Friday, 19 July 2013

Just quickly stopping by....

Hello friends
Cake baking frenzy!
While I was at work yesterday Mitchell got to grips with baking 
lemon and coconut cakes.
I believe we will have an offer 4-5 different sorts of cakes to have with a nice cup of
tea and coffee tomorrow.  
As soon as I'm home from work this evening I will be putting the finishing
touches to the studio/shop - we are really looking forward to tomorrow.

I wanted to let you know that raffle tickets will be for sale at the event and
also available to purchase up until midnight Saturday 20 July.  
The PayPal link is still working (thank you gremlins for staying away!) 
and can be found here.

On Sunday Elliott and I will be making the draw and from Monday onwards there will be
'Winners Week' - please stop by every day to see the winning ticket numbers and prizes.
There will be quite a few each day as there are A LOT of prizes! 

I wish I could magically arrange for everyone to be there - instead I will 
be posting lots of pictures.

Other news - still nothing from Suzy D with regard to winning the 
Gold Elements!

As it is now a week I thought it only fair to ask Elliott to pick out another name - 
his whizzy app selected.....


Please drop me an email
and I will make sure they are sent out to you.

Sorry not very craft related today - but lots in the pipeline.
Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend, keep cool - eat plenty of ice cream!


Hellma said...

Sorry cant be with you tommorrow , i hope evrything goes well, have a great day, good luck.

baconbits said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow - wish I could be there.
Amanda x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

I hope you have a smashing time tomorrow Christine and raise lots of money for Ronald McDonald House!! Susan xx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine, Mitchell and Elliott
Will be with you in spirit tomorrow, its just not possible for me to get there in person. I hope you have the most successful of days. Well done Mitchell for doing the baking, next step will be to emulate your aunt with her awesome decorating techniques!
To Elliott, enjoy tomorrow, you have been the inspiration for the charity day and for raising, what I hope will be, a large amount of money for the cause.
Anne x

Chris said...

Very, very good luck tomorrow to all three of you. I bet you have all worked so hard and I hope you raise lots of money for the charity.
Chris X

Liz Thomson said...

How I wish I could join you tomorrow but good luck and I know it will go well. Will be checking in next week with my raffle tickets. Xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to Mrs B on winning the beautiful dies.
Mitchell is being a 'Domestic God', what brilliant boys you have there, Christine, they are so gorgeous.
Have a fantastic day tomorrow, I will be with you 'in spirit', and my fingers will be crossed for the raffle.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow and raise lots. wish I was nearer. Congrats to Mrs B. Looking forward to pictures of your event Christine xx hazel

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, I am sure everything will be wonderful tomorrow.

Patricia is so right Mitchell is now the "Domestic God" for cake baking. Watch out Nigella....

See you all tomorrow..

Take care, Mary..xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I wish I could be with you all tomorrow, but you will be in my thoughts. I had to look twice when reading your blog today as my name was there as the new winner of the unclaimed dies!!! Thank you so much. They are beautiful. Take care.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, I am sure you will have a great day tomorrow,really looking forward to seeing the photos,
Keeping my fingers crossed for the raffle.
I hope you will raise a nice sum of money, you have all worked so hard. Take care. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I'm sure that you will have a great day tomorrow. Sorry I can't come.
Mitchell looks at home in the kitchen. Hope you raise lots of money for such a worthy cause.
Lucky Mrs B very jealous.
Keep my fingers crossed for a win on the raffle.
Take care.

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Just to say that I hope you have the best day tomorrow. Weather looks certain to be in your favour too. Hugs to you All. Rita xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a really great day tomorrow and raise lots for your charity.
love Carole N xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Sounds like such fun. So wish i could be there.
Love Val x

Wendy L said...

I wish I could be there tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed to be a lucky winner next week, xxx

Maggieann said...

Hello Christine,I too would love to be with you tomorrow,for what I know will be a super day.You have all worked so hard to make it a big success. I've bought raffle tickets but wondered if it's possible to make an additional donation via Paypal (in lieu of what I would spend if I could be there!)Wishing you a wonderful, successful day

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine your day will be wonderful as you and your family have put so much effort into it ,it can not fail and people will always want to help out for such a needy cause ,

Enjoy it all
Elaine H X

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine your day will be wonderful as you and your family have put so much effort into it ,it can not fail and people will always want to help out for such a needy cause ,

Enjoy it all
Elaine H X

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, oh how I wish I could be there, but will be thinking of you all and wish you a wonderful day..all of you! I am sure you will raise lots of money for Ronald MacDonald are such an inspiring person and you have two awesome sons..oh to try a piece of one of Mitchell's cakes! Love and Hugs, Carole Z XXX

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, its good to have a multi talented work force! Hope it all goes well tomorrow and everyone enjoys themselves. EMma

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you all. Take care. Claire

loftylass said...

Things are looking good for you Christine - have a wonderful day. Stay well everyone. I'm sure Elliott's lovely smile will tempt people to part with more cash for this worthwhile charity.
I'll be there in spirit.
Heather W

Rose in Chester said...

Wishing you every success for tomorrow. And well done the boys!
Best wishes

Jean Z said...

Can't wait for the prize draw very exiting, love to be there but not to worry love Jean Z xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine Michael is great to be baking for you.looking forward to the weekend ,draw and lots of photos,

Sue B said...

Don't worry too much Christine re: blogging about non-crafty things, it's all very interesting anyway & nice to know how you are getting on with the studio. Can see you've done a wonderful job in training your new recruit, obviously a multi-talented young man. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow & lots of people attend. Good luck to everyone with raffle tickets.

Maggie said...

Hello. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow you all deserve a hugely successful day after all your hard work and such generosity of heart and time. Very sad it's just too far to come and meet you all as I'm sure all your regulars feel we know you already. xxMargaretxx

LoraineC said...

Good luck for tomorrow, have a great day! Sorry I won't be there to taste those cakes. X

LyndA said...

Sorry I can't be with you tomorrow. We live too far away but we will be thinking about you all and sending HUGE good wishes for a very successful day in every way. Hugs & Smiles xx

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - I just want you to know that I will be there with you in spirit tomorrow. I just know everything will go well and you will all have a great day. You are such an inspiration to us crafters.

Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx

Janice said...

Christine, glad to see Mitchell working still despite his injuries. Just make sure he has measured out the sugar correctly.... as he is a bit heavy handed with the sweetners !! lol. See you all tomorrow. Janice xx

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Looks as though it's been a busy time in your house, preparing for your special day.
What a family you have, you must be so proud!
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and ready to try a piece of Mitchell's baking!
Janice x

Linda said...

Best wishes for tomorrow. I am with you in spirit and will look forward to seeing the photos,
Love to you all
Linda in County Durham

Lovestampin said...

Just wish I was near enough to share everything tomorrow. Best of luck to you all.

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