the mend.
Wonderful cakes by your sister.
Take care.

Lacelady said...

My heart goes out to Elliott, poor boy - perhaps with time, they will get easier, (think diabetics!) It seems that Mitchell is back home with you then, which is good.

The cakes your sister makes are to die for- what a style! I love them all and wish I could be there to try and win one. I doubt if one would survive in the post to me in Ireland.

loftylass said...

Morning Christine - poor Elliott must be feeling down, let's hope things improve in the near future... pleased to hear Mitchell had a better outcome.
Loving all the new dies from Spellbinders - new dies to enhance what we already have - and alpha's .... great ....
Your sister's cakes look fantastic. Hope the day goes well.
Hugs to all.
Heather W

Jean Z said...

Sorry to hear about Elliott's treatment makes you so mad we trail behind America with a lot of things, Hope Mitchell keeps on recovering and I hope all goes well on Saturday. Thanks for the information on spellbinders so useful love Jean Z xxx

Layerlass67 said...

Hi Christine, Your sister is an artist no doubt about it. I wish I lived nearby although I know she doesn't take many commissions. Lucky the person who gets one of those masterpieces! I contacted Spellbinders ages ago about producing sentiment dies. Unfortunately, they have been beaten to it by Tattered Lace and I have bought all 3 of their sets of sentiment dies. I still think that Spellbinders produce the best dies and are the best value for money dies around so it's a shame they didn't get there quickly with the sentiment dies. Sorry to hear Mitchell has been in the wars again but hope he improves quickly. Finally, we are raising money for Ronald McDonald houses this time. How much do we need to raise to get Elliott one of those pumps from America? Other people have raised funds for their kids to go to the U.S for treatments, can't we raise the money for this pump? Take care and hugs to you all. gemma C. xx

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you all, especially Elliott. Take care. Claire

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Sorry to read Elliot is feeling down Bless him he is such a brave Lad. As someone before me has said can we not do fundraising to get this pump from America for him ? please give this a thought. Poor Mitchell hope he soon feels a bit better poor Lad.
And Mum all this and a fundraiser on Saturday Bless you.

Your Sisters cakes are out of this world ooooooh I wished I lived nearer just to see one her masterpieces would be an honour.

I love all the new Spellbinders dies hope they get over here very soon.

Luv n hugs to you all Annxxx

Carol J said...

You can't possibly eat cakes that look like that! xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine first sorry to hear about Elliott ,feeling down it is normal I thing as he has pain with the injections.As other people have said,we can fund raise to buy the pump if that is possible,how much does it cost??? and we as a groub can take some of the work of your shoulders, to do this. I hope Michael will feel better soon.Your sisters cakes are stunning.
love the projects,will have a look later to see your work on the video

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
Good to hear that Mitchell's making the most of his tribulations, but not so good to hear that Elliott still has to have the daily injections! Any chance that he can stop with them in the foreseeable future?
Your projects are lovely and your sister's cakes are just STUNNING.
- Well, out again into the garden and then after 30 mins a WELL DESERVED SHOWER!
Stay strong,

Janice said...

Christine, wow what a talented sister you have... her cakes are stupendous!!!. I will definitely be buying some raffle tickets on Saturday. Bad luck re: Elliott, glad to hear that he is putting a brave face on things... tell him all us ladies will be there on Saturday to give him a gentle cuddle. xx Janice xx

Maggie said...

Ooh those fonts look just too good. Poor boys. At least with an aunt like that there is a silver lining somewhere. What a talented bunch you are. Chins up - things must get better soon for all of you and just think how many friends you have for a start! xxMargaretxx

Elaine said...

Wow cakes look amazing, even more reason to wish I was there - love cake. Hope the boys are on the mend xx

Anonymous said...

You belong to the most talented family - your sister's cakes are fabulous sculptures - how could anyone even cut into one and eat it - they are too gorgeous. Its a shame I live so far away and won't be able to take part in the day itself.
I'm sorry that Elliott has to persevere with the treatment he is on now - hopefully things will get easier with time for him.
Good luck to you all.
Caroline MacH

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Really hope things get sorted for Elliot soon, I'm sure Saturday will give him a big lift. Good that Mitchell is being TLC'd by your parents.
Love your sister's cakes....too nice to even touch with a knife!
Congrats to you for your project appearance in the video......what a compliment :-))
Home from hols tomorrow, really looking foreward to coming across the water to your studio!
Janice x

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Really hope things get sorted for Elliot soon, I'm sure Saturday will give him a big lift. Good that Mitchell is being TLC'd by your parents.
Love your sister's cakes....too nice to even touch with a knife!
Congrats to you for your project appearance in the video......what a compliment :-))
Home from hols tomorrow, really looking foreward to coming across the water to your studio!
Janice x

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
Sorry to hear that the hospital visit was not very productive. I wholeheartedly support the suggestion that we get together and do some fundraising to get the pump Elliott needs.
Thank you for showing the new alphabet dies, I think they will be a great success.
The cakes look gorgeous, someone is going to be very lucky on Saturday,
Anne x

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