Friday, 12 July 2013

Look what has arrived!!

Hello friends
A huge parcel arrived yesterday from Spellbinders® enclosing raffle prizes!!   
TWO Artisan X-PlorerMachines! And.....
all these lovely dies too!  
You will recognise the dies as the ones being used in the Charity Kit - 
all the kit details are here.

And, just in case you've managed to escape the blog posts detailing raffle tickets for sale
you can find those details here.  
The prizes are really stacking up, I'm overwhelmed by the generosity - 
it is going to be craft raffle heaven!
Remember if you buy a kit via my blog there is a raffle ticket inside but please feel
free to purchase more tickets if you wish...(all in a good cause!)

Yesterday marked the start of something very special - the Shape It Up Sneak Peek and Giveaway.
It is your chance to see some of the new release dies and be in with a chance to win.
Click on the image below for the details.
Other news:  thank you for all your kind comments regarding Elliott's medication.
The injections have now started and I'm afraid to say he finds them very painful.
I feel terrible as I am the one that administers them so lots of hugs and kisses afterwards!

Now, about time I announced the winner of last Friday's giveaway -
this week is flying by!  

I asked Elliott to pick out a winner and he used his whizzy phone to generate 
a number.  The prize of Gold Elements goes to....


Please drop me an email with your address details
and I will send Mitchell straight to the Post Office with them! 

Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend.


Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh poor Elliott I hope it is only a question of getting used to it and he soon doesn't mind it too much. Well done to SB to support your raffle like this! Susan xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, WOW !! not one but TWO Artisan machines, I would love to win one of these, and all the lovely goodies too. Thank You so much, Spellbinders, you are ACE !!
So sorry that the injections are very painful for Elliott, you much feel terrible, Christine, having to administer this painful medication,, hopefully it will get easier to bear, and then when Elliott is 7 feet tall, he will Thank You ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx
PS Congratulations to the lucky Winner xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Apologies: that should read "you must feel terrible, Christine ..." xx

nattyboots said...

They do say "you have to be cruel to be kind " Christine my heart goes out to you and Elliott of course ,he is such a brave boy .

Wow thank you SB your raffle is going to be awesome Christine .
Well done to the winner enjoy your prize

Have a good day
Elaine H X

Hellma said...

Such a shame that Elliott now has to go through this aswell, poor wee soul has had alot to cope with, HUGS. some great Prizes up for grabs, hope you raise loads.

Anonymous said...

It must be horrible, I hope it becomes more bearable for you both.

Great raffle prizes and well done to the winner of last week's fdd, I really enjoy using those dies. JuliaTx

Chris said...

So sorry for Elliott, hopefully it will get better with time. I have to administer insulin injections to my dog twice a day and mostly it's fine but sometimes it just catches her wrong and I feel awful, but I know it keeps her well. Fab prizes given by Spellbinders, how generous, would love to win something from them. Lastly, well done to SuzyD.
Chris X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
I really hope Elliott gets used to his injections soon it must horrible.
What super raffle prizes from Spellbinders,must get more tickets , Take care. x.

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, hope it gets easier for you and Elliott. These things are never easy.

Well a big thank you to Spellbinders, they have been so generous.

So fingers crossed for us all.

Take care.. Mary x

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both. Take care. Claire

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I feel for you having to give Elliot injections which are painful for him, hopefully they will get easier with time.
Spellbinders have done you proud with these prizes. Had a look at the new dies, very interesting.
Have a good day.

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
Oh poor Elliot hope they get easier - I am sure they will.
What a lot of super prizes, I must purchase some tickets.
Amanda x

Clai01 said...

Great that Spellbinders donated those raffle prizes.
Big hug for Elliot ((hug))

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Well done to Spellbinders! It is getting to be a really great raffle isn't it.
Sorry to both you and Elliott. I am sure it will get easier for both of you in time. As always, try and stay positive and keeping reminding yourselves why you are doing the jabs. Enjoy the sun. Take care.

Wendy L said...

Wow, amazingly kind of Spellbinders. xxx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
Well, what a lot of lovely prizes for the charity raffle. I hope this spurs people on to buy extra tickets to swell the funds.
Sorry to hear that Elliott is finding this treatment painful, I hope that in time it might become more bearable. Sending him a big hug. Anne x

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. How very generous of Spellbinders,a fabulous addition to your prizes. Sorry to hear that Elliots injections are so painful. It must be so hard for you as a mother. Sending pot loads of Hugs to both of you. Rita xxxxx

Lacelady said...

Good Morning Christine, so sorry to hear that Elliott is finding the injections difficult, I hope it eases up with time. Spellies have been really generous, haven't they? How kind of them (and all the other contributors).

Maggie said...

What an exciting post albeit tinged with a bit of sadness. My heart goes out to Elliott, I have heard these injections can be bad news, but just think of all the good they're doing. Definitely going to buy some more raffle tickets to win such a tremendous prize. A huge thank you to both you and Spellbinders for thinking of other people. xxMargaretxx

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Good morning Christine, poor Elliott and poor you but you are both so brave. I take my hat off to you. Hope all this will soon be over for you all and that you can all be well and living a normal life once again. Thinking of you all as always.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, poor Elliott I don't think any of us enjoy injections, you are both very brave. A big hug to you both. Emma

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, sorry Elliott has to have injections, I have four a day in time he will get use to them if they help that what counts. Great goods from spellbinders got my tickets love Jean Z xxx

loftylass said...

Oh my heart goes out to Elliott - and you Christine (no mother likes to inflict pain on their offspring) I hope you both manage to cope. Be brave.
Spellbinders have done you proud I must say... your raffle is gathering momentum now. The best of luck to you all.
Heather W

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Hope the injections get easier for you both. Keep well. Great news on the raffle prizes. Have a wonderful day on the 20th.

CardsofJoy said...

Bless you both Christine, no injections are pleasant but these sound awful. I sympathise as I have a 9 year old granddaughter who is on insulin twice a day since she was 6 when she started with diabetes, although they are not always painful, just ocassionally, a necessary evil for Elliot!! He's a brave and lovely lad.

hazel young said...

Oh wow that's great more raffle prizes. Glad Elliott has finally got his medication even though it does hurt at present it is all for the greater good. xx hazel

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

hi Christine Wow Wow great prize ,I hope it will raise a lot of money.Poor Elliott have they given you any surface Anaesthetic to numb the area????? It does help.
congrats to the winner of the Die.
Big hugs Ita

Toni said...

Hello Christine, so sorry to hear that the injections are not pleasant for Elliott. It can't be much fun for you either, having to administer them. Fingers crossed, things will get a bit easier for you both.
WOW, haven't Spellbinders done you proud with raffle prizes. A big thank you to them. Hopefully these donations should boost your raffle ticket sales.
Have a good weekend, all three of you.
Toni xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I am so sorry that Elliott's injections are so painful, it must be so hard for you to administer them knowing this... Wow Artisan X-plorers, the machine that's top of my wish list! Take care all of you & have a super weekend, hugs Carole Z xx

Janice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janice said...

Fabulous raffle prizes from Spellbinders Christine, how very kind of them, and says tons about how much they think of you & Elliot.

Sorry to hear the news about Elliot & the injections. Hoping that you both get used to them vey soon, and the pain eases for him soon.
Janice x
P.s. Congratulations to Suzy!

Janice said...

Hi Christine, wow you must be overjoyed at spellbinders for their generous donations. Have spent the afternoon with Sally, getting our stitching kits ready for Saturday. All done now and ready to bring on the day. Also, a lot of the craft ladies have donated cards for us to sell on the day. Elliott is being extremely brave. Wishing him all the best. Janice xx

Maggie ann said...

Hi Christine,just read yesterday's post. Sorry that Elliott is finding the injections painful,it must be difficult for you both so BIG hugs to you both.Love the raffle prizes,will buy more tickets when I get home! Love to you all xxx

Pearl Maple said...

oh my those artisan machines looks like so much fun

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